Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eric Miller...Chilly Edit

Eric Miller...Chilly from eric miller on Vimeo.

filmed over like 2 months....

song: the black keys- little black submarines (2nd half)

Basement Slider Sesh (by Scott Knowles)

Evan and Scott Basement Slider Sesh from Scott Knowles on Vimeo.
30 minutes yo

Wake Schepman: Drawing Lines

Wake Schepman: Drawing Lines from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Check the full article here:

Razors AM Team: Xmas Edit (by Phillip Long)

Przemek Madej: 2011 Profile

Przemek Madej 2011 Profile from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Filmed by Basza, Mirek Ragan and more.
Music: Chase & Status - Hitz ft. Tinie Tempah

Boone Adventure: Ideasforlions Edit

Boone Adventure from David on Vimeo.

Every dream of being able to skate inside your high school?

Rest of the story at:

Vetiver - Rolling Sea
Shovel and Rope - Hell's Bells
Do Make Say Think - A Tender History in Rust

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mihai Bivol - 900 Truespin Mizou Attempt

Mihai Bivol 900 truespin mizou attempt from MihaiBivol on Vimeo.

new tricks for 2012

skatepark Herastrau
Bucuresti, Romania
july 2011

Andrew Nemiroski: 9 Days in New England

9 Days in New England from David Sizemore on Vimeo.

Andrew Nemiroski

Recorded & Edited by David Sizemore
Thanks to Albert Lebron for the collaboration with the title

Product Review: Rollerblade New Jack 3 (by Solo Collective)

Rollerblade NJ3 from Solo Collective on Vimeo.

Rollerblade Product Manager Tom Hyser reviews the NJ3 skate

Raven - 2011.

Raven - 2011. from Raven Horne on Vimeo.

My 2011 profile.

I've been taking skating with a much more relaxed, creative approach this year and through which I've discovered a new found love for this horribly addictive and ignored sport.
It certainly won't be the best profile you've seen or anything but I'm sure it will entertain you to some extent.

Music: The Cure - A forest.
Thanks for watching!

Mason Colby Mini P-Rail Edit

Hadji Brothers - Autumn on Carbons

Relegate Skate Ltd - Erik Richardson - Best of 2011 (skatd0g)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Brian Shima Pro Team Introduction

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Brian Shima Pro Team Introduction from Create Originals on Vimeo.

"Many skaters have came and gone throughout the short history of our sport. Many talented people who have impacted blading immensely have came and went within a few short years, no longer to be seen again. Only a handful have lasted the test of time and continue to progress skating to insane levels today. Our newest pro rider for Create Originals is one of the most iconic pro's that our industry has ever seen. Nobody has been skating as hard and as raw for as long as he has. He has an unmatchable track record throughout the years complete with legendary sections, interviews and contest placings. This guy's just one of the greatest and we couldn't be happier to have him down. Ladies and gents, please welcome Brian Shima to the CO pro team." - Billy O'Neill ...100% Skater Owned...

Made in Poland 6: Daniel Jurzyna Hardcore Profile

Made in Poland 6 part 3/6 + Daniel Jurzyna HARDCORE Profile from Made In Poland on Vimeo.

LIKE the video ? Support its creators please by LIKE for

Francielle Felix (Brazil, 20): Dec 2011 Traxart Edit

Eulogy: Birth of a Wheel (Life+ Knowledge, 2002)

LIFE+ Birth of a Wheel (EULOGY) from theduskofus on Vimeo.

Life Plus news section with Issac from Eulogy Wheels (Life+ Issue #3)

Skate Naked (Columbus OH): Edit (by Hawke Trackler)

Skate Naked from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Skate Naked is a skatepark located on the outskirts of Columbus OH

Featuring- Zane Cook, Jimmy Spetz, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyon, Codee Jenning, Paul Stewart , Reed Huston

By Hawke Trackler

Scottish Rolling: Barcelona 2011

Scottishrolling Barcelona part 3 from ScottishRolling on Vimeo.

You may have already seen some of the clips in james keytes online usd edit and graeme forbes edit.
skaters in order of appearance, james keyte, graeme forbes, scott riddles, david cowie, chris goldie, neil forbes, stuart kinghorn.

This was a quick edit to show the tricks was a good trip this year, loads stuff went down.
hope you enjoy.


Thanks to everyone who donated the footage who was on the trip.

Sheffield + Nottingham Weekend (by Chris Doughty)

Some street skating footage from around Nottingham and Sheffield. Featuring James Keyte, Lewis Bowden, Keir Lyndsey and Graeme Forbes. Thanks to Geoff and Stu for letting us crash. - doogatti

Daniel Goncharov (Razors Flow, Ukraine)

Jeremy Raff: Roller Warehouse Edit

JRaff on USD Carbons from Roller Warehouse on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Air Fise 2011: 13 minutes Edit by Aurel Guul + More!

Chris Haffey: World Record

WORLD RECORD Chris Haffey Air Fise by fise

Romain Godenaire – 1080


Brian Aragon – 900

BRIAN ARAGON 900° AIR FISE from FISE on Vimeo.

Franky Morales – 900


5 hours, 5 spots, 5 tricks with Josiah Blee

5 hours, 5 spots, 5 tricks with Josiah Blee from Seattle Skaters on Vimeo.

