Monday, October 31, 2011

B.L.A.D.E. Chris Haffey vs Jeff Stockwell

B.L.A.D.E. Stockwell from chrishaffeydotcom on Vimeo.

Game of B.L.A.D.E. with Jeff Stockwell.

Richie Eisler vs Barcelona (Spain)

Richie Eisler vs. Barcelona Spain from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

"When not filming other people doing foot maneuvers on their rollerblades, I did my own."

Another Powerhouse production, created in Barcelona in 2011.

The new USD Richie Eisler Carbon Free is available now, worldwide.
Richie's skate is out now!

Steve Gasstation: Pro Shredweiser Wheel


Mischief Night 2k11 Steve Gassation Pro Shredweiser Wheel Out Now. Featuring Jon Jon Bolino, Erik Stokley, Matty Schrock, Chris Dafick Billy Oneil and BJ Bernhardt


4 Days in Kentucky with Mark Wojda

4 Days in Kentucky w/ Mark Wojda from Blade THURO on Vimeo.

Skaters: Mark Wojda , Brandon Ford, Gabe Holm, Matt Hellyer, Loran Bohall, Scott Broof Hatton, Tanner Tyree, John Ritter.

Hedonskate in Warsaw (Poland)

Hedonskate in Warsaw from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Skaters: Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Przemek Madej, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Kuba Olejarz, Mirek Ragan, Grazyna Wratny, Tomek Przybylik.

Filmed by Przemek Madej, Canis Latrans and more.
Edited by Przemek Madej.

Music: Audio Bullys - London Dreamer.


OD MOFONGO from One Day NY on Vimeo.

The following edit is a compilation of old and new clips with the family. Whether catching a clip for a quick laugh or just fooling around and discovering something new–rolling is undoubtedly something I really enjoy doing and documenting. Thanks to everyone who comes out to session without any expectations but to have fun.

More edits coming soon. A few solo projects in the works with specific people. Boom!

Follow us!​onedayny​onedayny​nysod
instagram: @onedayny

Fallon Heffernan: Fenfanix Photos & Interview

Full Fallon Heffernan’s Interview on

Mathias Silhan: Game Theory Section

Robert Guerrero: Daily Bread Tour Video (2005)

Robert Guerrero Profile - Daily Bread tour Video (2005) from James Reetzke on Vimeo.

This is the profile of Rob. G. filmed during the tour. Original music by James Reetzke

Konsta Kortteinen (Razors Flow, Finland)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thuro Skate Shop - David Hartnett

First & Lexington Edit (by Kevin LeBron)

F&L Kevin LeBron from Kevin LeBron on Vimeo.

Just a few clips rocking the best clothing (im talking quality shirts!!!) found at BUY IT
use my coupon code KLroll for a 10% discount!

Samu Kukkonen (24) Helsinki, Finland: 2008, 2009 Edit

Samu Kukkonen 2008-2009 from Konsta Kortteinen on Vimeo.

Crissy Grasseli: Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Evil Never Dies: Trailer (by Devan Stewart)

Evil Trailer from Devan Stewart on Vimeo.

Skate video comin out soon with profiles on Xathan Stewart, Alec Tim Gentile, Brian Bina, Travis Rhodes, and Cory "Frodo" Miller. Video features clips from all over with whoever. Enjoy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glossop Crew at Cote Heath Park (by skatd0g)

Boys Don't Cry

Watch for the mind-blowing trick at 1:03...

The October Winds (by ATXrollerblader)

Kirill Galushko (Russia): Scribe Industries, Am Edit

Scribe Industries - Kirill Galushko - Am Edit.1 from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

Scribe would like to introduce our first International Rider, Kirill Galushko from Moscow, Russia. Kirill has been an essential name to the Russian and European scenes winning countless street and park competitions and grabbing a great following from around the world. His passion and loyalty to his sponsors is clearly shown in all the media he produces.

Razors/Scribe Industries/Kaunet/RollerClub team rider Kirill Galushko is currently touring in China with Brian Aragon, representing his sponsors and showing his blading skills to the fullest. Check out his latest Autumn One Day Edit.

Shot & Chopped by: Rodion Korneev
Music By: Portico Quartet - Paper Scissors Stone

Alex Broskow: dusk slider, bar session (by Sean Kelso) from sean kelso on Vimeo.

Thomas Bouleau: (Bayonne, France) Taryf Park

Thomas. BOULEAU 2DAYS2Roll&ChillEDIT. TARYF from FX pergola on Vimeo.

Valo / BHC

(branlette aux piments d'espelette)

SkatePARK de BAYONNE / Pays Basque 64
Thanks to DJ Medhi ( 1977 - 2011 )
... is not dead.
2006: rupture ligaments croisés antérieur
2007: rupture ménisque interne et externe
2008: exposion / partie inférieur de la rate
2010: opération ligaments croisés et ménisque
2011: quatre luxations X2 épaules
... is not dead.
FX. PERGOLA (looking for a job)
HD 1920x740

Fise Experience Paris 2011 (Finals): Videos + Results

FISE experience 2011 Paris finale Roller by fise

Zahir Hanaizi: 17+ Contest, 2nd Place

ZAHIR HANAÏZI-FISE PARIS 2011 from P.M.G on Vimeo.

Bruce Varache: 17+ Contest, 1st Place

Pro Results

1. Abrate Roman
2. Godenaire Romain
3. Alfano Stephane


1. Amandine Condroyer : 57,5
2. Mathilde Monneron : 47
3. Manon Derrien : 44,5
4. Coralie Tan : 32,5
6. Cheyenne Baudoin : 30,5
7. Pauline Comissaire : 27,5

High Air: Anthony Avella.


1. Varache Bruce : 82
2. Hanaizi Zahir : 70
3. Diably Diakko : 66,5
4. Faribault Joris : 61,5
5. Puisset Lilian : 57,5
6. Emolinari Daniel : 56
7. Jourdain Florian : 55,5
8. Lucien Hugues : 41,5


1. Remy Santos : 77
2. Nicolas Servy : 69
3. Joris Dominguez : 65
4. Nicolas Watelet : 58,5
5. Mathieu Frau : 51,5
6. Sami Angsthelm : 49
7. Malcom Bernard : 41
8. Sami Ziggane :


1. Yuma Baudoin : 62,5
2. Francois Tocquer : 49
3. Malcom Toure : 45,5
4. Jeremy Dominguez : 42

Fabio Enes: Peruibe SkatePark (Brazil), 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Made in Poland: Broadcasted on public transport

MPK TVM OFFICIAL SELECTION | Film dokumentalny Witalisa Szumiło Kulczyckiego from ownstyle on Vimeo.

