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Roller Warehouse Review: USD Carbon 2 Boots vs. Valo JJ Light Boots

USD Carbon 2 Boots vs. Valo JJ Light Boots from Roller Warehouse on Vimeo.

David gives you an inside comparison of the two popular carbon fiber aggressive skates: the USD Carbon 2 Boots and the Valo JJ Light Boots. Be sure to check out USD skates, Valo skates, all other aggressive skates at

Andy Leitermann Short Edit

Someone dropped this short edit up on the message boards today, and it blew my mind. This kid is throwing Flips out of Sweatys on handrails and cess sliding out of Mistys... You have to see this!

Spins and Grinds 2011 (by hadji100)

Undercover: 2012 Pro Wheel Line

Videogame style! Pro wheels: Richie Eisler, CJ Wellsmore (Commander Keen), Jeph Howard (Megaman), Demetrious George (Doom), Nick Lomax (Sonic), Iain Mcleod (Duck Hunt) and more (via).

RW Wednesdays with Shima Skate Manufacturing

RW Wednesdays with SSM from Roller Warehouse on Vimeo.

Another Rdub session at Power Inn skatepark but this time Brian Shima, BJ Bernhardt and Leon Humphries decided to roll through.... Only filmed all of this in about an hour, but ended up being a real fun wednesday night skate.

Other bladers include... Andy Johnson, Toby Holden, Sean Keane, Zacharias Flynn, Alex Verdugo, Shawn Oberg, J.R. and Jeremy Raff.

Kevin Lapierre: Playin’ in the street (Canada + USA) (by Guillaume Latrompette)

Kevin Lapierre - Playin' in the street from Guillaume Latrompette on Vimeo.

Kevin Lapierre - Playin' in the street (Canada/USA)
sponsored by Rollerblade, LYLAC Skateshop and HYPE energy. Kevin is from Drummondville, Quebec, CANADA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cameras: Francis Huot, Thomas Camus, Guillaume Roy, Immony Men, G. Latrompette
Montage: G. Latrompette
Song : The Sheepdogs \ I Dont Know
by Gypsy Production

Carlos Lora (Brazil): 3 days in Barueri (Sao Paulo)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Park Profiles: Peabody, MA (with Skatepark Tours video)

If you have been following Skate Sessions, you may have noticed that a lot of the parks in the area are quite similar; Tanner City Skate Park in Peabody is not one of them.

The Peabody park is built west coast style; meaning that it’s basically a large concrete bowl with 6-7 feet high banked walls fitted with round metal copings.

The front wall has an extension on its wall, while the back has an extended bump for channel gaps. In between these walls is a 2-tier cement lump, for airs, which is 1-1 ½ feet high on the left and 2 ½ -3 feet high on the right.

The left side of the bowl is designed as a box line. The front side is a flat roll-in onto a large 5-sided pyramid box. The back is a banked roll-in. The left side of the box, which is against the bowl wall, is a 1 foot high wall, a third of it which has been covered with flat metal coping.

The other two-thirds is cement that has been completely chewed up by the bikers that frequent the park. In the middle of the pyramids flat top is a flat metal rail, about 1 ½ -2 feet high and 3-4 feet long.

This park also features a small section on the left of the bowl that contains a manual box, which has square metal coping on its long sides, a flat rail, that is about 1-1 ½ feet high, and a grinding wall that is topped with metal sheeting.

Overall this is a decent park, not because of its quality but because of its individuality. It is like nothing else in the area, which makes it worth visiting.

Chino (Daniel Gomez, Spain): Hurricane Topacid at the Madroll 2011 Contest

Chino Hurricane Topacid - Madroll 2011 from One Love Rolling on Vimeo.

Here's a sneak peek of what Chino did at the Madroll 2011.
Aqui os dejamos un pequeño adelanto de lo que hizo el Chino en la Madroll 2011.

Mathias Silhan: Dsprod Teaser Lineup (2011)

Balkan Tour 2011: The 5 Star Tour, RB Edit

Balkan Tour 2011:"The 5 Star Tour" from Solo Collective on Vimeo.

Balkan Tour is a 14 days journey trough the countries of former Yugoslavia. Eight skaters explored Adriatic coast and cities as Rijeka, Split, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Osijek and attended on two major competitions in that area.

Tin Hadžiomerspahić
Sanjin Hadžiomerspahić
Maxime Genoud
Sven Buršić
Samo Bajec
Jernej Gorenc
Kristijan Golemović
Irfan Đešević
Montage: Sanjin Hadžiomerspahić

Bartek Zgrzeblak (Poland): Short RB Edit

Bartek Zgrzeblak - Rollerblade from artur szymocha on Vimeo.

Alexander Penderev (Russia): September 2011 Edit

Camera: Shovgenja Anton, Penderev Roman
Edit: Shovgenja Anton

Bilbao (Spain), Urban Edit with Mery Munoz, Aritz Ortega & Alain Rodriguez

Una tarde con Mery Muñoz, Aritz Ortega y Alain Rodriguez. Grabado y editado por Sendoa Cardoso
Musica: Bottles of reason (Dead poets)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boston Footy pics and videos

Got a few of the Skate Sessions edits and pictures posted up on

Check them out here.


Land Of The Sky: Promo Edit (by Stefan Brandow)

Land Of The Sky Promo from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

DVD Coming Soon!

Introducing Bulletprufe Skate Denim

Introducing Bulletprufe Skate Denim from Bulletprufe Denim on Vimeo.

Bulletprufes are the only jeans on the market that have been custom designed specifically for hardcore skating.

