Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remz HR1.2 edit. by Raven Roley

Well this video took way longer than I anticipated. I wanted to make it perfect but I came down with the flu for two weeks and then work got really busy with no chance to skate, so it ended up being nearly a month late... It's not exactly as I had envisioned it in my mind, but I'm still happy with the result. I hope you enjoy it too! Oh yeah, go buy a pair of these skates!! They're unlike any remz I've ever used before.

Shred 'Til You're Dead II

Shred 'Til You're Dead II from Shred'TilYou'reDead on Vimeo.

Coming back again, the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead van heads up the 101 to explore some of the best skate parks in America with some of its best park skaters.

Join Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Tory Treseder, and Ivan Narez as they embark through the Pacific Northwest and more in search of the finest concrete civic dollars can buy. This year’s tour includes the addition of Jon Julio, Jeremy Stephenson, and other friends along the way.

The Shred boys spend two weeks shredding, camping, playing Wiffle ball, riding motorcycles, fighting off aliens, and other things you do while on the road with your best buddies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II book, featuring photography from Jero, Stockwell, Smith, and Narez. It’ll cancel out your girlfriend’s copy of Twilight to restore balance to the literary community.

for ordering information email

Stefan Brandow: TSS Team Rider

Stefan Brandow - Tri State Skate Team Rider from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

"Stefan joined the TSS team a few months ago, as most of you know after seeing his banger edit. If you haven't seen it yet then you suck! Stefan not only kills it on his blades, but lives blading 24/7. That's the type of person we want repping the shop: Blade or Die dudes. If you've ever met Stefan or seen him skate, you know that's exactly what he is" - Greg Keiffer

Huge thanks to Greg, and also to everyone that helped filmed.

Support the other supporters and get their gear from TSS:

Provoke Rolling Weekend by Hawke Trackler

Provoke Rolling Weekend from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Some of the guys from Provoke Rolling came to visit us in Columbus Ohio for the weekend. It was a good time and chill sessions with them and the locals. No one was specifically filming for anything so I just filmed the stuff I thought looked cool and it turned out better than I had expected.. enjoy

Brandon Long
Theo Partin
Ryan Sibbio
Matt Lyon
Austin Samojeden
Aaron Pyle

additional filming- Jeff Crays

Kirill Galushko: 2012 Bulletprufe Edit

Kirill Galushko - Bulletprufe promo from Perpetual Motion on Vimeo.

Filmed by Misha Orlov
Edited by Kirill Galushko

Perpetual Motion

JC Rowe - KILLERBOOTS - Artistry Prod. 2005

JC Rowe - KILLERBOOTS - Artistry Prod. 2005 from JC Rowe on Vimeo.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ryan Benner 2012

Ryan Benner 2012 from Ryan benner on Vimeo.

My name is Ryan and I am 27 years old. You may know me as that dude that films and edits the Savor the Flavor stuff. Once upon a time I made a section of myself - (2006) since then I got lazy, drank a lot of chocolate milk and got kind of fat. I also bought into the lie I was getting too old to do good tricks. I still rollerbladed all the time but just sucked a lot more. My friends always told me I should make another section. So after YEARS of talking about it but never doing anything about it I finally decided to try and lose weight and make something. I feel a lot healthier now and I’m pretty excited at how it turned out. Thanks to everyone that helped film – Alex Papalios, Andrew Thompson, Reed Huston, Tri Tri-Rudolf & Aaron Pyle. I love you guys.

A few Pflugerville park clips (ATXrollerblader)

Some stuff from the crazy new park in Pflugerville, TX. Sorry for the delay on the remz HR1.2 edit!! I was just about to finish it and then I came down with the flu for about two weeks and I couldn't do anything. I only need like, two more good clips and it'll be ready. This was my first real session back and I feel great, so I should be wrapping it up really soon. BONUS: REMZ 1.2 Review

October Session with Kevin Connearney, Justin Riley, Joshua Brennan, Jared Cahill

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aaron Pyle/Tri Tri-Rudolf 2012

Check out this edit, it's one of the most innovative things I've seen in a while.

Aaron Pyle/Tri Tri-Rudolf 2012 from Tri Tri-Rudolf on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thuro Skateshop Teaser | Dave Hartnett

Shawn Rodriguez ZEUS WHEELS

Shawn Rodriguez ZEUS WHEELS from Under Rated Skaters on Vimeo.

I want to say Thank You very much to Emilio Barillas for choosing me to RIde for ZEUS WHEELS. I have recently been taking my Blading a new direction and Plan to keep pushing It so recently I decided to make a change to Carbons after years of riding the Classic Throne & with the new ZEUS wheels to compliment these new Blades I have one of the best set ups Ive ridden in my entire life. Here is my first edit of many to come for ZEUS WHEELS *enjoy* Edited by: Shawn Rodriguez Filmed by: David Royal Jenkins, Rick Rodriguez & Brooks Nelson

Brian Long - A Shop Tasktivist

Brian Long - A Shop Tasktivist from Danny Beer on Vimeo.