Polski opis poniżej

Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki's documentary film was officially selected as the first film in Poland to be screened on public transport interior displays. The film was divided into episodes and is now being played 24 times a day (each episode for 2 weeks).
The broadcast is from 10th September until end of December 2011.
The film exposure is estimated to exceed 16,1 million of views in Cracow and Lodz cities. The calculations were based on Polish independent research agency TNS OBOP's data.

The short video was filmed during several tram jurneys in Cracow trams as a documentation of the event.


Ben Schwab: Xsjado 2011 Edit (by Brandon Negrete)

Ben Schwab XSJADO 2011 from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

filmed in Los Angeles

Edit: Brandon Negrete
Camera: Brandon Negrete, JC Rowe, and Jeff Stockwell

New video trailer coming soon!

Brian Aragon: VG 22 Section

The LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour

The LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour Edit from Loco Skates on Vimeo.

In April 2011 we gathered our team, plus guest Erik Bailey and took a tour of Scotland. Check out what went down, courtesy of Ed Inglis. Massive thanks to Chaz Sands and Adam Kola for the beautiful contributing footage.

Erik Bailey
Nick Lomax
Elliot Stevens
Nick Lomax
Sam Tuffnell
Dan Ives
Leon Humphries
Dan Collins
Billy Doyle
Jake Eley
Chaz Sands

The FULL tour DVD will drop in time for Xmas 2011.

To find out more about what we do visit

Music: Jonsi, Animal Arithmetic. No copyright infringement intended.

SlammJamm 2011: Drip & Drop

SJXIII - DRIP & DROP EDIT No1 from Slamm Jamm on Vimeo.

We like to take our time when putting together all the footage from the SlammJamm as there is so much going on throughout the weekend. Already we have seen some "BOSS" edits surface on the net which give glimpses of some of the sick talent we have in the NATIONFOUR. Here Mr Maders as alway's gives you a pinch of the highlight's and side view of our commUNITY. Stay tuned to for more edits as they drop or check out SJTV @ for all our footage and other concept's of the 13. You may also want to take a note of the ending graphics and log that date in your nut shells. "theGATHERING" never ends it just keeps on evolving.

Tomek Wiwatowski: Paper Baggin (by Josh Nielsen)

Tomek Wiwatowski - Paper Baggin from Josh Nielsen on Vimeo.

Filmed over the passed couple of months by Josh Nielsen in Sydney, Australia. Additional footage from Craig Smith, thanks dude!

Song: The Black Keys - Same Old Thing

Mihai Militaru: Day in the Life

day in the life - Mihai Militaru from Mihai Militaru on Vimeo.

camera/montage: Mihai & Gabi Petre

Take Your Time: Everywhere (by Gregory Preston)

TAKE YOUR TIME: EVERYWHERE from gregory prestön on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone who filmed for this and helped me film guys are the best! Will see you soon ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Amsterdam Straat II, Edit by Maarten Albrecht

Amsterdam Straat 2 from Maarten Albrecht on Vimeo.

Amsterdam Straat edit #2, featuring:
Remy Schmidt
Pascal Tan
Ryan Claus

Filmed & edited by: Maarten Albrecht

My Kung-Fu - Urban Thermo Dynamics
Superstarr Pt. Zero - K-Os
The Car Bomb - Dr. Dre

Genre is Dead: Steve Iacono - Section + Bonus

Genre is Dead: Steve Alf Iacono from DenialTv on Vimeo.

Bean Day from Andrew Nemiroski on Vimeo.

One day in Boston with Alf, Me, Johnny O, & Eric Miller.

Can’t Rollerblade Without a Beanie (by Jonathan Roulston of Seattle Skaters)

Can't rollerblade without a beanie from Seattle Skaters on Vimeo.

I bought a Canon 7D in August of 2010. Since then I have been using it to film sessions regularly. This is a video documenting the sessions I've been to in the past year.

This is Seattle Skaters.

Lenses used:
Canon 35mm F/1.4
Canon 50mm F/1.2
Sigma 8mm F/3.5

If you're into it, check out for much more media. :)

James Macay (13): 9TO5 Edit (by Erick Rodriguez)

James Macay - 9TO5 Introduction from 9TO5Mixtapes on Vimeo.

9TO5 Mixtapes Introduces New York City's Future
Filmed By : Cesar Macay, Ryan Many, and Erick Rodriguez
Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music By : Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy

How to do a disaster like a boss, with Nils Jansons

Therolling trick school with Nils Jansons from Reinis_Petersons on Vimeo.

Pat Curran Rollerblading 2011 (by Miguel Graves)

Gloucester's boy Pat Curran blading around Massachusetts 2011 footage

Pudslide Acid? (by urbn1nja)

This is an odd variation of an acid grind... not sure if Pudslide Acid is the right name for it, but it's a cool trick none-the-less.

Cody Lampman: Scumpire, Roc City Skate Edit

Cody Lampman Roc City Skate Promo from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

filmed by mykel fatali
edited by greg freeman

Polish Rolling League Finals: Edit, Photos & Results

Finał PRL from rozPOZNANi on Vimeo.

Relacja z finałów Polish Rolling League, które odbyły się w Warszawie 15 października.
Szczegóły na temat imprezy oraz całej serii, dostępne są na:

Kamera - Łukasz Bartoszek, Adam Olejniczak
Edit - Adam Olejniczak
Video Coverage of Polish Rolling League Finals, which took place 15th of october in the capital of Poland - Warsaw.
For more details, please visit:

Masters Results
1.Piotrek Combrzynski
2.Krystian Zarzeczny
3.Lukasz Wolski

1.Eryk Muszynski
2.Michal Luczak
3.Rafal Latka

1.Grazyna Wratny
2.Natalia Mielewczyk
3.Marta Sitkowska

1.Jakub Kuba Malecki
2.Gabriel Rozwadowski
3.Mateusz Pilat

Genre is Dead: John Bolino

Genre is Dead: John Bolino 1 from DenialTv on Vimeo.

"Genre is Dead" was genre wheels last team video before we merged our two companies into the Denial name. filmed and edited by Chris Majette

Geoff Phillip: Scumfile 2011

Geoff Phillip SCUMFILE 2011 from SCUMPIRE on Vimeo.

Footage from before, during and after my fractured left fibula that put me out late this january until june. Its been interesting to get used to not using my left foot, and also extremely aggravating. overall i'm happy with this edit categorized as a recovery documentary, cause theres a couple clips in there that obviously don't count ;) edited by myself as always

- geoff

filming by mykel fatali, gregs freeman and schlosser, ian walker, howie bennett, luke bender, ty jones, chris bazan. thanks to frank rinard for the blades!