We guarantee that Bulletprufes are by far the most durable and comfortable skate jeans in the world and we stand behind them 100%.
Extreme Durability:
•Revolutionary new fabric blend
•Up to five times stronger than typical denim
•Unsurpassed abrasion resistance
•Industry first five-seam gusseted crotch that is nearly impossible to rip
•Double reinforced seat
•Triple stitched throughout with a special high-tensile strength thread

Supreme Comfort:
•Insanely Stretchy
•Baby Soft
•30% Lighter Weight

Tough as Nails, Soft as Butter: Bulletprufe Skate Denim

Skaters in order of appearance:
Stefan Brandow
Ryan Timms
Casey Wilson
Phil Gripper

It's About Time (Trailer and Extras)

A skate video from the Boston area out now!. Visit (
Make sure you like the page:​pages/​Blade-Thuro/​143972095676704

ITs About Time - Full Length Trailer from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

Its About Time - bonus footage from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

Its About Time - bonus 2 from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

Its About Time - Visuals from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

Boston Section - Its About Time from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

Hadji - The Box Of Crom Edit

Ride On LR Tour (Gignac, France): Edit + Results

Ride On LR Tour Gignac Contest roller by fise

16+ Results

Stephane Alfano
Maxime Iangaev
Jeremy Melique
Baptiste Urbain
Bruce Varache
Benjamin Rizo
Brice Bernadeu
Alexandre Galanakis


Bastien Baelde
Sami Angsthelm
Malcom Toure
Julien Jaume
Bastien Kharoubi
Pierre-Guillaume Bouvard

Steve Iacono: Quicky, Edit

Steve Iacono Quicky from Steve Iacono on Vimeo.

Support the real.
Shima Skate Manufacturing
Neglected Truth
Create Originals

Jon Fromm: 2009 Unposted AB.1 Edit

Old Valo AB.1 edit from Jon Fromm on Vimeo.

From 2009. Never posted this one.
Song - Common - The Light

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AOR skate dice sesh (by ATXrollerblader)

My first time using the dice and certainly not the last. These things are awesome! Unfortunately I kept getting mistrial variations in this round and I'm no good at those.
If you want a set for yourself you can buy them at

Create Originals: 2011 Fall Pro Series V4 Custom Graphic Display UFS Frame

John Bolino “Bolinoweiser”, Alex Broskow “Strange Creatures”, Billy O’neill “Banksy”, Montre Livingston “Rasta City”, Sean Kelso “Disambiguation”.


10 years of Life+, KFC Raw Footage (2002)

It's the 10 year anniveray of the LIFE+ Rollerblading DVD series, and I have decided to go back and dig though our vault of Mini-DV tapes for some unseen goodies.

This is footage from two tapes shot in Kansas during the summer of 2002. Myself and Carlos "Hardcore Brazil" Pianoski flew to KFC to spend a few days and shoot with the guys for LIFE+. Carlo's footage never saw the light of day until now.

Skaters, in no perticular order:
Jeremy Morris, Jeremy Rockwell, Nathan Simpson, Alex broskow, Todd Blubaugh, Brenton Wheeler, Jesse Schooley, Joseph Shull, Uri Zupancic, Jeff Belzeski, Brandon Mateer. Big thanks to Adam Johnson.

More Life Plus Media

Game Theory: Iain McLeod, Eric Perkett, Edwin Wieringh

Shima Skate Manufacturing: September 2011 Montage

SSM MONTAGE#2 from Brian Shima on Vimeo.
Brian Weis,Miguel Ramos,Maik Lojewski ,Adria Saa,Xathen Stewart,Jeremy Spira,Michael Braud,Leon Humphries,Matty Schrock,Brian Shima, Montre Livingston,Joey Chase,Marc Moreno and Nicky Adams!

The Swedes: Trailer

The Swedes Trailer from TheSwedes on Vimeo.



Featuring Joachim WALL Kenth ULVEDAL (Lill) Jocke LUNDBERG Jack EKHOLM
Christopher HERDMAN Santiago GENDE ESTELLANO Rickard KARLSSON Jonas LAURIA Michael & Tobias

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thuro New England Edit

Thuro New England Edit from Alex Hogan on Vimeo.

The Northeast's Finest.
Camera: Brandon Ford, Kyle Couture, Pat Thomas
Edit: Alex Hogan

Cameron Card. My Perspective: Utah

My Perspective "Utah" from Cameron Card on Vimeo.

Song: White Picket Fence
Artist: Joe Purdy
Album: Take My Blanket and Go

Nicholas Swan, Mike Opalek, Tad Tregeagle, Mikal Moore, Mikal's Friend, Justin Mousley, Cameron Card, Hazen Bell, Jeff Stanger

WL2R, NDN, Denial, Remz, Ground Control, We Are One Skatepark

Last Man Standing (2011) (by OneDayNY)

2011 Last Man Standing x ODNY from One Day NY on Vimeo.

2011 Last Man Standing comp put together by Victor Callender and Wheels In Motion went down without any problems. Despite the lack of support from a lot of people in recent days prior to the comp, New York City still made it a great event. Thanks to all of the skaters who showed up to support and all the major crews who made appearances. Our scene only keeps on growing and the prominent figures continue building–feels great to have everyone come together to make something out of nothing.

Final Standings
1: Franco Cammayo
2: Chauncey Jenkins
3: Jose Henriquez

Follow us!​onedayny​onedayny​nysod

instagram: @onedayny

Damien Wilson: Fester, Couch Potato Edit (by Nick Wood)

FESTER DAMIEN WILSON "COUCH POTATO" from Fester Wheels on Vimeo.


Damien takes offense when he's called a "lazy pro." Just because you haven't seen much of him lately, doesn't mean he's been sitting on his couch. Damien has 2 Full Video Sections that are about to drop (FESTER & GC). So, this is what being called a "couch potato" means to him.

