Thursday, November 28, 2013

Game Of Blade 2013 (

Entry for video contest called "Game Of Blade" straight from ZeroOneSix which is organisated by local blade shop

Round #1 tricks are:
soul grind / UFO / pornstar / mute grab / 180 safety grab

Nils Jansons
Igor Jovanovic
Kaspars Alksnis
Reinis Pētersons
Toms Krasovskis
Raimonds Prūsis

For more info visit -

ONE Magazine: Top 10 Reasons You Quit Rollerblading

It’s a well-known phenomenon amongst bladers — people falling off and disappearing.
And sure, for 99.9% of us, life just does not allow us to, or reward us for fixating on blading all day every day.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t blade.
So we got to thinking — WHY do people stop blading? These are the TOP 10 reasons:

Kobe from Roller Warehouse

Kobe from Roller Warehouse on Vimeo.
Skating by:
Danny Malm, Tyler Noland, John Vossoughi, Erick Garcia, Brian Freeman, Kennan Scott, Jeremy Raff,
Toby Holden, Ben White, Sean Salazaar, Sean Keane, Peter Drozdowski, Michael Braud, Casey Bagozzi,
Gene Steagall, Dustin Dixon, Kevin Branch, Smith Ho Ching, Brendan Tidds, Vince Camarillo

Edit: Sean Keane

Additional Filming: Casey Bagozzi, Peter Drozdowski, Sean Salazaar

12 hours with Timmy v. Rixtel (AuthenticRollerblade)

12 hours with Timmy v. Rixtel on vimeo:
This week Niels Groenendijk filmed 12 hours with Timmy van Rixtel. In this cold and wet day Timmy tested his new RobG 3 skates. After having a nice street session. They went to Timmy's grandma to celebrate her birthday. After they eat some birthdaycakes they went back to Eindhoven to check out one of Eindhovens nicest light events "Glow" on Twisters. Nice and glow, here we go!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

David Royal Jenkins from Tri Tri-Rudolf

David Royal Jenkins from Tri Tri-Rudolf on Vimeo.
Had some clips of Dave doing what he does. Finally put em together.

Richie Eisler Instagram clip (9? soul grinds 360 out)


BLADESGIVING Daytona Beach Florida.
The 4th BLADESGIVING part of the Florida Circuit Competition, next competition will be BLADE IN THE GLADES on January 4th 2014 at the DROP IN EXTREME SPORTS COMPLEX.
This Years BLADESGIVING Winner's
1. BJ Vazquez, Puerto Rico / Tampa
2. Eric Michael, Clearwater
3. Jon Fromm, Boca Raton
4. Kenrick Chiocca, Sunrise / Lydell Lockett, Tampa
5. Drew Johnson, Atlanta
6. Chris Moraco, Pembroke Pines
7. 'Cheeto' Bryan Kriebel, Orlando
8. Joey Chase, Orlando

Edwin Wieringh at the Arc Skatepark (ThatRolling Brand)

So Edwin came over for the weekend when Slamm Jamm was on, the day after we went to the Arc Skatepark. Here is what happened.

Thanks to Jordan and Phil for filming. Artwork and Edit By Scott Eckersley.

Song is Wolf Ticket by Mike Michtlan and Lazerbeak

Tres Hombres "Dos" from Frank.

Tres Hombres "Dos" from Frank. on Vimeo.
Tres Hombres Dos
Robin Bosgra
Wouter Schokkin
Frank Knop

Dedicated to Brandon Negrete. Thanks for Road to nowhere and The Meantime
Song ripped from Road to nowhere

Filmed/Edited by Frank Knop
Typografie by Robin Bosgra

Javiera Garrido (Chile, Razors Flow): Edit

Malos Pasos Capítulo 3 Patín Agresivo from Recmobil on Vimeo.
Capítulo 3 de la serie documental Malos Pasos /



Dirección Montaje: Sebastián Arriagada
Producción: Elías Fuentes
Cámara y Dirección de Fotografía: Mariana Fuentes, Roberto Olivares
Sonido Directo y Post-Producción de Audio: Elías Fuentes

Victoria Camila por sus imagenes del Campeonato Sudalatina 2010

+56 9 90895993


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Montre Livingston - USD Cali 2013 (USD Skates)

Filmed by : Erick Rodriguez
Additional Cameras : Jeremy Soderburg and Greg P.
Music by : Vinny Cha$e
Edited by : Erick Rodriguez

Jean Dufour (8, France): Roll’School Edit

Voici une petite vidéo de Jean Dufour, membre de l'association Roll'School
Here's a little video of Jean Dufour, member of the association Roll'School

Fritz Peitzner | Fall 2013 (RazorsNews)

Filmed and edited by Kristian Payne

MOROCCAN ROLLIN' from TheConferenceTV

MOROCCAN ROLLIN' from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.
Richie Eisler & Dustin Werbeski Skitchin' Marrakech.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Adapt Unlimited: Create Your Custom Adapts

How will you build your Adapts?
Since its foundation, Adapt Brand has focused on the handmade concept by bringing out high end skates specifically made for the customer.
By allowing you to change colors and fabrics, Adapt offers a chance to create a skate that suits your style and is unique in the world.
With the start of Adapt Unlimited, Adapt is taking customization to the next level. Adapt Unlimited gives you the option to easily create your perfect custom skate guided by a real time visualization of what the end product will look like.
With 2 skin designs, 3 types of skin material and over 10 different colors, the options are Unlimited!
Ordering a custom skate has never been so easy; create and order your perfect skate with the Adapt Unlimited program and 4-6 weeks later your own unique Adapt skate will be delivered to your doorstep.