Editor: Anthony Rowe

Cameras: Jonathan Roulston & Anthony Rowe

Canon 7d,
50mm 1.2f
15mm 2.8f fish
Glidecam hd 2000
Pocket Dolly


So Easy - Royksopp

You've Got The Dirtee Love (Live At the Brit Awards 2010) -
Florence + The Machine & Dizzee Rascal

Check out more videos and photos on

Shields Skatepark: Winter 2011 Edit (by Brent Scherer)

Shields winter 2011 from Scherer's on Vimeo.

only filmed in 3 sessions featuring
willy harvey
joey scannella
kevin lebron
eric miller
steve nichols
adam caroselli
brett stefko
franco cammayo
wake schepman
sam deangelis
brent scherer
ryan many

shot on dvx100b
filmed/edited: brent scherer

The LoveScotland Tour DVD - Teaser

The LoveScotland Tour DVD - Teaser from Loco Skates on Vimeo.

Join LocoSkates, the UK's most notorious skate team, plus friends, on the 2011 LoveScotland Tour. Don't miss out on Erik Bailey grinding shit, Nick Lomax jumping off shit, Joe Atkinson falling into shit and a bunch of sick guys not really giving a shit.

Featuring the talents of Nick Lomax, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Joe Atkinson, Sam Tuffnell, Dan Collins and special guests Chaz Sands & Erik Bailey.

Filmed by Ed Inglis, Adam Kola, Chaz Sands, Jake Eley, Sim Warren and Sam Tuffnell.
Directed and Edited by Ed Inglis

Only available from Buy the full DVD here:

Music: PiR2 - Clint Mansell - Pi soundtrack.
No copyright infringement intended.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Set-Up of the Month: JustinThursday's Freeblading Carbons

Not calling it Powerblading.
I can settle on Freeblading if that's cool with you.
Heavily modified frames and souls to fit my 72mm wheels. Fairly easy to Farv in considering.

These JustinThursday Customs have recently been featured on; where he was dubbed "The man who is fast becoming the king of customization..."

Check out

USD Carbon Free Team (Out Now)

Mindgame Words (2003): B-Roll

WORDS (B-roll) from Housebird on Vimeo.

B-roll of legendary Mindgame video WORDS

Kyle Nolte: Xsjado + Amall, Park & Street Edit

Kyle Nolte switches over to the dark side for this promo edit we put together and gives Jeff Stockwell's newest pro skate from Xsjado a whirly bird around the town. Be sure to like this video and comment so Kyle actually follows through on his "I'm looking forward to making a full section" commitment.

You can purchase these skates now from!

Follow us on twitter at

Fan us on the book, (extremely long link goes here)

Thanks for watching.

Hedonskate Katowice Sessions (by Przemek Madej)

Hedonskate Katowice Sessions from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Skaters: Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Mark Wojda, Brian Long, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Tomasz Kwiecien, Basza, Radek Kojtych, Tomek Przybylik, Russell Dineen.

Filmed by Przemek Madej and more.
Edited by Przemek Madej.

Christopher Luca - Intro
Nas - Come Get Me

Jeremiah Dougherty: AZ 2010 Edit (by Kris Troyer)

Jeremiah Dougherty - AZ 2010 from kris troyer on Vimeo.

Jeremiah came to AZ to visit me for 2 weeks last October. For one reason or another, we haven't gotten around to putting this out til now. Jeremiah is an extraordinary individual, blader, and friend. I filmed and edited this, but Jeremiah really "directed" it, and I couldn't be happier with his vision for this, and blading as a whole. We hope you enjoy.

Jeremiah supports Create Originals & Denial.
Song: "Wishing" - A Flock Of Seagulls

Leonardo “Ben 10″ (Brazil) 8 years old

Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro' in CHINA (by SebaSkates)

Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro' in CHINA from SEBASKATES on Vimeo.

Remember the final WSX which took place in China, Pierre Lelievre had won the first place and the 4th for Anthony Finocchiaro.
After this event, they took the road towards Shanghai and we spend some days in this great city, they are obviously taken the time to do some pictures and film their sessions Freeride, a good opportunity to test new products such as Seba Soulplates you can find is ready around the world by January / February.
In the meantime, enjoy yourself with this video! we work on other video freeride / aggressive soon.

Anthony - FR1 T90, Igor Plate 243, Soulplate, Balance Liner et Gyro Weels 76mm -
Pierre - FR Deluxe, Kit color Yellow, Soulplate et Gyro Weels 80mm -

Directed By - Anthony FINOCCHIARO -
(Special thanks for Bivol Mihai, Salim Sikha & Pierre Lelievre to help for the camera)

- 5DMKII, 7D & 60D -

- Modera, Anew error -


Rann West 2009 Edit

Edit from 2009 from xRollxxModelx on Vimeo.

Edit from the early part of 2009.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Iain Mcleod: Razors G9 turquoise, Promo Edit

Wouter Smit (18, Holland): 2011 Edit

Inline Profile - Wouter Smit from Ruud Hofman on Vimeo.

Dit is mijn eerste film waar ik veel tijd aan heb besteed. Het is een film geworden waarin ik kan laten zien hoe ver ik nu ben met mijn film/edit skills. Toen ik net mijn Canon 7D had aangeschaft wist ik gelijk dat ik een inline profile van een vriend van mij wou maken.

Uiteindelijk hebben we er ongeveer 3 kwart jaar over gedaan om alle shots te krijgen.

- Canon 7D
- Canon 18-55mm
- Canon 50mm 1.8
- Canon 70-200mm 2.8
- Samyang 8mm Fisheye

- Flycam Nano
- Jag35 Shoulderrig
- Slider
- Manfrotto statief
- GoPro Hero
- Rode Videomic Pro

- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Aftereffects

Ryan Sibbio (18): 2011, Fall Edit (by Mike Gagliardi)

Ryan Sibbio Remz 2011 Fall Flow-file from Mike Gagliardi on Vimeo.

This is Ryan's best yet, he has been constantly learning new tricks and skating harder than ever before. I slowed this one down a bit, fall 2011 Flow-file style.