Nick Wood - Remz / Fester Promo

Nick Wood - Remz / Fester Promo from REMZ on Vimeo.

Check out Nick's full section in the Fester Wheels video:
and his OS4 Nick Wood party time Edition:

PSP Series 2011 (Peruibe, Brazil) with Fabio Enes

PSP SERIES PRIMEIRA ETAPA from Fred Castro on Vimeo.

Primeira etapa do campeonato brasileiro de patinação de manobras que aconteceu na Peruíbe Skate Park nos dia 13 e 14 de agosto de 2011.

Filmado por: Victor Yuri (Todo Insano), Juninho "Xsjunior", Pedrinho Pedigree e Daniel Tamanda.

Editado por Debora andrade (Partes 2 e 3) e Fred Castro (Intro)

Pós produção e direção de arte: Fred Castro

Fotos: Yamada

Queremos agradecer a todos que nos cederam imagens para fazer esse projeto acontecer! Muito obrigado mesmo de coração!

Francielle Felix (Brazil, 19): 2010 Traxart Edit


Demo da atleta Francille - TRAXART IN LINE com seus patins TXT ICE.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soichiro Kanashima: MFT October 2011 Clips

MFTBRAND 2011.10.21 Soichiro Kanashima from MFTBRAND on Vimeo.


『MFTBRAND Channels』​mftchannels



Filmed by Yan Lecomte

Genre is Dead: Mark Wojda

Genre is Dead: Mark Wojda from DenialTv on Vimeo.

"Genre is Dead" was genre wheels last team video before we merged our two companies into the Denial name. filmed and edited by Chris Majette
Mark's Song: Murder by Death: The dessert is on fire.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Winterclash 2012: The Teaser

Winterclash 2012 - The Teaser from Karsten Boysen on Vimeo.

Winterclash 2012
10th & 11th February
Area 51 Skatepark / Eindhoven / Netherlands​Winterclash

Filmed and edited by Karsten Boysen.

About us: Welcome to the Czech Republic

About us - Welcome to the Czech Republic from ales spidla on Vimeo.

The video was filmed during the last six months in the Czech Republic – mainly in Moravian cities. You can see the level of skating of the local rollerblading scene. Beside montage sections, the video features profiles on Ondra Mareth, Vojta Skrzypek and Ales Spidla. All riders would like to thank and for the support.



Kevin Padou & Maxim Langaev: 1 day in Frejus (France)

Tim Schulz (Germany): 2011 Street Profile

Tim Schulz Street Profile 2011 from Andy Ruch on Vimeo.

Most of it was filmed in Hamm, but there are a few clips from Bochum, Essen and Soest in spring and summer 2011
Filmed and edited by myself
Filmed with Canon 550D 18-55, Walimex 8mm
Track: Lupe Fiasco - Trials And Tribulations
Hope you like it!

The Truth (2007): B.Roll, Bonus Footage

The Truth B.Roll from Austin Paz on Vimeo.

Some bonus footage from The Truth DVD (2007)

ALNIS 2011: Martins Jansons Edit, Results & Photos

A.L.N.I.S. 2011 from martins jansons on Vimeo.

Photo Gallery on

Pro Results
  1. Nils Jansons
  2. Mats Kaarel Ruus
  3. Joe Atkinson
  4. Evert Lubja
  5. Toms Slukins
  6. Danijs Jescenko
  7. Toms Krasovskis  
Best trick: Joe Atkinson (inspin 360 true top porn on container).
Best AM: Reinis Grandans.

Luca Gobbo (NL)

Luca Gobbo profile from Luca Gobbo on Vimeo.

Thanks to Remco van der Pol voor Amsterdam footage

Late Night at Progressive Skatepark

Late Night at Progressive Skatepark from David Amkhinich on Vimeo.

Just messing around at the park with Landon Jordan and Chris Smith.
By David Amkhinich

Shane Conn: Wolfsburgh (by Bruce Bales)

Wolfsburgh: Shane Conn from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

Shane Conn: part blader, part wolf. Watch as Shane Conn knocks down your door with his latest blading from Pittsburgh, PA. Filmed during summer and into fall, this edit will have you howlin' for more shredding and reaching for your own blades.

Main Camera: Bruce Bales
Editor: Bruce Bales
Filmers: Bruce Bales, Dan Brown, and Brant Pickup
Music: Radiohead "A Wolf at the Door"
Deft Productions 2011

Valo JJ Light: Black & White, Waxed Canvas (Preview)

Alex Miranda: Day of the Rope Tribute (by Aarin Gates)

Alex Miranda (Day of the Rope Tribute) from aarinG on Vimeo.

"This edit was made commemorating my section in the Senate team video - Day of the Rope, that was made about 15 years ago. I thought it would be cool to use the same song that Arlo chose for me back then. I've had the greatest times of my life blading, and plan to roll for as long as the body can handle."
-Alex Miranda

Posted below is a link of the "Day of the Rope" section.

Song: Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

Filmed and Edited by Aarin Gates
with help from Demetrios George and Quinn.


The City Never Sleeps: Trailer

The City Never Sleeps Official Trailer from Brian Moore on Vimeo.

The City Never Sleeps will Premiere at The Angelika Theater in Dallas on Oct 28th.

Featuring skating from Texas, California and Europe.

Demetrios George, Brady Johnston, Fritz Peitzner, John Sullivan, Keaton Newsom Josh Glowicki, and Mason Richard.

Will be available throughout The United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and South America for the holidays.

Stairway To Shreddin Trailer 2 (by Hawke Trackler)

Stairway To Shreddin Trailer 2 from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

An Online Video By Hawke Trackler featuring profiles on..
Codee Jennings, Daniel Powell, Greg Preston, Matt Plasencia, Hawke Trackler, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyon, Paul Stewart, Shane Conn

Our video premiere for it is on October 23 at 6:00pm in columbus ohio. so if your local and are free this sunday try to make it out. contact for more details.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SlammJamm 2011 (Results & Edits)

Slamm Jamm 13 from Guy Millership on Vimeo.

This weekend played host to Slamm Jamm 13 at Rampworx in Liverpool. Another sick weekend of skating and partying, thanks to Dave Bell and everyone who helped organize the event!

Rampworx SlammJamm 13 from Rampworx Skatepark on Vimeo.

Filmed over friday , Sataday and sunday with something for everyone. we try to film as much as possible but with tricks going of all over the park we were spoiled for choice. With some exclusive clips filmed with the SlammJamm winner Andy Gilbert after a hard night partying and celebrating his NO 1. place he still pulled it out the bag on the sunday.

