Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A-Town Stomp 2011: Edit (by Brandon Andersen)

A-Town Stomp 2011 from Brandon Andersen on Vimeo.

On Sunday August 7, 2011 the second annual A-Town Stomp occurred. A few days before everyone anticipated a newly acquired ditch spot that had been built for the event but, that turned into a bust with police. So the meeting spot was changed to Atlanta's newest outdoor skatepark Fourth Ward which proved to be a not so bad Meeting/Warmup spot.

The first spot was this stair rail handicap rail. The car I happened to be in get to the spot first and as soon as I got there I started to set my camera up b/c I knew this rail was about to be destroyed. One person that stands out in my head is Yannes Sootes who recently moved out to Marietta, GA from NY. As soon as he got out of the car and strapped his skates on he showed that he was a force to be reckon with. Highlights he had were Topacid to True Acid cab out and Topsoul to soul to AO topsoul. Another person who really skated hard at the first spot was Arsenio Patterson. For those that don't know Arsenio has been around for a while and showed that regardless how many recent edits you have seen of him he still has it. Some highlights he had were backroyale to Truesoul cab Backroyale, and also Topsoul to truesoul back to topsoul. But, with those tricks Daniel Henderson came out and delivered with what may possibly be the longest back Pudslide ever done which ultimately I think got best trick.

Spot two was a spot I had always wanted to go to but, just never had the opportunity it's called M.L.K. two blue line square rails that are small which create the possibility of amazing tricks. Don't let the smallness of the rail fool you because everyone who skated the spot had scrapes to prove it. As I heard someone say "The ground is like a cheese grater." Some highlights include Mark Wojda Ao topsoul cab out on the dumbest downledge ever simply put they are very steep and on top of that people were hitting it after coming off the first rail which made it to where they were going that much faster. Shane Thompson hit the first downledge with a crazy negative acid. Landon Jordan also showed he had skill with a backfast on the first set, a huge 180 over the second set and a nice laid out fakie backflip over the third set which was only six stairs by the way.

The final spot was super intense it was a disaster rail with a few other obstacles including a neck high down rail and a huge stair gap in which didn't phase me that you could gap it until Arsenio Patterson and Landon Jordan both had 180'd it Landon tried to 360 it and Arsenio tried about 6 times to 540 it both of which became unsuccessful. Daniel Henderson decided it would be tight to backroyale 270 out to forward the neck high down rail in which to hit hit you had to roll a sidewalk run through grass and plant your feet on another 4 foot sidewalk then jump up to this neck high rail. Everyone started to look at the disaster but, it was Chico Suave to try and hit it first and show everyone it was do-able. First try Chico was unsuccessful but, next try he landed a clean backfarv. Daniel Henderson decided he wanted a go at it and chose to backroyale it. But, the definite highlight of this spot was Shane Thompson with a disaster front unity.

After the contest was said and done everyone moved to Jack's Pizza & Wings to fill up on much needed food and beer. The Place didn't expect so many people so some people didn't get their order at all others waited 45 minutes to get a drink. In the end Jack's hooked it up with free food and all people had to pay for was drinks. Not only did they hook that up they gave everyone $10.00 Customer appreciation cards in which whenever you go back and bring that card $10.00 of your meal is free.

After a long deliberation between the Judges Daniel Henderson was crowned winner of A-Town Stomp Twothless with Arsenio Patterson in a close second and a tie between Mark Wojda and Shane Thompson.

After the prizes were given the place seemed to settle down and everyone had seemed to leave except for a few of us. At one point and time Daniel Henderson went to the bar to get a drink came back and told us this story how he put his wallet in his pants pocket but, both pockets had complete holes in them making it impossible for the wallet to stay in them. So we searched the bar for nearly an hour maybe more and K.J. had work the next morning and the wallet was nowhere in the pizza/bar/wings place. So we had to leave, the next night Daniel called me b/c I had told him I was making him a highlight tape of what he did at the contest so he could send it to Billy O'Neill and try to get into the NYC invitational. While talking to him I asked him if he ever found his wallet just to see if maybe someone turned it in or it was found after The pizza place closed. In the end it was found in the car that he rode in and was never in Jack's at all.

Thanks too everyone that attended the event

The sponsors: Inline Warehouse, Aggressive Mall, Razors, Be-Mag, A Chosen Few

Also thanks to Jack's Pizza and Wings for everything they did that night.




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