Song: Omar LinX - Jackie Boy (Produced By Zeds Dead)
Filmed/Edited - Mike Gagliardi


(someone put some wheels on this kids feet!)

Jan Niehues (17, Germany): 2011 Edit

Jan Niehues 2011 from Vlad Litvak on Vimeo.

Jan Nieheus 2011
edit by Vlad Litvak
filmed by Vlad Litvak, Mario Dammann und Pat Schmidt
visit the unmac clothing!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Hooligan Project: Trailer

The Hooligan Project Trailer from Zach Flugum on Vimeo.

A skate video from Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum.

Main Profiles:
Jeph Howard
Brett Dasovic
Michael Garlinghouse
Kevin Meland

Chris Farmer
Sean Kelso
Billy O'Neill
Alex Broskow
Franco Cammayo
Corey Glanville
Jeff Dahmen
Travis Rhodes
Blake O'Brien
Shane McClay
Adam Exline

Available in stores starting December 14, 2011

for more info visit

Reed Huston: Blade Leagues (Hamilton, OH), Funny Promo Edit (by Ryan Benner)

Blade Leagues Promo - Reed Huston from Ryan benner on Vimeo.

This is B.L.A.D.E. Leagues... Double elimination tournament style. It's a one day, winner take all event. Skaters pay $10 to ride, spectators get in free. The box in the edit is what we will be competing on.

Registration & Warm-Ups: 11:00am - 12:30pm.
Tournament Begins: 1:00pm

Please see this link for more information:

Monday, December 5, 2011

How To Mod Carbons (by Justin Thursday)

How-To-Mod: Episode 1: Re-building Carbons from justin thursday on Vimeo.

Episode 1 of How-To-Mod by justinthursday.
Showing how to strip your Deshi/USD Carbons to the bare carbon shells then rebuilding them to have your own skins, cuffs and liners.

Ground Control Trailer - 6 December 2011

Ground Control Trailer - 6 December 2011 from Outlook Films on Vimeo.

Every frame has a story to tell. Every scratch is a letter, every chip a flare of creativity, every mark a test of endurance, every groove a path of accomplishment. Every ramp, every rail, every fall, every cheer, every journey. Every trick you land and every trick you don't, carved into a layer of plastic, concealed beneath our feet.

Every frame has a story to tell. This is ours.

To celebrate over a decade of Ground Control frames, comes the film to define a generation.

U.S. Release: 6 December 2011
Worldwide Release: 16 December 2011

A film by Simon Mulvaney

Starring Brian Aragon, Joey Chase, Julian Bah, Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Gabriel Hyden, Alex Burston and Nils Jansons.

Also featuring Dre Powell, Stefan Horngacher, Sammy Chase, Yuri Botelho, Mathias Silhan, Lyle Shivak, Kåre Lindberg, Marc Moreno, Dominik Wagner, Andrew Jaccuzi, Keaton Newsom, David Andrews, Derek Henderson, Chris Haffey, Michael Braud.

Produced by Jon Elliott

No Way
The Naked And Famous

A Summer with...Montage (by Max Manning)

A Summer with...Montage from Max Manning on Vimeo.

Over the summer while working on the Ground Control project as well as filming for the Razors AM Video, I had the chance to link up and film some of the most wicked upcoming skaters around the globe. Here just a small collection of some clips that I got to keep outside of the filming done for 2 videos in one hectic summer filming schedule. Without a doubt one of the best years I've had in a long time and I am looking forward to what the 2012 horizon brings to rollerblading.

Big Ups to:

Razors, Ground Control, BHC, Dre Powell for picking me up for the sessions everyday! Also Andy, Brian, Matt Phil & Geoff.
Jon Elliot and Simon for being the homies at GC.

Huge ups to Steven Tat, Tom Coley, Cory Pass, Alex Wick, and Russell Day for steezin as always!

Track Is:

Notorious BIG - Party n Bullshit (RATATAT Remix) and was released on one of his Free Mixtape downloads which can be downloaded here.

The Zamora Sessions

The Zamora Sessions from ONE magazine on Vimeo.

By popular demand, here's more blading from the one and only Louie Zamora.

Ever since our first quick session edit with Louie we've been getting out steadily on mini missions. Over a couple recent sessions we hit Rancho Bernardo and downtown SD with the homies, topped off with a trip to one of Chula Vista's mini skate plazas. Guest appearances by Hayden Ball, Steve Steinmetz and Steve Zamora round out these sessions.

Fise Experience Paris 2011 (Girls): Edit

FISE experience 2011 Paris Roller fille by fise

Denial: Woodward Trip (Sept 2011)

Woodward Trip Sept 2011 from DenialTv on Vimeo.

Woodward 2011

Featuring: Wake Schepman, Steve Iacono, Jon Ortiz, Jimmy Shuda, Chris Shaw, Jay Cottrell, Chris Majette, Ross Anthony, Jimmy Hake, and Mike Bennett.

Filmed by Chris Majette & Jimmy Giambrone
Edited by Jimmy Giambrone

Song: Jedi Mind Tricks- Design in Malice
Beat produced by Mr Green.

Florida: 2011, Summer & Fall Montage

Florida 2011 Summer/Fall Montage from Just Live Productions on Vimeo.

A Sweet Collection of Florida footage from Summer/Fall 2011

Starring: Rob Squire, Chris Burns, Jon Fromm, Jonndre King, Tom LiPani.

Rollerblade: 2010-2011 Compilation

Rollerblade - Compilation 2010/2011 from Rollerblade on Vimeo.

A little compilation of some clips shot during the last 2 years around the globe. Enjoy!