To top it all of we won Skatepark of the year Again!! at the UK Rolling Awards.

Thanks to Dave Bell for another eventfull year .

Song: The Naked And Famous - Punching In A Dream
Filmed & Edited by Richard Johnson

Conference UK Slamm Jamm clips from The Conference UK on Vimeo.

The 13th Slamm Jamm just took place, so here are a few clips from Richie Eisler, Joe Atkinson and Blake Bird.
Filmed by Adam Kola, Ben Shelbourne, Joe Atkinson

Open Contest

1 Andy Gilbert 90 QUAL AIL 2012
2 Jake Ricketts 85 QUAL AIL 2012
3 James Keyte 84 QUAL AIL 2012
4 Alex Burston 79 QUAL AIL 2012
5 Jack Swindells 70 QUAL AIL 2012
6 Elliot Stevens 70 QUAL AIL 2012
7 Dan Collins 69 QUAL AIL 2012
8 Simon Coburn 69 QUAL AIL 2012
9 Aaron Turner 69 QUAL AIL 2012
10 Sam Brookfeild 69 QUAL AIL 2012
11 Adam Nazarko 68
12 Craig Harrison 66
13 Rob Pruett 65
14 Ben Shaw 65
15 Leo Oppenheim 62
16 Andy Gibson 62
17 Dan Ives 61
18 Billy Doyle 60
19 Joe Harvey 58
20 Andy Spary 57
21 Perran Marks-Thomas 57
22 David Cooper 54
23 Jack Bassett 49
24 James Wilson 49
25 Rob Dalton 48
26 Lawrence Wright 48
27 Tom Pretty 48
28 James Bower 47
29 Stephane Ryter 44
30 Sam Crofts 41
31 Tom Browne 38
32 James Rendell 34
33 Rio Brown 34
34 Kurtis Austin 33
35 Adam Brown 32
36 Keiran Beasley 24

Female Contest

1 Rosie O’Donoghue 62 QUAL AIL 2012
2 Kate Egan 35 QUAL AIL 2012
3 Stephanie Jackson 29 QUAL AIL 2012
4 Lauren Moffat 28 QUAL AIL 2012
5 Elizabeth Penman 24 QUAL AIL 2012
6 Kryssy Andrzejewski 19

Newblood Contest

1 Matthew Levelle 68 QUAL AIL 2012
2 Dominic Bruce 61 QUAL AIL 2012
3 Jack McKell 54 QUAL AIL 2012
4 Paul Brown 52 QUAL AIL 2012
5 Charles Turner 41 QUAL AIL 2012
6 Ben Melia 40
7 Jack Brown 39
8 Joe Lawless 38
9 Tony Hoggan 37
10 Conor Coleman 36
11 Ryan Tellyn 35
12 Jordan Ward 33
13 Tom Wade 30
14 Kieran Foulds 28
15 Jordan Inotia 24
16 Lewis Dunbar 23
17 Jack Sargeant 18
18 Josh Caddy

JC Rowe: VG 22 Section, Coast to Coast

Zima: Rolling through Summer 2011

Zima - Rolling through Summer 2011 from SoulSkate TV on Vimeo.

Hungary & Ireland 2011
Edit by Gergő Guba
Camera by Albert Hooi & Gergő Guba

Music: Faithless - Bombs

Kaltik welcomes Stephane Alfano

Kaltik welcomes Stephane Alfano from adrien anne on Vimeo.

Here is a video to introduce Stephane Alfano into the Kaltik team.
Filmed in Barcelona.

Iain Mcleod: Gen9 Promo Edit (by Max Manning)

Razors Iain Mcleod Gen9 Advert from Max Manning on Vimeo.

A Quick Advert/Edit of Iain Mcleod that I did for the ACF Finals Competition Edit which can be viewed from the following link on the Chosen vimeo page. Iains reppin the Gen9's in this edit and be sure to check out if you wanna see more on the blades!

ACF Finals Link Here:

Edited By: Max Manning (Celerity)
Contributing Footage from Winston Wardwell & Alejoh

Chris Esposito: Scribe, The Lost Support Files (OG)

Scribe Ind - Chris Esposito - The Lost Support Files from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

Chris is an unknown legend. He has been skating for nearly 18 years and has more passion for this sport and industry then a majority of the rollerbladers skating today. He is almost 30 years old, with 2 children and works 60 hours a week for Ecko. Chris has the steeze and vocab that most rollerbladers dream of having. If he skated every single day, he would be a house-hold name.

This footage was all filmed in 2010 into the 2011 winter. It was put in a hard-drive and forgotten about, until now. We wanted to help show what Chris was capable of even though he doesn't get the time to hit the real streets that much.

Filmed & Edited by: Daniel Fabiano
Music by: Celph Titled - Step Correctly


Robin Bosgra: 2011

Robin Bosgra 2011 from remco van der pol on Vimeo.

See more of this young talent in the upcomeing DVD “the breakfastclub” out Feb/march 2012

Chosen Few: First Sunday Session, October 2011

First Sunday Session October from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

It was a hot Sunday session trick wise and weather. A bunch of skaters came out as usual for the our annual first Sunday session in the 90 degree heat of Montebello California. Skaters like Chosen Few pro rider Beat Schillmeier, Rachard Johnson, Coco Sanchez, Julian Bah, Jeremy Soderburg, Frankie Murcia, Joey Jaime and many others were out enjoying the session.

First Sunday November will take place November 6th from Noon till 4pm at Highland Skate Park. more info at the following events link.

Like our company page here:

Mile High Battle 2011 (by Luke Bender)

11th Annual Mile High Battle! from Luke Bender on Vimeo.

THis edit was shot edited and premiered world wide the same day of the competition! Thanks for everyones support! ENJYOY! and we will see you next year!

Hundred Dollar Hustle 2011 (Chicago)

Hundred Dollar Hustle 2011 from Kyle Guzman on Vimeo.

An edit of the 5th annual Hundred Dollar Hustle rollerblade competition hosted by David Depew in Chicago, ILL. on October 8th, 2011.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mike Murda Johnson: The Kid You Neva Hearda

The Kid You Neva Hearda from sean kelso on Vimeo.

Sacha Lopez: Grindhouse Tour 2011, Barcelona

Grindhouse Tour 2011 - Sacha Lopez - one week barcelona from Daniel Prell on Vimeo.