Filmed/Edited by Nick Wood

Summertime Park Jams W/ Cam Talbott, Jbarr, BMateer and More

Summertime Park Jams W/ Cam Talbott, Jbarr, BMateer and More from jbarr on Vimeo.

Filmed in Montana and Idaho Summer 2011

Cameron Talbott
Justin Barr
Brandon Mateer
Kellan Zinkgraf
Brian Sorg
Phil Davidson

Filmed By
Paul Ryan
Cameron Talbot
Brandon Mateer
Brian Sorg
Justin Barr

Edited By Justin Barr

Song: Shannon and the Clams - Sleeptalk

Gonzo Jaquez: Ledges Tricks, Short Edit (200X)

gonzo ledge edit from drew humphrey on Vimeo.

Edward Dombrowski (Chicago): Edit (by Doug Sharley)

The Toldy Mixtape From Barcelona (2011)

The Toldy Mixtape From BCN 2011 from ScottishRolling on Vimeo.

Live update from BCN enjoy straight from the THE SRC

Guillaume le Gentil: Clic-N-Roll (2011)

Guillaume le Gentil Clic-N-Roll Edit from yoan bobillon on Vimeo.

Mohamed Senouni (18): Lyon Park Edit (by Valentin Petit)

Mohamed SENOUNI from valentin petit on Vimeo.

Mohamed SENOUNI, 18 years old and lives in Lyon. (France)
Spot: Skate park de Gerland (Lyon)
Shoot: Canon 7D / 50 mm 1.8 / 10-20mm 3.5 / 17-135mm 3.5
Song: Amon Tobin - Goto 10

Lookback & Friends: Chilling in Tokyo (2011)

TOKYO 2011 amuse gueule! from eddylookback on Vimeo.

Paul John: Chi-town Shredding


Filmed in Chicago by Nick Norton, Q Lamb, Adam Johnson. Edited by Paul John.

Friday, September 23, 2011

AMALL Trick Tips: Mizou

Set-Up of the Month: Polish Pride Custom Carbons

For this month's set-up, I stumbled across this amazing custom deal. The colors are straight-up Polish Pride and the custom job is superb.

USD Carbons with Xsjado souls on Create Original frames.

HeelCut Remz 0901

HeelCut Remz 0901 from B-Inc.Pictures on Vimeo.

Skate size 42 / 9
Liner size 43 / 10
Perfect size with the Heel Cut

Skate Video Sunday: Senate/FR Documentary ‘It’s All Good’ (1998)

Sean Kelso & Alex Broskow - Fishguys Edit

The Street: Arizona Edit (by Derek Stanton)

THE STREET from derek stanton on Vimeo.

Arizona montage featuring skating from Derek Stanton, Scott Wells, Ben Karris, Taylor Monnig, and Mason Richard.

All of my unused street footage from the past few months.
Edited by Derek Stanton

Elliot Stevens: Disorder, Short Edit (by Scott Hallows)

ELLIOT STEVENS Disorder from Scott Hallows on Vimeo.

Elliot Steven
I've had clips of elliot stevens (filmed by sam brookfield and lawrence badger) for a few months sat doing nothing. so i thought i'd show you his steezy modely talent in a little short edit.

Jacob Juul Petersen: 5 Quickies

5 Quickies - Jacob Juul Petersen from RAD - Videos on Vimeo.

Jacob Juul Petersen / 5 Tricks / 5 Questions

Last Man Standing 2011 (NYC): Official Skatelife Edit

Last Man Standing 2011 from skatelife.TV on Vimeo.

Contest Results:
1st – Franco Cammayo
2nd – Chauncey Jenkins
3rd – Jose Henriquez

Filmed and Edited By Cesar Macay

Additional Filmers: Shawn Engler and Christian Delfino

Thank You so much for your help filming guys !!!!

Victor Callendar
LORD Brian “Thanks GOD for Skating”
RAH – The “MYTH”, The “LEGEND”, The “DJ”
Wheels In Motion

This is what BLADING is about. It’s about showing up late, but showing up; Thinking on your feet; Meeting new BLADERS; Respecting those who bring all of us together; Most of all…… Respecting each other as fellow BLADERS. GO SKATE! – GO FILM! – GO LIVE!

Can you backflip? USD Carbon 2 Olive LE Promo Edit

USD Carbon 2 Olive Ltd. Ed - Out Now! from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.
Have you ever been asked to do a backflip?

Something different, available at all the best skate stores now in very limited amounts.

Skating by Kenny Tico

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Official Be-Mag Last Man Standing 2011 Edit (by Sam DeAngelis)

Official Be-Mag Last Man Standing 2011 Edit by Sam DeAngelis from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Check the full article here.

Intuition Family Edit

Kaya Turski: d-structure

Justin Winton - Summer 2011

Bartek Zgrzeblak: Canislatrans 2011 Podcast

CL VIDEOCAST #1 Bartek Zgrzeblak from CanisLatrans on Vimeo.

CanisLatrans presents first Videocast introducing one of the best street skater in Poland • Bartek Zgrzeblak !
MUSIC: Gorillaz- Last living souls
Filmed and Edited by:

Victor Arias & Friends: Mexico Edit

Victor Arias (Valo Brand) + La Mexgroove + Team Centro Roller from LAMEXGROOVE on Vimeo.

Victor Arias (Valo Brand, AMALL & TRUST MFG)
Familia Mexgroove
Team Centro Roller

Meeting, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.

Alan Shepard
Walter Sanchez
Enrique Zepeda
Arturo Gomez

Alan Shepard

Zac Burlingame: Scumfile, 2011 Edit

Zac Burlingame : Scumfile from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

filmed by mykel fatali, greg freeman, and ian walker
edited by greg freeman

Brandon smith, Gav Drumm, Ivan Narez and Erick Garzia: San Francisco Quick Shred

Quick mini shred in SF! from cavin on Vimeo.