Shot in:
- France
- Spain
- Poland
- Holland
- Switzerland
- China
- England

Main camera man: Greg Mirzoyan & Ben Brillante.
Skaters: Rollerblade team members

More videos on:

Kyle Wood: Scribe Edit (by Hawke Trackler)

Scribe Industries - Kyle Wood - Support File.1 from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

We try to keep a close knit family here at Scribe Industries. Kyle would be our newest addition to the Support team. Having riders with drive, compassion and consistent progression is key to the overall success of the team and business. In this edit, Kyle shows everyone what he is capable of achieving on the blades in one month span of time.

Filming & Editing: Hawke Trackler
Music: The Black Grease by The Black Angels

Like us on Facebook at:

Fester Team Video: Intro

FESTER TEAM VIDEO - FULL INTRO from Fester Wheels on Vimeo.

This is the intro for the Fester Team Video. We made it just a Trailer for the whole Video because in real life thats what intro's are. So don't go b*tching about how the tricks here are also in the sections. We had a song picked for the intro for a long time but at the last minute I heard this one and knew it was the right feel for Fester. So, if you like this trailer there is plenty more where that came from, so go out and buy the video.

-Nick Wood

Dustin Werbinski: Three Days In One (Skating On Eighties, It’s Powerblading)

THREE DAYS IN ONE (skating on eighties, it's powerblading) from Powerhouse Studios on Vimeo.

Three days of skating around Barcelona Spain, with the Xsjado Stockwell 4's & Kizer Advance frames.

The frames are now available, so go get yourself a set for Christmas.

Skating by Dustin Werbeski
Filmed by Tony Cheetah & Oli Benet
Song: Beirut-Santa Fe

Louie Zamora: SD Park Session (by Beau Cottington)

Louie Zamora Featuring Kent from Beau Cottington on Vimeo.

Just a chill sesh at a local SD park with Gouie. Special apprearence by Kent & the gang.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pine St: BMC Australia (by Josh Nielsen)

Pine St - BMC Australia entry from Josh Nielsen on Vimeo.

An entry into the Battle My Crew Australia competition.

Pine St is a rollerblading edit from Sydney, Australia, based upon the residence of 45 Pine St.

The edit features Paulie Haack, Josh Nielsen, Phil Moss, Kayd Anderson, Brock Midgley, and Tomek Wiwatowski.

Song: All My Friends by Tommy Trash & Tom Piper

Edited by Josh Nielsen
Filmed by Josh Nielsen, Craig Smith, Kayd Anderson, Tomek Wiwatowski, Paulie Haack and additional footage from Dom West.

Swedish Championships 2011: Zebastian Cassel Edit

Moments / Open Swedish Championships / 2011 from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

Some footage i got from this years Open Swedish Championships.
Song: Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers
Featuring: Zebastian Cassel, Joachim Wall, Adrian Jeresta, Nils Jansons, Piotrek Combrzynski, Josef Marnell, Olav Norheim, Richie Eisler, Nick Lomax, Igor Jovanovic & Peter Norstedt

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aarin Gates: Dang it, I'm 25! (Park Clips)

Dang it, im 25! from aarinG on Vimeo.

i did a little blading on the little box at skatelab on my birthday, and then i made a really bad edit of it haha!
and my switch mizou needs major help!!! haha!

Hedonskate Working Crew: Edit (by Dirk Oelmann)

Hedonskate Working Crew from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Dirk Oelmann.
Music: Wu Lyf - Summas bliss

Pavel Kristov (Bulgaria): Sunvibes, Edit

Sunvibes from Pavel Kristov on Vimeo.

A sequence of some of my old and a couple of new skating clips

Cody Lampman: 2011 Highlights

Cody Lampman 2011 Highlights from Cody Lampman on Vimeo.

Just a quick remix of my favorite clips from my edits that came out over this past year. Lots of bad editing, shitty skating, and awful rap music. Enjoy!
Filming by Mykel Fatali, Howie Bennett, and Greg Freeman.

Kare Lindberg: Traitement Section (by Jonas Hansson)

Kåre Lindberg • Traitement from Jonas Hansson on Vimeo.

Kåre Lindberg's part from Traitement which premiered Feb. 2011

Visit his sponsors:

And find out where you can order Traitement:

Song: Kasabian • Where Did All The Love Go

Traitement has been nominated for the Danish Adventure Film Festival. Check the related article on Be-Mag here:

One Minute with Brandon Nguyen (15) (by Mike Gags)

Brandon Nguyen F&L Minute. from Mike Gagliardi on Vimeo.

Brandon Nguyen has been killing it lately and I have been fortunate enough to shoot some of it. Enjoy this quick First and Lexington Minute.

Filmed/Edited: Mike Gags
Song: Chip Tha Ripper, I Cant Wait (freestyle)

Believe In Blading 2011: Geoff Davies Edit

Believe In Blading 2 from Fragmented Networks on Vimeo.

Roll Kings 2nd Believe in Blading competition at the new Transgression Skate Park in Edinburgh, Filmed & Edited by Geoff Davies

Lukasz Kazmierczak (Rollerblade Poland): Park Edit

Elek Rollerblade promo from rozPOZNANi on Vimeo.

Kilka trików Łukasza 'Elektryka"Kaźmierczaka, promujących jego dołączenie do Rollerblade Team Polska.
Few skatepark tricks, from Łukasz Kaźmierczak, who recently joined Rollerblade Team Poland.

Dublin: Forgotten Footage (by Albert Hooi)

FORGOTTEN FOOTAGE from Albert Hooi on Vimeo.

This edit has been sitting on my computer for months now, waiting to get finished, I never got a chance to re-edit it so its a bit long and messy. But hey, better on here than my desktop.

It's a big montage of all the skate footage I shot in Dublin over the last two years.