Good friend Blong, is working hard to help Shop-Task grow and expand. When he isn't being productive in the warehouse or shop, he's getting nice on the blades. Brian has the steeze, experience, and brains to make blading look amazing. All he needs is an ice coffee and a banana to start the engine.

Check out for all your blading needs.

SlammJamm 14: Edit by Simon Mulvaney

"Once again time has past and the Slamm Jamm approaches its Fourteenth session. When I gave birth to the concept of this event back in late 1999, the focus was to create a gathering of community. Up to the point of the first Slamm Jamm I had only ever attended rolling events around the UK and Europe that were based around competition formats. They always seemed constrictive and scheduled, were by not everyone was involved in the whole rolling experience. After attending the Lausanne International Roller competition in 1997 it opened my eyes as to how much of a community Rollerblading is worldwide. I wanted to grasp that feeling of community / family and produce a gathering in the UK were by it didnt matter about competition or your status, it just mattered that you ROLLED." - Dave Bell, Slamm Jamm Founder. A film by Simon Mulvaney Music: Houdini by Foster the People

Jake Eley (Locoskates Owner): 2012 Edit by Ed Inglis

Jake Eley (LocoSkates owner) - Loco Years - 2012 from Loco Skates on Vimeo.

Time-lining the early Loco days right through to the last couple of months. All previously unreleased footage. My ONLY skate section. Massive thanks to Ed Inglis and Dom West.

Edit: Ed Inglis
Filming: Ed Inglis, Dom West, Sim Warren, Leon Humphries, Gareth Morton, Jeff Stockwell
Song: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, George Harrison

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stephanie Richer park edit

Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes avant de me blesser au genou !!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Skate Sessions @ Tiverton, RI

Check out this sick edit done by our friend Aziz Basri. It was a perfect day for a trip south to skate a new park, with a few cool guys we don't get to see often.

Tiverton Skate Park Session from Aziz Basri on Vimeo.

one day at Tiverton Skate Park with Tom,Ian, John,Henry, Nat & Tison ,,, late August 2012
filmed by: Aziz & Ian
edited by: Aziz
Music: good feeling - flo rida
filmed with Canon 60D - Sigma 10-20 mm f/4.0

USD - Nick Lomax 2012

USD - Nick Lomax 2012 from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

USD presents Nick Lomax 2012
Directed / Edited By Matty Watky

Team Rollerblade: 2 days in Poland

Team Rollerblade made a visit to one of the oldest cities in Poland. We stopped by the Polish Rollerblade headquarters which was hosting a local contest outside of Poznan. This city had some of the best street spots, including a huge quarter-pipe at Malta lake. Skaters: Maxime Genoud, Timmy V. Rixtel, Warren Digne and Sven Boekhorst Video by: Axel v. Dijk

Rolling: (Free) Flash Game

Play the game on Space = jump | Ctrl = grab. Shift + W = topacid. S = soul | Shift + S = topsoul A = royal. D = pornstar | Shift + D = sunnyday. Q = mizou. Shift + Q = kindgrind | ctrl + Q = sweatstance . C = slowmotion | P = fast mode.

Brian Bruno: Scribe, Summer Edit (by Mike Donovan)

Scribe Industries - Summers Gone w/ Brian Bruno from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

With summer coming to a close I decided to throw everything Bruno delivered over the spring and summer months. Enjoy style and flawlessness in your face holes!

Editor: Mike Donovan
Filmes: Mike Donovan, Daniel Fabiano, Luke Belding
Music: Thao Nguyen & Blockhead


NYC Invitational 2012 by Erick Rodriguez

BLADE EDIT : NYC Invitational 2012 By 9TO5Mixtapes from 9TO5Mixtapes on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music By : A$AP Ferg

Snake River Special by Erik Bill: Trailers

Snake River Special - Trailer 1 from erik bill on Vimeo.

Snake River Special Trailer #2 from erik bill on Vimeo.
The NDN presents Snake River Special.

Filmed and edited by Erik Bill.

Dedicated to Steven Bill.

The new full-length film from The NDN tribe, coming Xmas 2012.

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Brian “Cozmik” Scott Jr. Memorial Session 2012

Brian "Cozmik" Scott Jr. Memorial Session 2012 from I ROLL NY on Vimeo.

On September 15th, 2012, Rollerbladers from all over New York City and New Jersey came together to show their support for Brian Scott Jr. A local rollerblader whose life was taken too soon on October 12, 2009. This is a small montage dedicated to Brian, with over forty rollerbladers honoring and skating in his memory. Today is the anniversary of his passing, but we feature this montage today from his memorial session, in honor of his life. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Brian and participated in the montage.

This one's for you Cozmik.

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