Brandon smith, Gav Drumm, Ivan Narez and Erick Garzia had a quick shred in the heat of San Francisco.

Filmed by:
Cavin Brinkman
Ivan Narez
Victor Arias

Directed by:
Victor Arias.

Jeremy Soderburg: Summer 2011 Undercover edit

Jeremy Soderburg Summer 2011 Undercover edit from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Some older footage contributed by Erick Rodriguez and Rachard Johnson, and some left over footage from the up coming video "TAKE YOUR TIME"

Filmed by: Gregory Preston, Jonathan Labez, and Connor O'Brien

Bruce Bales: Somethin’ Ain’t Right (by Stefan Brandow)

Somethin' Ain't Right - 3. Bruce Bales from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Bruce wants to thank Stefan Brandow, all the Pittsburgh bladers (specifically the ones in the video), Nimh skates, my fam, my friends outside of blading and the IOWAT!

Maria Cristina Grasselli (Brazil) (by Aarin Gates)

Crissy Grasselli Mini Edit from aarinG on Vimeo.

Jeph Howard: Game Theory Section

Nils Jansons: The Hive clothing, 2011 Edit

Nils Jansons - The Hive Clothing edit from TheHive Media on Vimeo.

We're proudly present Nils Jansons's Edit for The Hive Clothing.

Filmed and edited by Reinis Pētersons

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jeff Stockwell: RollerCoaster Blading

Takeshi Yasutoko: Woodward Beijing, 2011 Edit

Sam Tuffnell (Uk): Locoskates Edit

Loco Skates Sam Tuffnell Edit from James Sharp on Vimeo.
Short edit of LocoSkates and Nimh UK rider, Sam Tuffnell. Filmed mainly over the past two months, with some footage from earlier in the year. Thanks to Sim Warren, Adam Kola, Ed Inglis and Mark Worner for there contributions.

Maria Grasselli (Brazil): Leftovers

Bruce Bales: 2011 Rehab Session

Rehab Session 1 from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.
My first time really skating since I sprained my shoulder, so there is really nothing big or crazy. I feel the need to go blading by myself until I am back in fighting shape. I brought my camera along this time, and I will probably film a few more of these short rehab session edits.

Mason Richard: Ground Control AM, Promo Edit

Mason Richard - Ground Control Promo from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.
Ground Control's newest am. A lot of this footage was going to be for Mason's next profile in Dag Days but we decided with plenty of time left to film it was best to put something out for his sponsors. A taste of what's to come. Enjoy.

SONG: Araabmuzik - Oh Baby (instrumental)

Additional footage by: Will Kennedy & Daniel Scarano
Additional filming by: Will Kennedy, Daniel Scarano, & Chris Calkins.

Ryan Many: Skatelife Profile (by Cesar Macay)

Ryan Many Profile from skatelife.TV on Vimeo.
Filmed and Edited By Cesar Macay

Additional Filmer- Sam Williams

I met Ryan about 2 years ago one day hanging with Jon Ortiz during the time Jason Staine was filming for his video "Signature". We went out shot some photos and b-roll for the video and kept linking up together afterwards to shoot some more photos of the cool weird stuff Ryan enjoys skating. One day he handed me his camera and told me to help film him. I was down to try filming being that all I've done with cameras is take photos. So from then on it was "I film, you skate." I Want to say thank you to my friend for being the one to let me use a real camera to give me a chance to learn what filming is. Its F&*$#3N great. For this edit we both went out for the past few months and gathered up all this footage looking and finding spots even making them in the most random places of New York City. Here it is folks, enjoy the creativity from both ends whether you like it or not.

Thanks for showing me not to ever give up in BLADING and in LIFE amigo.
-Cesar Macay

Antony Pottier (Belgium): JT7 Luggage Edit

Antony Pottier JT7 from Jordan Froidmont on Vimeo.

Rockillers: B-Roll Raw Edit (by Alejoh Candelo)

RK B-ROLL EDIT from Alejoh on Vimeo.

Here is a little edit i filmed and edited. Most of the clips where filmed with the "flip" camera. except for the first two clips. Enjoy!

Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2011 (Lausanne, Switzerland): Official Edit

Raiffeisen Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest 2011 Official Edit from Michael Hartwell on Vimeo.
1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th September 2011.

The 4th edition of the LSBC was once again held at the Vidy Bowl by the Leman Lake in Switzerland.

Following the contest traditions, new infrastructures where built in the bowl for the worldwide skaters to enjoy.

The event program included :
- Amateur, Pro and Girl categories
- Night Sessions
- Best Trick Contests
- Slalom Blading
- Downhill Runs
- Waterjump
- 80's Rollerdisco
- Initiations for Kids
- Free BBQ
- various Rollerblading Shops
- 4000.- Prize Money in total.

Sadly the weather wasn't on our side this year. We were forced to relocate the contest at the old HS36 Skatepark for the remaining days. It was significantly difficult to cover the whole event.

Despite the conditions, the contest hasn't lost its reputation and will be expecting more participants next year.

Here are the Highlights.

Cameras: Michael Hartwell, Stéphane Ryter, Maxime Genoud
Editing: Michael Hartwell
Music: Pink Trees 'On the Couch Journey Mix' (shortened)
Artist: Robert Babicz

Jeremy Raff: Spares 2008 – 2011

JRaff Spares 2008-2011 from Jeremy Raff on Vimeo.

Lots of blading-- from senior year in HS in McAllen, TX to summer after my third year at UC Davis.

Codee Jennings: Last of the Peoria Footage

Chad Anthony: Southern Scum, SSM Quick Shred

Chad Anthony. SSM quickshred. from SouthernScum on Vimeo.
Shima sent me a pair of blades not to long ago. Here is a few deals stacked since then. Nothing mind blowing, but so far the skates are holding up well and super fucking fun to skate with. Come to the dark side. Buy Shima made skates.