Lisa Hannigan - Sea Song
Regina Spektor - Edit
Brian O Tuama

Ian Freunscht: Dag Days Leftovers (by Anthony Medina)

Ian Freunscht - Dag Days Promo from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.

Official posting here:

Some Ian clips that didn't make the cut for his Dag Days section. Also look out for some Ian clips in the Razors AM video.

SONG: Notorious B.I.G. - B.I.G. (Interlude)

Summer Trip To Woodward with Brian Arnold 2011 (by Nick Pisciotta)

Summer Trip To Woodward with Brian Arnold from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Brian Arnold and I headed up to Woodward east this summer. We had planned to have fellow USD Team riders Tim Phang and Jeff Dalnas meet us there but at last minute they both weren't able to make it..We hope to get back to Woodward and make the full USD edit we had hoped for sometime soon. We still had a great time skating with the campers, Woodward staff and the Fuel Tv crew who are mostly bladers in case you didn't know..

Skaters: Brian Arnold, Mike Bennett, Blake Kelly, Jarrod Banning, Joey Zitelli, Drew Bachrach
Song: Go Outside - Cults
Gear: Canon 7D & Canon T2i, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II, Canon EF-S 17 -55mm f/2.8 IS, Canon 50mm, Opteka 6.5 mm, Glidecam HD2000

Thanks to Brian Arnold for helping out with the filming. I would like to thank Darin Hazel and Mike Bennett for having us up to camp. Check out
Peep and enjoy!
Peace, Nick Pisciotta

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dave Hartnett Twenty Six Letters

Dave Hartnett Twenty Six Letters from Jarrod Neilan on Vimeo.

Introducing New Twenty Six Letters Rider Dave Hartnett
Edited by Jarrod Neilan

ProTips4U: Brian Aragon: How to do a Royale

In this Pro Tips 4U sports training sample video, Brian Aragon, Pro Roller Blader, goes over How to do a Royale. Grinding on a rail is a basic of roller blading, Brian goes over tips on how to get yourself on and off the rail perfectly every time. Brian, shows you proper feet and leg position, how to position the rail on your feet and proper body technique. In addition Brian shows you common mistakes to avoid. For more tips and drills from Brian visit his Pro Tips page at - use the code - aragon - to download a free video tip from Brian!

Brett Dasovic: 2011 Compilation

Brett Dasovic-2011 Online Compilation from Brett Dasovic on Vimeo.

My yearly collective of tricks from the online edits released in 2011. I had a host of help filming these tricks from my good buds! If you want to see my serious blading, make sure to check out "The Hooligan Project" By Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum, Our Crew has been filming for two years for this project, The Video will be available at skateshops for the holidays and will have sections on Michael Garlinghouse, Kevin Meland, Jeph Howard and Myself. Look for the trailer very soon!

Filming by: Jeph Howard, Blake Cohen, Zach Flugum, Michael Garlinghouse, Dan Knapmiller, Wilson Robinson, Isiah England, Steve Matiasek, Jim Paskziewicz, Eric Milliren, Jeff Dalnas

Tricks from featured edits: 2011 Start of year edit, Jeff Dalnas/Brett Dasovic week in RI Eulogy Promo, 40 degrees in MN Tripod edit, 2011 end of summer online edit
Little Dragon- "Ritual Union"
The Clash- "Lost in the Supermarket"

USD Skates
Eulogy Wheels
Inline Warehouse

Kelso Slider Bar: Round 3 Edit

Kelso Sliderbar Round III Feat. Austin Paz from Austin Paz on Vimeo.

SliderBar Edit Featuring Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso & Austin Paz

Remy Meister (France): 2011 SSM Promo Edit (by Mathieu Hennebert)

REMY MEISTER - SSM PROMO EDIT 2011 from Frenchy Fries on Vimeo.

En ces temps de doute et de résignation populaire, le système capitaliste et ses techniques de propagande sont plus que jamais mis à mal. Le microcosme qu'est celui du patin à roulettes n'est pas épargné par cette logique de consommation frénétique sollicitant la croissance à tout prix, mais malheureusement les voix contestataires font défaut. Rouler pour vendre du plastique, du tissu, travailler son image de pro-skater pour répondre aux exigences du marché, et surtout produire, un maximum, communiquer sur tout et n'importe quoi, en quantité presque industrielle.
Lire l'article complet sur : !

In these times of doubt and popular despair, the capitalist system and its propaganda techniques suffer some damages. The small world of rollerblading isn't immune to this either, but unfortunately dissenting voices are missing when it comes to opposing this consumerism frenzy, seeking growth at any price. Rolling to sell plastic, fabric, to improve one's pro-skater image to meet the market's requirements, and most of all, rolling to produce as much as possible, to advertise anything and everything, in almost industrial quantities.
Read the full article on : !

Brian Aragon: Protips4u Video Interview

Content: Toughest Moment, Realizing His Talents, Performing Dangerous Tricks, Keys to Success, Best Moment, Dealing with Fear.

Believe in Blading 2011 (UK): Edit (by Andy Mills)

Ryan Steel (Scotland): Edit (by Alan Drummond)

1 hour with James Keyte: Scottish Rolling Edit

1 hour with James Keyte and his new USD Bambrick Carbons from ScottishRolling on Vimeo.

Just a quick hour session at edinburghs new skatepark,Transgression. enjoy feed back as ever,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Review of RB 2005 Grind Inserts

Originally submitted at Aggressivemall

2005 style 2nd Gen. Rollerblade TRS Grind Inserts, These souls feature a lower profile and faster nylon material. Just pick your skates proper size range and you are set.

Upgrade is Worth It!