So you've just watched Sachse file and want to Know more about the guy? Check His Interview:

This years grindhouse tour lead the german grindhouse team to barcelona. We had an amazing time skating and partying all over the place. Sacha injured his hands some days before the tour but obviously this didnt didnt hold him back. I hope you enjoy his section as much as I do.

Thanks grindhouse for being the amazing sponsor you are and making this trip possible.

Andreas Wagenblast (Germany): Mask Hidden Section (by Benny Harmanus)

MASK Incident IV 4.01 Andreas Wagenblast (Alternative Profile) from The Chimera Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Hidden Section: Andreas Wagenblast by Ben Harmanus. This section was the first version, but all in all did not match Gagis skating style. It was a hidden section you were able to find by browsing the MASK DVD menue.


Eddie Chung (Richmond, Virginia): BL8 Thuro, Edit

Eddie Chung- BL8 THURO from Casual Bob on Vimeo.

thanks to the dudes who filmed

Max Jubin: Game Theory Section

Zebastian Cassel: A tribute to Jimmy Dee, 2011 Edit

Zebastian Cassel 2011 [A tribute to Jimmy Dee] from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

My own 2011 profile, i wish to thank everyone i skated with this past spring/summer, everyone who held the camera, gave me a place to crash, gave me a seat in their car or motivated me. A special thanks to my beautiful fiancee, Julius Norrbom for making the intro and my parents for being so supportive along the way.

Shot with a Canon EOS 550D.
Edited by myself and shot mainly by my fiancee.

First song: The Shamrocks - La La La ( The Shamrocks was a big underground rockband during the late 60`s which my grandfather Nils "Jimmy Dee" Lindskog was the leadsinger in and i dedicate this profile to him, may he rest in peace)

Second song: The La's - Doledrum

Shot in Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping & Malmö.
2 of the clips are actually from 2010 but i decided to re-use them.

Black & White intro made by Julius Norrbom.

True Fake (Russia): Teaser

хуYOвое (тизер). from True-Fake on Vimeo.

Роллерблэйдинг умер а то что осталось от него напоминает галимые хипстерские луки. Кругом душевные ребята и модные хипстеры....НЕНАВИЖУ!!!

Наверное это последние видео от true-fake про умерший inline. Спасибо тем кто верен идеям настоящего скейтинга и не поддается влиянию галимой гей моды.

Мы не наснимали в этом году на целый видос и по этому ждите небольшой хуYOвый эдит в котором снимались EVGENIY LEONOV, BORIS TRIZNO, EGOR LOGINOV, LEV GOLOVIZIN, ILYA GORDIENKO.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Product Reviews: Create Originals and M1 Dual Duros (by John @ Boston Blading Society)

M1 Dual Durometer Wheels
First off, I’ve had bad experiences with M1 wheels in the past. Not the least of which was a pair chunking out on a hill while just rolling around, resulting in my right knee blowing out, putting me out of commission for over four months, and keeping me away from hammers, probably permanently.

That said, I purchased two sets of the green team 55mm wheels, as they were on sale cheap. Not really a smart move, but I had heard good things, and figured a second chance was in order.

Big quality difference. I gave a set to my friend Rick to test as well, since a three stair still kills me. Lol. Anyway, these held up well, not Eulogy quality, but very good. They wear rather quickly, and feel as hard as their 91 durometer would indicate, but they weren’t bad.
So, following the logic that M1 must finally be improving, I purchased some of the dual duros, in 57mm size.

Nice! These ride like a much softer wheel than their 91 durometer would indicate. They stick like glue on most surfaces, land softly, and wear very slowly. Even I barely wore through the mold lines in well over 4 months of skating, and have since handed them on to Rick, to ser how long they’ll last!

More recently I picked up some 59mm purple dual duros, which feel just as good as the 57mm’s. Honestly, these are the best, longest lasting wheels I have ridden, ever. Excellent job M1! Really want to try the trinities, but the way these are holding up, it might never happen!

Create Originals Frames
I’ve been skating a pair I got on sale from ERolling for $45.00 back in February. All in all, I think they’re phenomenal!

50/50 was the only company making an all in one frame for years. That said, its great that someone finally updated the concept.

Like 50/50, the COs come with removable freestyle blocks. But the g-blocks are far more solid, and anchored at 2 points in the frame, unlike 50/50s single point of anchor on the frame bolts. This makes a noticeable difference in both solidness and makes the durability of the frame far greater.

The COs are made from an incredible compound of plastic that in some ways reminds me of second generation Able frames, but far more durable. They slide fast, without the sacrifice of overly hard material, I.e. GC featherlites, which wear through quickly and at times snap. With the Creates, neither of these problems seem to exist.

Then there’s the graphic inlay. Great idea and with a little know how, with gimp or PhotoShop, you can make your own steezy inlays. Pretty sweet addition to what may be the greatest frames ever made.

All in all, a great frame, at a very fair price, good for whatever type of setup you ride, and in more colors than most companies. Can’t wait to see what else they got on the design tables!

USD Classic Throne Team Black 2012

The Classic Throne may well be the longest running and most loved skate in aggressive inline. The Classic Throne continues to be the most emblamatic skate from USD, and arguably the best feeling skate on the grind available on the market. Fast soulplates, perfect support and the best customizing options available combine to make it the skate many rollers swear by.

The All Star Throne 2012 comes with exciting new parts including the brand new Phoenix liner which has been especially designed to maximise comfort and space within the shell. The brand new Kizer Fluid IV Frame is also included, meaning that when you purchase this skate you are also getting some of the most exciting products available on the market.

Yaroslav Sheyko (USD Ukraine)

Yaroslav Sheyko - USD Ukraine from on Vimeo.

Yaroslav Sheyko represents USD skates in Ukraine.
Filmed by Dmitriy Petrov/Oleg Marchenko/Nick Lomax
cut by Oleg Marchenko

Radek Psenica: Summer 2011

Radek Psenica summer edit from Radek Psenica on Vimeo.

Hive Life: Official 2011 Trailer

HiveLife Official Trailer 2011 from TheHive Media on Vimeo.

THE HIVE CLOTHING & TheHive Media presents:
A New Film by Krzysztof Dziuba
The Hive Team Video vol.3
Featuring the whole TEAM +Friends
Premiere 26th November in Cracov - Hostel Giraffe
STARRING: Nils Jansons, Mateusz Kowalski, Łukasz Mazur, Krzysiek Dziuba, Bartosz Kidacki, Łukasz Każmierczak, Łukasz Malewski , Marcin Kopiec, Bartek Zgrzeblak
and more.....
We're looking for DVD Support.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Product Review: USD Phoenix Atop Liners (by Oli Benet)

Funday-First day on Remz HR.1’s w/ the homies (by Gabe Holm)

Funday-First day on Remz HR.1’s w/ the homies from Gabe Holm on Vimeo.