Casey Mcfarland (Fester AM)

FESTER AM Casey McFarland "Clip Commander"

See a full Casey Section in the FESTER TEAM VIDEO releasing this month!
Filmed & Edited: Brent Henderson
Song: Johnny Cash- Ain't No Grave

Dustin Halleran YouTube throwback

Kevin Beach 2011 Profile

Friday, September 16, 2011

Skates that fit, from a size 8 perspective (by John Olson, Jr.)

This is a subject I wonder about constantly.
Shell sizing.
We all know its done to save the manufacturers some cash, and I get that. But when you’re the smaller size, this can be very detrimental to your blading.
I’ll use myself as the for instance. I like a lot of the styles of skates available. However, my feet do not. I just recently tried UFS thrones again, and love how they skate, but i don’t love the blisters i get from my feet sliding around in them. The width is perfect. The length is not, creating a constant rub issue on the sides of my feet, which leaves nasty blisters. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this issue with skates either.
Single size shells are very expensive to produce, and i understand that the money just isn’t there for a real solution like that. Salomon, however, already gave the market a cheap and easy solution in “growth inserts”. Simple idea, easy to produce, and relatively cheap compared to individual shell sizing.
Hopefully more of this type of tech will be introduced, as the blisters one gets from incorrectly sized skates are more discouraging than the injuries you get from bad falls, in my opinion.
Anybody else have input they’d like to add? Feel free. Any ideas are appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, i love my Xsjados, and they always fit right, but i would like to enjoy other options at times.

Blade-Thuro Maine Skatpark Tour 1: Memorial Day Weekend

Maine Skatpark Tour 1: Memorial Day Weekend from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.
Keegan Smith, Gabe Holm, Andrew Smolak, John Odonnell and Justin Riely hit up some of the free out door skateparks in Maine on Memorial Day weekend 2010. Edited by keegan and smokes
Make sure you LIKE the page!​pages/​Blade-Thuro/​143972095676704

Game Theory: Friends Montage

The Conference Spain: 2011 Tour, Edit (Part 3)

The Conference Spain Team Tour Part 3 from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.
The Spanish Conference team went on tour in July around Spain. This is the third edit of 3 starring Iván Malvido, Emilio Subirá, Juan José Suarez (Uani), Iván Suárez (Tama) and Jordi Mestre.
Filmed by Martin Benza
Part 1 can be watched here:​27538348
Part 2 can be watched here:​​universalskatedesign​kizerframes​ucwheels

Arizona 2011 Montage (by Kris Troyer)

AZ 2011 Montage from kris troyer on Vimeo.
Featuring Chad Hornish, Dan Breuer, Sergio Ybarra, Alec Gentile, Brent Henderson, Matt Langel, Andrew Scherf, and more.
Footage from spring 2010 - spring 2011.
Song: "Seaweed Song" - Passion Pit
Filmed and edited by Kris Troyer.

ASOS Urban Tour in Paris

Mihai Bivol: Shanghai (China) 2011

BHC Wheels Mihai Bivol Shanghai 2011 from MihaiBivol on Vimeo.
Short session at the SMP skatepark in Shanghai, China 2011
skater owned brand of wheels
filmed by Salim Sikha and Toto Ghali

Jeremy Spira: Nimh Throwback Edit (Spring 2009)

spira nimh throwback from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.
spring 09

USD VII 2011 Review and Update (by jrgantan)

Review done (and updated) by jrgantan on the be-mag message board

As the new Vii grey is coming out, I thought it would be a good idea to do an update of the Vii (black) skate I did on another messageboard. Here is my original review, posted 6/20/2011:

I know a lot of people are asking about how these things skate, so I'll try to answer a lot of questions in this review.

First of all, a lot of the curiosity is about the soulplate. Just like you can see from the pictures/videos, the soulplate is huge (bigger than the carbon plate), and has an amazing shape, especially it's groove. Before buying the vii, I was afraid the groove was too deep (like the 2-piece plate for UFS Thrones), making royale to ao topside tricks a little less fluid. USD adressed this, and made the groove wide and shallow, like the Deshi soulplate. This makes switch-ups, pretty easy, but doesn't take away from locking you in. Unfortunately, although the vii plate resembles the carbon plate, it feels like it is made from a softer, slower plastic. That's right, they are slower than I thought they would be, considering the carbon plates are pretty fast. If this is a deal-breaker for you, you might want to consider skating them with a carbon plate, though I don't know the sizing compatibility.

Second, the shell itself, imo, is the reason to get this skate. I have med to low arches on my foot, so many skates I've tried hurt my feet. I combined the vii with Blank liners and Superfeet insoles, and I have never had a more comfortable skate, ever! This shell is very accommodating, so I especially recommend this to people with wide feet. If you have a mid to narrow foot, get a liner that fits (I highly recommend blank liners), because your foot will have too much room with the thin stock liner. Or, you can downsize. The instep also flexes well, so there are no pressure points at all. Yet, with the flex, the shell is still solid and very lightweight.

Then there's the cuff. Unfortunately, the cuff is my only major complaint: it is cardboard. Think of a remz stock cuff....but softer. I can see why USD made the cuff so flexy, considering that they designed this skate for beginners; but I think beginners should have even stiffer cuffs so they can learn their tricks right! They aren't bad if you skate them as tight as you can. So unless you are Chris Haffey, who has transcended the need for ankle support, I would suggest swapping out the cuffs for something sturdier. For now, I have some RB cuffs on them, and they fit and work great. I wish Valo cuffs would fit-- they are perfect to me. I would even cut them to fit, so if anyone reading this has a spare set of 8-9 sized valo cuffs, I would buy them!