By Nate from Skate Sessions from Salem, MA on 11/26/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Look good, Durable, Slide Well

Cons: Poor Soul/Backslide

Best Uses: Skate Park, Ledges, Souls/Topsouls, Street, Rails, Negatives

Describe Yourself: Intermediate

I have been skating TRS for awhile now and decided it was time to upgrade to the second generation (2005) mold souls/inserts.

These new parts slide amazing right out of the box and add a sleek look that has been compared to Valo 3-piece souls.

The only downfall is still the backslide groove, which comes flat and needs to be broken in. Even this is still an upgrade from the 1st Gen parts, which came pregrooved with a spot that did not line up with your h-blocks.

I'd say anyone that riding TRS old mold souls should get on these new parts as soon as possible, cause they rock!

OH, and be sure to get them from the awesome dudes at AMall!

Skate Sessions Polish Pride Custom


Tags: Picture of Product


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chris Farmer: Drip Drop (4×4) Section

farmer drip drop from Lim on Vimeo.

Steve Steinmetz: Back in Black, 2011 Fester Edit

FESTER PHOTOGRAPHER - "NEW SPOT STEVE" from Fester Wheels on Vimeo.

"New Spot" Steve has been a friend of ours for three plus years now. He started off
as a skating acquaintance and slowly began to hang out after skating. It wasn't until a
year or two after knowing Steve that we found out he skates by himself, even after he has
skated with us. Even gnarlier, he films by himself on a tri-pod, but not just little pu$$y things.
Sometimes big boy things.

Steve has been with us since FESTER was a thought, and to where we
are now, (The World Greatest Wheel Company). Being the main photographer we skate with, and
master mind of all Fester photos and GC photos as of recent, we have asked him to be the official
Fester Photographer. When he showed me this edit, I was shocked! I had no idea Steve was this
skilled at skating. Even more, by himself. With the exception of 2 or 3 tricks this edit was filmed,
edited, and skated by yours truly,"New Spot Steve" Steinmetz. We are proud to post this along with
our team edits, and even more proud to flow Steve product and have him rep. Fester!

- Damien Wilson

Forgo Bence (6) (Hungary), 2011 Clips

Anthony Luna & Chad Tannehill: 2011 Edit

Anthony Luna Chad Tannehill Remz Chris Haffey 2.2 Support from Anthony luna on Vimeo.

Kyle Wood: 2 Park Sessions (by Hawke Trackler)

Kyle Wood Skate Naked Skatepark from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.
2 sessions at skate naked with kyle
By Hawke Trackler

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brandon Ford OG Edit

Brandon Ford OG edit from Alex Hogan on Vimeo.

B has been going hard as long as I've known him (over a decade). Hilarious dude, business owner, full time ripper, great friend. B Ford is official.

Chynna Weierstall: Provoke Session in Detroit

Chynna Weierstall - One session at Detroit Historical Museum ledges.

Derek Stanton: 2011 Edit

Derek Stanton 2011 Edit from derek stanton on Vimeo.

Re-mixed footy from this year.
Filming by Ben Karris, Aaron Stine, Taylor Monnig, and Mitch Chapman
Edited by Derek Stanton

Jeff Dalnas & Tim Phang: 2 Hours in Charm City

2 Hours in Charm City feat. Jeff Dalnas and Tim Phang from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

I recently had Jeff Dalnas fly in to start filming for his new section. Of course it started pouring rain the day he flew into town. Gotta love the east coast weather this time of year. Luckily, the owner of Charm City Skatepark was willing to help us out and hooked it up with a quick late night session. Local USD rider Tim Phang was able to come out as well. Nothin crazy, just a chill rainy night sesh. Peep and enjoy!

Nick Pisciotta

The Sun came out 2 days later and shit went down! Section is in the works..Stay tuned!

Canon 7D
Opteka 6.5mm
Canon 17-55mm 2.8
Canon 50mm
Kessler Cine Slider
Oracle remote

Song: Grand Puba - A litte of this remix

Thanks to Charm City Skatepark.

King of Warriors 2011 (Spain)

Bamberg City Crew: We Roll With Infernal

We Roll With Infernal #5: Bamberg City Crew from Infernal Clothing on Vimeo.

Clip #5 of our clip series is from Simon Jung, René Leonhardy, Norman Probst, Andreas Walz and Benjamin Rünagel, edited by Simon Jung.

About Simon:
my name is Simon Jung, I'm 23 and come from Bamberg, Germany. Together with my crew I filmed some clips and put up a little edit for you... I hope you like it!

Check the We Roll With Infernal clipseries in the Infernal Blog:

Grazyna Wratny (22, Poland): Hedonskate Edit

Hedonskate Presents: Grażyna Wratny from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Przemek Madej.
Music: Onra - The Anthem (Flume Remix).

Bladesgiving 2011: Ez Goeazy Edit

Bladesgiving from E Z GOEAZY on Vimeo.

Martin Darnadi: 2011 Edit (by Peter Caja)

Martin Darnadi - August and September 2011 from Martin Maco Darnadi on Vimeo.

Supported by Grindhouse and Remz.

Filmed mainly during the september in Bratislava(Slovakia) and mixed with few clips filmed in Split(Crotia) in august.

Edited and filmed by Peter Caja

Victor Legrand: SSM 2011 Promo Edit

VICTOR LEGRAND - SSM PROMO EDIT 2011 from Frenchy Fries on Vimeo.

Après avoir écrit sur Victor dans différents médias à plusieurs reprises, je n'ai sans doute rien de très original ou de nouveau à déclarer aujourd'hui. Tout comme vous je le regarde progresser en vidéo, à un rythme impressionnant, et s'engager sur la voie rapide pour la célébrité à roulettes.

Lire l'article complet sur : !

