Friday, January 27, 2012

Downloads of the Month: January 2012

We're back in action with some fresh new downloads for your viewing pleasure. This month we're dropping 2 Senate team videos: Day of the Rope and Standfast. Both are sick old-school videos from one of the companies that started it all. Each video is available to download in AVI, M4V and TPB torrents... Standfast can also be downloaded in MP4. "Day of the Rope" The Day of the Rope is more than just a skate video. Make no mistakes, it does contain the best footage of the best rollerbladers in the world, but its purpose is greater than just that. Consider the best Senate riders, not just as the best team or rollerbladers ever assembled on the face of the Earth, but also as messengers of a new era. With the release of this video begins the official countdown to THE DAY OF THE ROPE. So to any-one who has ever crossed a rollerblader, beware. To anyone who has ever raised a fist, shouted an insult or even so much as directed a dis-approving look towards a rollerblader, your days are numbered. We are gathering our troops. Our numbers are already strong, and they are growing. To rollerbladers, this is a call to arms... To everyone else, this is a warning... THE DAY OF THE ROPE IS COMING. Arlo Eisenberg: Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil Mike Scott: Misfits - Last Caress Eitan Kramer: Metallica - Dyers Eyes Eric Shrijn: Tribe Called Quest - Youthful Expression BMX: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock and Roll Josh Petty: Apollo 440 - Ain't Taking bout no dub Mike Opalek: Dinosaur Jr - Feel the Pain Kevin Gillan: Pete Rock and CL Smooth - All the Places "Standfast" Santiago Azpura: High and Mighty - B-Boy Doc. 99 Blake Dennis: Alice in Chains - Man in the Box Jeff Frederick: The Roots - The Lesson Part 1 Bruno Lowe: Faith No More - Midlife Crisis Shane Skower: Who Ridas - Get Lifted Aaron Feinberg: Weezer - Say It Ain't So Credits: Icons - Like Never Before Kevin Gillan: Kool Keith - Ego Trippin '99 Senate - Day of the Rope - (avi)(m4v)(TPB) Senate - Standfast (1999) - (avi)(m4v)(mp4)(TPB) To go along with these classic films, we're tossing in some collected works of Del tha Funkee Homosapien; a classic in his own right! Enjoy! and as always please be sure to seed as long as possible once you finish downloading!




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