The stock type-M's and wheels weren't for me. I skate them with 50-50 balance frames w/ Eulogy wheels & Moonshine antis. I'm sure Create's would work & look good for this skate, also.

Overall, I really like this skate. I bought the skate for comfort and its light weight, and it definitely delivers. The skate will even surprise you, looks-wise. All my friends keep saying that they look better in person, and they do. As roomy as they are, they look surprisingly small and slim. Best of all, the design is very, very simple which makes the skate look even better, imo. If USD were to fix the cuff and make the soulplate a little faster, I believe they would make the perfect skate... at least for me. Oli, I hope you are reading this

My setup is a 8-9, with size 9-9.5 Blank liner:


^That was my review after skating them for a few sessions, about 3 months ago. The main reason why I wanted to do this update is because I thought that my original thread was a little misleading.

First, I may have not been clear describing the speed of the Vii plate. Yes, when I first skated them prior to my first review, they were definitely slower out of the box than the carbon plate. I was skating heavily waxed coping with my friends, and I had to cruise to get my brand new blades to slide as fast as theirs. However, after skating them for just 2 weeks, the Vii plate seemed to "break-in" and became fast...seriously. Judging from the wear of the plate, I still believe the Vii plate is softer than the carbon one (softer slides slower), but make no mistake-- work them in on some ledges and coping, and you will be satisfied. My soul plates are now pretty fast.

Second, I'm sure I gave some skateshops a big headache when I recommended putting carbon plates on the Vii's, and everyone kept asking if they could do that. At the time I said I wasn't sure about how they would fit, and I'm telling you now that they won't without modification. Carbons may fit the Vii plate, but not the other way around. Refer to the post that the good dude psyfron wrote:

I love the Vii soulplate and would say the only thing I don't prefer is that it might be too big. For locking souls, it's great, but the groove is very far from the boot, so you can't really get down low on your boot without lifting up the frame (I think this, and the fact I've been skating more park, is why it's been taking a while to put a decent groove in my frames). This is particularly true for Fahrvergnügens. This is where I prefer the carbon plate as it's groove is much closer to the boot. It's not even a big deal, just something to get used to.

Last, I mentioned how I didn't like the stock, flimsy cuff. First, I had some spare RB cuffs lying around, and they worked great, but there was a gap at the heel and the shape of the cuff constantly pushed my ankles forward. Someone mentioned that I should try Razor cuffs, because they fit without modification. A friend hooked me up with some SL style A4 cuffs, and they worked pretty good. In fact, I had been skating with these the longest. But, as you can see, the fit is still pretty weird, and I'm not too keen on the big graphics Razors loves to paint on their cuffs...

I got lucky and another friend gave me some cult shells and I used the regular-style Razors cuff, and those fit, feel and look soo much better. Proper support and great flex...shredding.

EDIT: big billy 13 let me know that putting the Razor cuff on the VII only works on the smaller sizes, i.e. 10+ size shells don't line up with the Razor cuff. I think it's due to the fact that Razor cuffs only come in one size.

Here are some pics of my current setup(s). Along with keeping the Blank liners and Superfeet, I think I have these blades dialed in just right:

Hopefully this update answers some questions. From what I hear, Oli says they've strengthened the cuff for the new grey ones, but we'll see.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Xsjado Dvd: Barcelona Teaser (by Brandon Negrete)

XSJADO DVD Teaser #1 - 'Barcelona' from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.
Proudly presenting the first teaser for the upcoming Xsjado DVD. With each teaser release you will see more faces and places to expect great skating from in the long awaited first Xsjado video. Stay tuned for more teasers, behind the scenes photos, and eventually a full length trailer.

Teaser#1 "Barcelona" starring: Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, and JC Rowe

Main Cameras: Paul John and Brandon Negrete
Additional Cameras: JC Rowe and Dustin Werbeski
Edited: Brandon Negrete

Julian Marin (Remz Flow Colombia)

I-Remix Vol 4 from Julián marín on Vimeo.

Nolan Wojchiechowski (Chicago): 2011 Edit

Alex Burston, Scott Quinn, Chaz Sands & Nils Jansons: Latvia Edit (by Reinis Petersons)

Few sessions out with Razors guys from Reinis_Petersons on Vimeo.
A few weeks ago, Alex Burston, Scott Quinn and Chaz Sands came to Latvia for a comp, and in oure free time we wen't skeitin, so here's an edit from few sessions with these guys n some latvian guys, Kaspars Alksnis, Nils Jansons, Konstantīns Makarovs, Edgars Rozentāls.

Filming & editing: Reinis Pētersons

Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2011 (Lausanne, Switzerland) (by Guillaume J. Lauzier)

Raiffeisen Lausanne Street Bowl Contest from Guillaume J. Lauzier on Vimeo.
Title: Raiffeisen Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest
Locations: Vidy, HS36 skatepark - Lausanne, Switzerland
Date: 1, 2, 3, 4 September 2011
Filmed & Edited by: Guillaume J. Lauzier
Music by: Quantic - Apricot Morning
Format: Video 1280x720 HD

Colin Kelso: Kansas City

Colin Kelso, Kansas City "KCcK" from Colin Kelso on Vimeo.
This past winter I was out in Kansas City visiting my brother Sean. We skated, I enjoyed it again. Miss ya buddy!
Main Camera/edited by Sean Kelso

Jacob Juul: FOF 2011 (by Jonas Hansson)

Jacob Juul FOF 2011 from Jonas Hansson on Vimeo.
Jacob's show and tell about his return to skating, after a knee surgery in late 2009... please enjoy his freedom of feet edit 2011!
Directed, shot and edited by Jonas Hansson
Be-mag article:
Tracks: Aloe Blacc - Politician (Reprise) • Macka B - Warrior Style (Kunte Kinte) and Track72 - We're Willing Featuring J-Ro

Visit his sponsors:
And watch his part in Traitement -
Vimeo channel:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eric Kearney Profile (by Allen Thorogood)

Wantagh Edit (by Sean G.)