Having written about Victor in different media outlets a few times already, I might fail at stating anything new or truly original today. I'm just like you actually: I watch his skating progress and I can't help but be amazed by the fast pace he's been keeping, on the fast lane to blade fame.

Read the full article on : !

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stefan Brandow - M1 Urethane AM Profile

Stefan Brandow - M1 Urethane AM Profile from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Murder One Urethane/Renegade Bearings Amateur Stefan Brandow from Raleigh, NC

HUGE thank you to Nathan Cornell, Jason Hampden, and Mikey Petrack for their help with filming this. Wouldn't have gotten done without you guys!

Additional filming: David Dodge, Dillon Millsap
Intro graphic: Fred Castro
Song: The Rahnjaz - "Inspiration ft. Cee-Lo (DJ Revolution Remix)"

Chris Haffey: Shred Til You’re Dead

Shred Til You're Dead- Chris Haffey from Shred TYD on Vimeo.

Join Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias, and Brandon Smith as they shred though a two-week, 3,000-mile tour of skate parks in Northern California, Oregon and Idaho. Burning through 200 pairs of socks, they sleep in tent cities, always keeping a vigilant eye out for Big-foot.
A Tour Film by Ivan Narez
Order now!
Part 1 of 7
Part 2 of 7
Part 3 of 7
Part 4 of 7
Part 5 of 7
Part 6 of 7
Part 7 of 7

Razors International Team, Josh Glowicki & Fritz Peitzner in Russia (Part 5): Moscow

Fritz & Glow invade Russia Pt. 5 - Moscow from Josh Glowicki on Vimeo.

On this episode of F & G we are in Moscow, Russia. We were invited to attend the Moscow Sesaon Opening, Hosted by Boris Gaisner @ Rollerclub.

Featuring, Alex Burston, Nick Lomax, Piotrek Combrzynski, Andrey Zaytsev. Big thank you Razors for sponsoring the Tour to Russia! and also to everyone who busted their asses to make this edit awesome!

A few of the local dudes built new boxes to shred. We had an awesome day of blading and BBQ. Thanks to everybody in Moscow for really taking care of us and showing us your country! Can't wait till next year!

Additional angles filmed by Fritz Peitzer, Boris Gaisner and Rodion Korneev

Mike McMullen: Dirty 30 (by Lonnie Francisco)

MikeMcMullenDirty30 from Lonnie Francisco on Vimeo.

For Mike McMullen's 30th birthday (a week late).
Shot & cut by Lonnie Francisco for
To see some of Mike's work visit his site at

Louis Zamora: Videogroove 14 Live (2000)

Stephanie Midhammar: 2011 Clips (by Zebastian Cassel)

Stephanie #5 from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

Stephanie Midhammar, She started skating 2010 but only freeskated for about 8 months in the beginning so i would say this is little over a years progress in park. She is currently also involved in bringing more girls into the sport and helping organize events for our community.

Clips from 2011

Song: The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop
Shot and edited by Zebastian Cassel.
Shot in Malmö,Stockholm & Linköping.

Cody Reffner: Yinzer Blading Remix (by Bruce Bales)

Yinzer Blading remix: Cody Reffner from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

Shot in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Wheeling, W.V.
Filmed by Bruce Bales, Ryan Parker, Hawke Trackler, Brant Pickup, and Shane Conn
Edited by Bruce Bales

Brian Freeman: Donate to Skate (by Bander Saleh)

BFree Donate to Skate from Bander Saleh on Vimeo.

Another Day in Oakland, CA

Filmed & Edited by Bander Saleh

Stairway To Shreddin: Leftovers (by Hawke Tracker)

Stairway To Shreddin Leftovers from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Featuring: Matt Lyon, Eric Montealegre, Daniel Powell, Reed Huston, Bruce Bales, Ray Kronenberg, Kyle Wood, Aaron Pyle, Codee Jennings, Alex Hancook, Matt Plasencia.

Alex Nunez (2009) | Game Theory?

Alex Nuñez | Game Theory? from Roll®Blade A on Vimeo.

A handful of unreleased footage of Alex Nuñez from 2009.
Shot in NYC for the previously untitled Razors team video "Game Theory".
Cameras: Canon XH-A1 & Canon HV-20.

Happy 27th and many more to come as we release this on his day of honour.

We Tour 2011 (Romania): Re-Edit (by Mihai Bivol)

We Tour Experience Romania 2011 (cutto20) from MihaiBivol on Vimeo.

The following was cut from the original 35 minutes video to a 20 minutes video that is suitable for the inscription of an online video competition
original file

Experience a blading tour in Romania, that took place during the 22nd of july and the 3rd of august, for more photos and details
organised by Valentin Moise and presented by Mihai Bivol

Featuring riders from Holland, Belgium, France, Romania, Switzerland and USA
This movie is subtitled in English, French and Romanian
Supported by: Tudor, Vlad, Moto and Robert

A Day in Our Live: Brandon Smith, Damien Wilson & Iain Mcleod + Nick Wood, Jon Julio, Chris Haffey, Winston Wardwell

A Day in Our Live PRO Episode from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

Full day in the lives of Brandon Smith, Damien Wilson and Iain Mcleod. Also with skating from Nick Wood, Jon Julio, Chris Haffey, Winston Wardwell and more.

An Afternoon with Louie Zamora (by One Mag)

An Afternoon with Louie Zamora from ONE magazine on Vimeo.