July 17th 2010: Ricky Laterreur, Gabe Holm, Andrew Smolak, John Nardacci and Keegan Smith link up with local rollerbladers in western Mass then CT and skate like they were kids back in 2002.

Make sure you LIKE the page!​pages/​Blade-Thuro/​143972095676704 Video Mix #4 Video Mix #4 from Brent Volk on Vimeo.

4th video featuring all skaters from

Polish Rolling League Finals: Promo Edit

Polish Rolling League finał promo from rozPOZNANi on Vimeo.

Zapowiedź nadchodzącego finału ligi. Już 15.10.2011 zapraszamy do Warszawy na skatepark "Jutrzenka"!

We have a pleasure to invite you all for the upcoming Polish Rolling League finals. Saturday, 15.10.2011,"Jutrzenka" skatepark, Warsaw, Poland. See you there!

Andres Chicago (Spain): Serueda Summer Session 2011 (by David Moreno)

SERUEDA SUMMER SESSIONS | Andres "Chicago" from David Moreno on Vimeo.

Esta vez es el momento de "Chicago" con este pequeño edit de las SUMMER SESSIONS de SeRueda Roll Shop.

Edición: David Moreno

Jon Fromm: Scribe Industries AM, Edit II

Scribe Industries - Jon Fromm AM Edit.2 from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

Jon has been a staple AM rider since the re-establishment of Scribe in 2008. His solidity and vocabulary are impressive benefactors in his rollerblading talent. Check out Jon's second AM edit.
Edited & Filmed by: Ez-Goeazy
Music By: Pretty Lights

Scribe Industries

Oleg Nechaev (Denial Flow, Russia)

Oleg Nechaev Flow from DenialTv on Vimeo.

Oleg, is Denial's flow rider out of russia. Oleg Nechaev (Denial Wheels / Rollerclub Dist. / presents his newest edit - Welcome to Denial. Stay tuned for more killer skating from Oleg in the near future.
Beat: Kybeatza- аденома ( 2011 )

Thanks to Boris from for sending us the edit.

Check out this other oleg edit

Warren Digne: Madrid 2011 (by Guillaume Chanaud)

Warren Digne skating Madrid 2011 from NOMADES TV on Vimeo.

Un séjour à madrid pendant le mois de septembre 2011 nous a permis de faire ce montage : Warren Digne skating Madrid ! La chaleur et les spots excellents étaient au rendez vous. Merci à Laurent Gabas pour les 2ie angles du skatepark. Tourné avec un 7D et 550D.
Monté et filmé par Guillaume Chanaud,

This edit is the result of a short trip in Madrid during September 2011. Hot temperatures and sick spots were here for us. Thanks to Laurent Gabas for the second angle in the skatepark. Filmed with a 7D and a 550D.
Directed by Guillaume Chanaud,

Travis Rhodes: Create Originals Minute

Travis Rhodes, Create Originals Minute from Mike Gagliardi on Vimeo.

Travis wanted to throw something quick together for Create Originals so we hit some spots around Cleveland and Akron while he was back home.
-Mike Gags
Song: Christian Death-Face

Mile High Battle 2010 (by Luke Bender)

The Tenth Annual Mile High Battle Edit!!! from Luke Bender on Vimeo.

Here is the edit from the 10th annual MHB!!!! I edited this project and it was filmed by myself, Ben Mund, And Mykel Fatall. The final spot of the battle showcases the musical talents of Otem Rellik. In the edit he performs the song "Skeletons Live Inside the Walls" off of his new album "Elephant Graveyard"...check it out and get a copy here
Enjoy and see you next year!!!

Chris Calkins: October 2011 (by Daniel Scarano)

Chris Calkins 10/10/2011 from Daniel Scarano on Vimeo.

Chris Calkins 10/10/2011 - Culver Skatepark
Teaser for the trailer.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Don't Carolina: Double Decker Skatepark

I Don't Carolina: Double Decker Skatepark from I Don't Carolina on Vimeo.

Heres an edit we put together at Double Decker Skatepark in Fayetteville, NC. Support Carolina Blading!!
people in order of apperance: Dillon Millsap, Casey Wilson, Jordan Adams, Stefan Brandow, Ryan Timms, Scott Rhue, Zach Marino.
thanks for everyone who helping out with this!

New Kizer Frames

Jeff Stockwell, CJ Wellsmore, Don Bambrick & Dustin Werbeski are new Kizer pros. Visit

Kizer X Type
Re-make of the Xsjado frames

Kizer Slimline 2
The perfect flat setup frames

Kizer Fluid 4
Designed only for anti-rockers

Kizer Type M 2

Brady Johnston: AU 2010 Profile (by Josh Glowicki)

Brady Johnston AU Profile 2010 from Josh Glowicki on Vimeo.

Quinn Barnett: MuhMovie

Sander Saard (Estonia): Summer 2011 Edit

Monday, October 10, 2011

USD Carbon 3 Powerblading

How-To: Heat Mold the Valo Light Skate

Jon Fromm: Scribe Industries Edit

Jon Fromm from E Z GOEAZY on Vimeo.


Andrey Zayzev (Russia): Btopoe Section (2007, 2008)

Rik van Huik (20, Netherlands): RikRolling!

RikRolling! from Rik van Huik on Vimeo.

I'm never gonna let you down, cause here is some new street skating footage from this year! - thanks for the skates!

Music: De Staat - Sweatshop, from the album Machinery

Alexis Valles (France): September 2011, Raf Edit

Alexis Valles - September 2011 edit from Raf on Vimeo.

shooting by Allan B, Arthur et Bip-Bip.
Editing by Raf.

SlammJamm 2011 Promo Edit

SlammJamm from 3Rider TV on Vimeo.

A quick video which sums up what I think about SlammJamm, a weekend celebration of Rollerblading in the UK!

SlammJamm 13 is coming up very soon! Great chance to see all the best UK skaters, skate one of the best UK parks, meet friends and make new ones.
One of the best events on the UK calendar for Rollerblading, don't miss an AMAZING weekend!

3rider TV is currently working on a documentary about SlammJamm, more news coming soon...

Video: Graham Bewley
Photos: Duncan Clarke

Music: 'Young Blood' Naked and Famous

How ‘Bout 2 Cents: Teaser

How 'Bout 2 Cents Teaser from Wilson Robinson on Vimeo.

A rollerblading movie filmed in the midwest by Wilson Robinson and Isiah England. Edited by Wilson Robinson.