Wantagh Edit from Sean G. on Vimeo.
Just a quick edit I put together after the session we had at Wantagh Park in Long Island. Filmed for a few hours on the ledges then eventually went over to the handy cap rail and got kicked out by security 10 minutes later. Skating by me, Phil Weaver, and Shawn Gradilone. Filmed by me, Chris Saccente, and Shawn Gradilone. Music by the Drums. enjoyy

30min A.O.R. Dice Sesh (by Brent Volk)

30min A.O.R. Dice Sesh from Brent Volk on Vimeo.

My first time rolling the A.O.R. dice, fun times!

Loco Box Battle: Nick Lomax Vs. Sim Warren

Don Bambrick: Razors Icons Profile (by Adam Johnson)

Icons Don Bambrick from Adam Johnson on Vimeo.

Don and I filmed this in attempt to make him jump from flow to pro. Andy Wegener told him after the Accidental Machines premiere that if he kept up doing those big gaps there could be a spot for him on Razors.

1.5 years later Don leads the polls for the next Razors pro skate and hasn't showed any signs of slowing down. His pro Street Artist wheels, that's right 2, drop in 4 weeks.

Chris Cheshire: Underestimated Section (2002)

Greg Mirzoyan: Freeskating in London (2011)

Greg Mirzoyan - London 2011 from Rollerblade on Vimeo.

Skater: Greg Mirzoyan
Camera man: Stephane Zuber

Mats-Kaarel Ruus: Best of 2008-2010

Mats-Kaarel Ruus : Best of 2008-2010 from Mats-Kaarel Ruus on Vimeo.
Best of 2008-2010 - the profile was supposed to be in a Estonian rollerblading video "Better Late then Never" that never got finished.,, ,
filmed by Bert Nool, Evert Lubja, Karel Laur, Rene Lutterus etc.
edited by Mats-Kaarel Ruus

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day with Lance at InlineWarehouse

Here is a little edit a put together with just one day of skating, I felt it went really well for such a limited amount of time. I Hope you guys enjoy


Early Years (2002-2004) (by Adam Snow)

Here's a little throwback edit my brother just made of leftovers from back in the day.

Now that he's back in the game we'll have a new Skate Sessions edit dropping, with a solid crew, like the good old days.

King Of The Jam 2011 (Belgium)

King Of The Jam Contest 2011 from RVB-pictures on Vimeo.

West Side Comp Promo (Poznan, Poland)

West Side Competition promo from rozPOZNANi on Vimeo.

Chosen Few: 1st Sunday Session, Santa Monica

1st Sunday Session Stoner Plaza from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

Chris Farmer: Intuition Shirt, Promo Edit (by Lonnie Gallegos)

Chris Farmer Intuition Shirt Promo from Intuition Skate Shop on Vimeo.

Adrien Anne: USD, Unused Clips

USD Presents Adrien Anne - Unused. from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Chosen Few 2011 Finals (by Jeff Linett)

NDN: We Are One Skatepark (by Erik Bill)

Featuring moves from Nicholas Swan, Jeff Stanger, Zach Nelson, Cameron Card, Tad Tregeagle & John Dickerson

NDNs @ WAO from erik bill on Vimeo.

Justin Jones: Summer 2011 Profile (by Scott Knowles)

Justin Jones 2011 Profile from Scott Knowles on Vimeo.

90 Minutes With Conor Manweiler (Kaltik)

90 Minutes With Conor Manweiler from David Derby on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

USD Phoenix Liners

USD Phoenix FL Liner

Very slim and sturdy liner with a very good fit. Stability has been improved considerably, so the liner offers is a very good support.

This support is also intensified by the “ATOP-lacing-sytem”. The highlight: You tie up the lacing of the liner by turning a wheel. This newly developed system of USD comes from the Fitness-/Racing-Market and allows you to tie up the liner within a few seconds. Also loosen the laces by themselves while skating is impossible.

Hard landings are dampened by a shock absorber built into the sole. The toe area is completely made of neoprene, so the liner is very comfortable and adaptable. In addition, there is no longer a risk that deforms the liner in front with time. Also, the risk is reduced to stumbling your toes at landings or missed tricks. Of coure also mentionable is the excellent padding that keeps the foot into place.

USD Phoenix Liner
Very slim and sturdy liner with a very good fit. Stability has been improved considerably, so the liner offers is a very good support. This support is also intensified by the lacing sytem. Hard landings are dampened by a shock absorber built into the sole.

The toe area is completely made of neoprene, so the liner is very comfortable and adaptable. In addition, there is no longer a risk that deforms the liner in front with time. Also, the risk is reduced to stumbling your toes at landings or missed tricks. Of coure also mentionable is the excellent padding that keeps the foot into place.

Ania Duszyńska (Poland)

Ania Duszyńska, short edit from AD on Vimeo.

Razor Genesys 'Sega Blue' Skates

Maik Lojewski (Germany): 2004 Profile

Maik Lojewski old profile from Dennis Baethke on Vimeo.

Nicolas Auroux: Irun Skatepark Session

Session ventas con ncAuroux. ~ from FX pergola on Vimeo.

Mathieu Heinemann: Arcena DVD Team Section (2008)

On y était On y reste part Mathieu Heinemann ARCENA dvd team 2008 from Arcena Officiel on Vimeo.

Slim Jim – Touch the Sky (Snap Into This, Album)

Check Snap Into This, Hip Hop album by Slim Jim (Ohio). The track Touch The Sky (stream below) has many skating references and the last song has a little shoutout to Vibralux. You can download the full album here.