We caught up with Louie Zamora for a session this weekend. And though we got kicked out of one legendary spot and the sun set on another, this all managed to go down. We think you'll agree that it's great to see Louie doing his thing and speaking his mind. Dig it!
Another Just Blade jaunce.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anthony Gallegos: A Chosen Few Profile


Anthony Gallegos has been skating for this profile since before we had even planned on making it a Chosen Few Profile. Chosen Few filming has been going on for a little over a year but Anthony has been filming this for nearly 2 years. I can not even begin to describe how unbelievable and dedicated this guy is. He can skate anything. Literally anything. He will not only skate obstacles no one would ever think of skating, he will session them. He won't just do a soul on it either he will get tech on it. Among being a outrageously good skater he is also one of the most positive and humble people you will ever meet.
I have never been more honored and proud to release anything more then this profile. Anthony your the man! now sit back and prepare to be fucking amazed!!
-Quinn Feldman

All songs are in the credits. during the whole deal at that last spot.

Chihiro Azuma (Japan) practicing at Good Skatepark with a huge smile!

Rob Zbranek: Scribe Edit (by Anthony Medina)

Rob Zbranek - Scribe Support Edit.2 from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.

Small taste of what's to come. I'm not a big fan of the word "leftovers", so here are some clips we thought we could spare for an online edit to show Scribe some support. If you dig Rob's skating he'll have a full section in my next video, Dag Days, premiering in May.

Additional footage from: Dominic & Damien Garcia, Greg King, & Chaz Mac.
SONG: Jel - All Day Breakfast

How-To: SL Downsizing (by Phillip Long)

Everyone is into modifying their skates in one way or another, we’ve seen a few of our riders and customers switch out liners for a bigger liner in a smaller shell.

Whether it’s for looks or performance, it benefits the skater’s experience while out blading. Geoff is in a weird spot, a limbo somewhere between the 6-7 shell and the 8-9 shell, but a simple size 8 liner in a 7 shell doesn’t offer quite as much room as he would like.

Here is his solution. The SL shell offers easy access to the toe box when you remove the soulframe, allowing for an easy modification and added toe room. Blade-ED.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home. What you do to your skates is your business.

Nicholas Swan: We Love To Roll

WL2R - Nicholas Swan from Dreamcastar video productions on Vimeo. for more info

Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 USD Classic Review (by Under Rated $kater$)

2012 USD Classic review from UNDER RATED $KATER$ on Vimeo.

ONe day Edit ... Fresh out the box... Thanks to Inline Warehouse.. Shout oUTs to USD

AMALL Trick Tips: Pornstar

I Don't Carolina: Summer/Fall 2011

I Don't Carolina: Summer/Fall 2011 from I Don't Carolina on Vimeo.

Some clips put together by the dudes of our adventures. Thanks to all that came out on these trips and killed shit at these sessions. more big things to come!
Suport Carolina Rolling!!

Filmed by:
Dillon Millsap
Ryan Timms
Edited by:
Ryan Timms

Made in Poland 6: Trailer + Part 1

Made in Poland 6 documentary 0/6 from Made In Poland on Vimeo.

The first in the world rollerblading documentary screened on interior public transport displays in trams and buses of Cracow and Łódz cities in Poland.

The film exposure is estimated to exceed 16,1 million of views in Cracow and Lodz cities. The calculations were based on Polish independent research agency TNS OBOP's data.

If you like the film, like the site please:​pages/​OWNSTYLE/​150410085051886

Made in Poland 6 documentary part 1/6 from Made In Poland on Vimeo.

The first in the world rollerblading documentary screened on interior public transport displays in trams and buses of Cracow and Łódz cities in Poland.

The film exposure is estimated to exceed 16,1 million of views in Cracow and Lodz cities. The calculations were based on Polish independent research agency TNS OBOP's data.

A rollerblading documentary by Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki about Polish rollerbladers who went to UK in search of better life, money, maturity, adulthood. Not only the search is common for the documentary characters but also passion of rollerbalidng that helped them to withstand everyday struggle as polish emigrants.

If you like the film, like the site please:​pages/​OWNSTYLE/​150410085051886

Music: Traditional Scottish Bagpipes​wysokilot : Rówieśnicy

If you like the music, support its creators:

Director & Cinematography & Editing by Witalis Szumiło Kulczycki (ownstyle films)

Tri-State Skate Edit (by Sam DeAngelis)

VIDEO: Tri-State Skate Edit by Sam DeAngelis from skatelife.TV on Vimeo.

There were countless reasons for originally having the thought to open a skate shop. I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to work doing something I love and have been doing for 16+ years, and the list goes on and on. One of the main reasons was because I wanted to create something I didn't have growing up skating in the NJ/NY area. I wanted to open a shop where kids could come and check out merchandise in person, meet other kids to skate with, and most importantly, a place where kids can come (very often at TSS!) and not just meet, but also SKATE with their idols. This was something I rarely had the opportunity to do as a young skater because I didn't have access to a local shop. TSS was lucky enough to have Brian Shima come thru with the entire SSM team, as well as Psyko Clothings Josue Diaz and some Psyko riders. SSM and Psyko being skater owned and operated businesses, Shima and Josue were generous enough to make the drive to the shop to do an autograph signing, but also actually skate with all the kids downstairs for quite sometime. Seeing how happy the kids were(who's shoes I was once in) when they meet and skate with their idols is an amazing feeling for me. To be able to do something positive for the kids in the local blading community. The same loyal customers, who without, there would be no TSS. I have been lucky enough to have almost all of the best BLADERS in the world come to TSS to meet and skate with the kids, some pro's on more than 1 occasion. TSS customers are lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet and skate with professional rollerbladers AT LEAST every few months here at TSS/Drop-In Skatepark. The gratification I get out of seeing the looks on peoples faces who are skating right next to their favorite pro is an indescribable feeling, and that is why I opened Tri-State Skate. Companies like SSM and Psyko (amongst MANY more) are the ones who help make it all happen.
- g. kieffer




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