Featuring: Jake Matter, Isiah England, Jay Davis, Wilson Robinson, Josh Ulrichsen
Hopefully going to be released around Xmas 2011!

Rockillers: B-Roll Edit II (by Alejoh Candelo)

RK_B_ROLL_EDIT2 from Alejoh on Vimeo.

Here is another BROLL edit. Filmed with canon 60D and the HD flip camera.

Filmed by: Alejoh Candelo, Colin Mcleod, Quinn Feldman, Winston Wardwell

Edit by: Alejoh Candelo

David Jones: Los Angeles Edit (by Jeff Linett)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Product Review: Kizer Suspension Frames (by ATXrollerblader)

How-To: Kizer Suspension Frames

Kizer 2011 Powerblading Frames

Kizer has been at the forefront of frame technology since its very first aftermarket UFS frames back in 1999. Through the years it has never ceased to innovate and create brand new concepts not only in frames but also in hardware. In 2011 Kizer takes a giant leap in innovation once more.

We find that the current state of frame technology is far from ideal. Skaters buy a frame which is “ok” for most types of skating and modify it to get as close to what they want as they can. At Kizer we felt it was our duty to do something about this situation. We decided to make the perfect frames exclusively for Freestyle skating, Anti-Rocker skating and for Flat setups.

In effect, The Kizer 2011 project can be defined as us taking all the best elements of our previous years’ collections and perfecting each frame for a specific style of skating – but that is not all;

Kizer has taken the biggest step in innovation to happen in years in our sport. Fully supporting the new evolution of inline it has created 2 brand new Powerblading frame models, therefore becoming the first frame company to offer enhanced Freeskate/Urban frames designed to withstand the Power of an aggressive skater, one of the most exciting evolutions of the sport in recent years.

We are proud to present our brand new and entirely modified frame collection for 2011.
Kizer – Everyone’s Framed.

Powerblading Frames:

Arrow PB
Combining a strong, lightweight aluminium frame with a fluid plastic grindwall allows for the fastest ride ever to be combined with grinding.

Speed has always been limited on aggressive setups until now. Finally skaters can triple their speed and flow while still being able to grind. Powerblading opens up new terrains and possibilities for the aggressive skater. Max Wheel size 80mm ; UFS, UFS – One size.

PB Advance
The Kizer Advance is the Powerblading Fluid. Simplicity and speed is the key to this frame. The worlds strongest Freeskate frame made from Kizer Fluid material it is designed to take aggressive skating into the future.

Shorter than current fitness and freeskate frames the Kizer Advance allows for incredible control and maneuverability. Max Wheel size 80mm ; UFS, One size.

KIZER 2011: BCN Edit (by Mark Heuss)

KIZER 2011 - BCN from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo. 2011 is online now!

Enjoy this video to celebrate the website's release featuring Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski and Worapoj Boonnim "Note" as they cruise through Barcelona on a collection of Kizer's new frames including the brand new Powerblading collection.

Filmed and edited by Mark Heuss

World Rolling Series in Brazil (by Daniel Franco)

WRS - SAO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, BRASIL from Rolling Sports on Vimeo.






Dave Lang & Miguel Ramos: Throwaway Clips

Dave Lang and Miguel Ramos: Throw Away Clips from Dave Lang on Vimeo.

Miguel and myself initially set out to film a split edit. Unfortunately, Miguel had to leave for Abu Dhabi before we finished filming my clips. Since we were unable to finish, I threw this together really quickly. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ghetto rub bricking/rolling in suburbia (by ATXrollerblader)

AMALL Trick Tips: Royale

Buxton Goes To Stoke 2011

Here's the second "Buxton Goes to..." video from our friends across the pond. A sessions from the Buxton boys at the Stoke Plaza in Hanley.

Dre Powell: Game Theory Section

Tyler Hester: USD Park Edit

Tyler Hester USD edit from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

ALNIS 2011 (Latvia): Promo Edit

ALNIS 2011 - the most respected and important rollerblading competition in Latvia!

video by Agris Čaurs
more info:

Alejo Rozo (Remz Flow, Colombia)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chris Haffey: New York to California

New York to California from chrishaffeydotcom on Vimeo.

12 tricks in 12 states while driving from New York to California.

Mortaz Kombat: Kevin Lapierre VS Guillaume Latrompette

MORTAZ KOMBAT from Guillaume Latrompette on Vimeo.

Kevin Lapierre VS Guillaume Latrompette
Bowl Fight at TAZ skatepark in Montreal, Canada.

Chris Farmer: Too Much Love 2, Section (2009)

Chris Farmer - TML2 from chris farmer on Vimeo.

Too Much Love 2 "The Breakdown" 2009

Queensland Tour 2011 (Australia) with Razors, Shima Skate Manufacturing Co. & Remz

The Razors, Shima Skate Manufacturing Co. & Remz Australian teams met to session some Queensland terrain before the 2011 QLD state titles.

Featuring Bradley Harold Watson, Hayden Golder, Johnny Jensen, Rhys Bell, Danny Hawkins, Szymek Dorabialski, Shane Onus, Brock Midgley, Kieran Deans & Bradley James Struzycki.

Brett Dasovic: 2011 Online Release

Brett Dasovic-2011 Online Release from Brett Dasovic on Vimeo.

This short edit features a collective of tricks from several upcoming online video projects by various videographers that I have skated with over the last year. They each generously provided me with a few of my tricks that we filmed on different occasions.

The videographers/videos are
Wilson Robinson/Isiah England- "How about two cents"
Chris Duke- "You Tell me"
Steve Matiasek/Jimi Paszkiewicz
Eric Milliren

Music- The Glitch Mob- "Drive it like you stole it" from the album "Drink The Sea"

Courtney Cain (Razors Colorado): Lunch Rail Sesh

Filmed and Edited by Scotty Olsen. Courtney Cain came up on about 45 minutes in between and picking up his daughter, so he picked up the horn, got in touch with Scotty and set up a lil lunch time session on a local handicapper.

Solid, textbook blading.. CoCain just having fun.

Edwin Wieringh: Skating at local skatepark

edwin wieringh skating at local skatepark from edwin wieringh on Vimeo.

James Keyte: 2011 Profile (by Andy Mills)

Quoting Andy Mills:

Hey folks. I know its been a while since my last edit but i’ve been really busy working with James Keyte getting this edit as solid as possible and full of hammers for your viewing pleasure.

Over the last 4 months we have been going out our way to capture as many clips as possible on as many different spots around scotland. James topped this edit off with some fine clips that were captured in Barca.