Slim Jim - Touch The Sky by David Durrenberger

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remedy'z Haffey 2.2's (by IW Lance)

Hello Readers,

This is IW Lance from all the way in California doing my first post here for Skate Sessions and I’m glad to be here.

Today I thought I could bring you a fresh new look for everyones favorite classic Remz Skate, The Haffey 2.2′s. As a skater of every Remedy’z product you could think of for the past 7 years I have to tell you I am thoroughly impressed with their new addition to the Remedy’z Line-up. The skate has a new color scheme and it happens to have my favorite color so I have to say personally its the best looking Haffey skate to date. It’s rocking the Black Skin with the White High Resistance Material and the Red stitching with a few red eyelets.

Overall they really improved on the lacing system which gives a lot more options to customizing how you lace your skates, wether it be loose or tight they feel amazing. With big improvements on the soft strap it is now triple stitched and add’s a lot more durability. They also come with the classic Rem’z plastic buckle system so if your a fan of that you can always switch it out easily for a more supportive feel.

The Liners are still holding up amazingly and the skate fits like a glove right out of the box. The V-cut is still very drastic so this isn’t a skate for the skaters that like their skates very supportive on the top side tricks.

The skates come with the GC Featherlite 2′s which everyone who has skated them has been pretty happy and it is an anti-rocker setup so this frame isn’t for all those freestyle/flat riders. They also come equipped with the Classic Rem’z wheels (57mm 88a) and some abec 5.0 bearings. The bearings are nothing impressive, as always I recommend upgrading to anything from the Bones line-up they make superior bearings that are water jet cut out of solid steel/ceramic, not just plates of steel cut and shaped. This makes for a much more solid bearing that have great longevity as well as incomparable speed.

As always with Remedy’z they have given us another solid skate with a very very anticipated color scheme change. I can’t wait to get out and try mine and I highly recommend these skates to anyone from intermediate to advanced level of skating that like a lot of freedom in their skate style.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and I look forward to giving Boston Blading Society that west coast style and I will be seeing you guys later.


IW Lance ,

Video Review: What Do You Believe In? (2001)

Written and directed by industry pioneer Arlo Eisenberg, edited by rollerblading's most influential filmmaker Joe Navran (FORII, Elements, Coup De Tat) and produced by Mindgame's Shane Coburn, "What Do You Believe In?" set out to completely re-imagine what a rollerblading video could be.

"What Do You Believe In?" features five of the brightest stars in rollerblading: Brian Shima, Jon Elliott, Josh Petty, Rachard Johnson, and Jaren Grob. The video focuses on their skating, which is some of the best ever captured on film, but it is complemented by a surreal story line which weaves in and out of their sections.

"What Do You Believe In?" is not a narrative story in the conventional sense, nor is it a standard skate video neatly divided into rider's sections. It is a low budget, experimental, artistic interpretation of skating that does not merely break all of the rules but seems to be completely unaware of them altogether.

The skating alone would rank "What Do You Believe In?" among the best videos ever made, but add to that its artistic vision and its fearless conviction to add something completely new to the rollerblading landscape and what you've got is an instant classic. "What Do You Believe In?" is a landmark video and a must have for any rollerbladers collection.

Also check out this interview with Arlo, getting to the details behind this film.

What Does He Believe In? from Alexander Coe on Vimeo.

Downloads of the Month: September 2011

This months offering is another classic video that will be remembered as one of the best of all-time.

Arlo and Shane's artistic work "What Do You Believe In?" broke the mold for what a skate video can be, and is still one of the most creative films ever made.

We bring you the film in AVI, M4V, MP4 and Torrent... so that you can enjoy it in any way you see fit!

Along with this great video, I'm dropping a collection of one of my favorite bands, and a Boston legend, The Sheila Divine. Hope you enjoy this band as much as I do, and if you do be sure to pick up their new album dropping this Fall.

Demetrios George - Tips and Tricks on how to jump high (powered by USD & Skunk Fu)

Gabriel Hyden: Chimera Edit

ChimeraTV #6 Gabriel Hyden Wheel Voting from The Chimera Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Julian Bah: M1 Urethane Session

M1: A Session with the new Julian Bah Pro Wheel. from Max Manning on Vimeo.

Hayden Ball: Inri Rebirth Leftovers


Razors: Romania 2011 (by Mihai Bivol)

Razors News | Romania 2011 from MihaiBivol on Vimeo.

A few hours with Ryan Sibbio (by Mike Gagliardi)

Remz Haffey 2.2: One Day: Ryan Sibbio from Mike Gagliardi on Vimeo.

James Short Memorial Session 2011 (by Hawke Trackler)

James Short Memorial Session 2011 from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

USD Carbon “Free” Richie Eisler Pro Skate

The Carbon 2 skate from USD continues to blow up all over the scene as aggressive’s most advanced and best performing skate. The highest of high quality materials also converted the Carbon 2 into the market’s most exclusive boot due to its price.

At USD we decided to develop a new compound that would mimic the Carbon feel at a lower price, allowing more skaters to enjoy the Carbon revolution.

The Carbon Free boot has been designed with a combination of Carbon, Fibreglass and Nylon which has allowed us to create the closest feel to Carbon while enabling us to lower the price and make it available for more people to enjoy this new feeling that everyone is talking about.

The Carbon Free Richie Eisler skate – tried and tested by the man himself – comes with US Poured UC Pro wheels (often considered the world’s best wheels) and the brand new Kizer 4 Fluid frame, making it by far one of the best quality pro boot setups ever released on the aggressive market.




Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

ONE Blade Mag

ONE rollerblading magazine



Street Artist Urethane

TheConference News