Big shout out to Stu Kinghorn, Scott Riddles and Chris Goldie for filming over there as i couldn’t make it. Hope you guys like it and as ever feedback is greatly appreciated.

Take your time: Teaser

TAKE YOUR TIME teaser from gregory prestön on Vimeo.

TAKE YOUR TIME releasing early 2012.
Check out the full article here on BE-MAG

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Casey Bagozzi: Scribe Industries, v3 Pro Wheel Edit

Scribe Industries - Casey Bagozzi v3 Pro Wheel Edit from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

Casey is a veteran in the blade game. He shows consistency, and dedication through every aspect of his rollerblading experience from making movies, to continuing to skate hard at the age of 29.

Edit by:
Casey Bagozzi

Dan Fabiano
Paul Oliveira
Jeremy Raff
Megan Peterson

California, New Jersey, New York

WWW.ROLLSCRIBE.COM - Please support Casey & Scribe!

Recon Missions: Build Your Own Coping Ledge; Scranton, PA (by Eric Miller)

This is about 40 min. away from my looked soooo amazing....if only you could grind the you can see they had those depressing rubber bumpers covering the precious angle we bought up some pvc (yes i know, i am not a fan of pvc either) and a 2x4 and a couple 6 inch steaks...all in all cost about 15 bucks.... screwed the pvc to the 2x4...then hammered it right into the rubber bumpers....a few pushes of the ol broom and we were set.

Here is the location on Google Maps...

Vine Gang (by Dom West)

Another collection of footage from the boys down under, filmed and edited by Dom West.

Vine Gang from Dom West on Vimeo.


The Meters - Hand Clapping Song
Dynamoe - Smooth Driver
Little People - Behind Closed Doors (Edit)
Thievery Corporation - La Femme Parallel
Portishead - Revenge of the number
Caribou - Sun (Short Bloom Remix)
The War on Drugs - Comin' Through
Paper Diamond - Levitate
Wu Tang - Labels
Four Tet - Tangle
Fever Ray - I'm Not Done
Bob Dylan - If Not For You

CJ Wellsmore: Top of the Bottom (Documentary)

CJ Wellsmore Documentary from Chris Angelius on Vimeo.

This short documentary on CJ Wellsmore, filmed in 2010, shows the development of one of rollerblading´s top athletes from his childhood to being a grown man facing the challenges of life. Even though it´s already been completed for 7 months we decided that we should give you guys another chance to learn about the joys and risks of being a professionell rollerblader put into words by a matured individual who´s been through it himself.

Video Review: Vine Street (by Dom West)

Vine Street might be one of the best rolling videos ever made, at least one of the top 10 all time. Filmed and edited by Dom West, the video is a chronicle of the lives of the skaters who live (and rolled through) the 58 Vine Street apartment in Sydney, Australia.

CJ Wellsmore, Richie Eisler, and Rian Arnold all have amazing profiles. Also featured are Mass Alhatlawi, Craig Brocklehurst, Simon Dorabialski, Tien Nguyen, and West himself… along with dozens more very talented skaters.

The things that sets Vine Street apart, is the artistry with which it was shot. Unlike most rolling films, this one is beautiful to watch, even when there aren’t mind-blowing tricks being thrown (but no worries, there are plenty of those too…).

Check out this Be-Mag ( interview with Dom. And here’s a crap load of extras that he has been kind enough to share since the video’s release.

Vine Street Trailer

Vine St Trailer from Dom West on Vimeo.

Vine St is a rollerblading video from Sydney, Australia, based upon the residence of 58 Vine St.
The video features full sections from: Richie Eisler, Rian Arnold, CJ Wellsmore, Tien Nguyen, and Mass Alhattawi. With split sections from: Simon Dorabialski, Charlie Ruckly, Craig Brocklehurst, Dom West, Jamie Knapp, and James Bower.

Vine St - Richie Eisler

Vine St - Richie Eisler from Dom West on Vimeo.

I met Richie in Sydney in 2009, and although we only hung out for the best part of a year, I can safely say that he has had a positive impact on my life. Richie is one of those people that you want to be around whether it be skating or just chilling. In celebration of his 30th Birthday, here is his full section from Vine St. Happy Birthday cunt!

Vine St Leftovers - CJ Wellsmore

Vine St Leftovers - CJ Wellsmore from Dom West on Vimeo.
Here's an edit of CJ with the footage we had left after his Vine St section.

Vine St Leftovers Pt.1

Vine St Leftovers Pt.1 from Dom West on Vimeo.

Vine St Leftovers Pt.2

Vine St Leftovers Pt.2 from Dom West on Vimeo.

Vine St Leftovers Pt.3

Vine St Leftovers Pt.3 from Dom West on Vimeo.

Sean Keane: Summer 2011 Mash-up

Sean Keane: Summer Mash-up from Roller Warehouse on Vimeo.

A mix of new and used clips from over the 2011 summer...
Thanks to Rollerblade, Rollerwarehouse and M1 Urethane.
As well as In Motion Video Magazine for providing most the footage... be sure to check out the next In Motion Vol 3.

USD Carbon Free Eisler vs Usd Carbon II: Skates Comparison (by Daniel Prell of 'let me bore your mind' blog)

Check out this in-depth review and comparison by Daniel Prell, the creator of another worth-reading skate blog; let me bore your mind - by dprell.

Carbon Free Eisler vs Usd Carbon II

Young Gun: Frederic Bukowski (13, France): PMG, Summer 2011 Edit


Moscow (Russia): S3t Open 2011, K24TV Report

K24TV: Moscow S3t Open 2011 Report from EgorovRodion 4 K24SHOP on Vimeo.

Report from the biggest contest of the season 2011. Only best tricks that were awarded with cash.

Music: John Denver - Country Road (Pretty Lights Remix)

Filmed by: Kirill Galushko, Alexander Golovkin, Rodion Egorov

Edited by: Rodion Egorov

Support by:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Roman Daricek: United World Rolling Section

Roman Daricek from E Z GOEAZY on Vimeo.

Roman Daricek's United World Rolling Section
1 section out of 4 more sections to come. a Rollerblading Social Community opening October 7

Chris Couture: Fifty-50 Flow, September Edit

Chris Couture Fifty-50 Flow from chris couture on Vimeo.

Filmed by Myself, and Ryan Grau...
Edited by Myself...
Song: Curren$y, Example..

Jeff Hamm: USD Flow, 2011 Clips

Jeff Hamm USD Carbon 2 from Juan Martinez on Vimeo.




Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

ONE Blade Mag

ONE rollerblading magazine



Street Artist Urethane

TheConference News