! IMPORTANT NOTE ! The Adapt Unlimited program is a visual representation of what your custom will look like, colors may differ from reality. Once your order has been placed, it is not possible to change your custom. Because these skates are custom made for you, it is not possible to return them, so please make sure you get the right size. Your Adapt Unlimited custom will take about 4-6 weeks to make.

Adapt Unlimited®. Yours to create, ours to make.

RECOMMENDED BROWSERS: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

With the Adapt Unlimited program, you get the chance to create a skate that perfectly matches your style and is unique in the world. You can choose between two skin designs; the classy ONE design or the more sneaker-like Vegan design. After you choose your skin design, you can choose your skin materials. Adapt Unlimited offers high-end supple real leather, Italian synthetic leather or soft suede. The three types of materials are available in several colors.

Besides offering unlimited customization options, Adapt Unlimited also offers an improved product. All Adapt Unlimited boots now come with an even stronger inner shell that offers more support due to a higher cuff area. The fit and performance of the skate has been further enhanced by collaborating with Dutch company Mysole by Fisher. Mysole insoles create a more direct feel while keeping your feet comfortable. A new heel pad has been added to give great shock absorption but at the same time maintaining power transfer from your feet to the boot.
  • Skin type of your choice; real leather, Italian artificial leather or suede
  • NEW Mysole insoles
  • NEW Mysole 10mm heelpad
  • NEW Supportive, reinforced lightweight Carbon/Kevlar shell with integrated cuff
  • 100% thermoplastic shell
  • Improved high density neoprene foam
  • Anatomically shaped foam structure
  • Anatomically correct V-cut
  • Breathable airmesh lining
  • PU compound removable sole
  • 2 layer compound removable shock absorber
  • Reinforced thermoplastic toe cap
  • Kevlar fabric reinforced strap and strap protector
  • Powereyelets ensuring a perfect heel lock
  • Symetrics symmetrical soulplate including SixMount system
  • Velcro patch to prevent tongue from twisting
  • Lace loop for better fit of the tongue
  • High-end Canadian waxed laces
  • Weight varies between 850 and 900 grams for size 41 including soulplate

  • UC/DW : DREAM MACHINE from TheConferenceTV

    UC/DW : DREAM MACHINE from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.
    Dustin Werbeski's de-hibernation in another nation, aka his spring sessions in Sweden.

    Song: Smoke - Sydney Gill

    Marquee Moon a Nashville Blade Edit (Cameron Martin)

    In memory of Negrete.

    A Few Ohio Clips (Cassandra Condon)

    Went and visited my cool friend, Brandi!

    Saturday, November 23, 2013

    MCR Night Session (MyBurston)

    Lemon, Elliot and myself went for a little night session/mess around in town the other night. here it is.


    Drop In Action Sports Complex is located at 11185 Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33428, come out and visit us if you're here in the Sunshine State.
    Thanks to Cindi Shandell for making this possible.

    Mery Munoz - Rob Guerrero 3.0 from Rollerblade®

    Mery Munoz - Rob Guerrero 3.0 from Rollerblade® on Vimeo.
    Mery from Spain riding her Rollerblade Rob 3.0

    Couple'a days in London. from Jon Lee

    Couple'a days in London. from Jon Lee on Vimeo.

    The (X) at the top right corner is there to close the screen if you find any, or all, of this footage offensive in any way. There are scenes of smoking weed via pipe, swearing, bailing, vandalism, and a bit of blading. But this is what we do, and this is who we are, so ENJOY!

    This was filmed over a couple'a days in London. We all got together in remembrance of Brandon Jesus Negrete. There is a tip jar open, and all donations shall go to the Brandon Jesus Negrete Fund ( or alternatively you can just donate at the website.

    Now, get some brews, pack that bowl and fire it up!

    Featured Skaters (in order of appearance..)

    James Bower
    Alex Brightwell
    Blake Bird
    Michal Pupava
    Rob Glanville
    Leon Humphries
    Sam Crofts
    Gareth Griffiths
    Andrew Halls
    Ian Dimitri Galais
    Neil Ingall
    Mike Welland
    Travis Sweeny
    Andrew 'Scouse' Rice

    Thanks to Dolphin Milk Cult & Dirt Box (

    Here's to you Brandon, for all the skate eye candy you delivered to the world! RIP dood, from all in C.R.

    Friday, November 22, 2013

    Hot Diggity from Dylan Shippee

    Hot Diggity from Dylan Shippee on Vimeo.
    Hot Diggity.

    Skateparks, Leftovers, and one day of filming for BSB

    Filmed and Edited:
    Dylan Shippee


    Andrew Smolak
    Andrew Nemiroski
    Kyle Couture
    John O'Donnell
    Keegan Smith
    Justin Girard
    Air Dolphin
    Dylan Shippee
    Mike Serafinowicz
    Jared Shippee
    Grant Shippee
    Cody Diggle
    Jake Owen
    Charles Larson
    Jared Cahill
    Ryan Daily

    Additional Filming:
    Andrew Nemiroski
    Justin Girard
    Kyle Couture
    Andrew Smolak
    Grant Shippee

    Turquoise Days - Blurred
    Sprout House Band - Spanish Flowers

    Thursday, November 21, 2013

    Create Originals, CRS Frames: Project Update (from Kickstarter)

    Hello all our loyal backers and friends alike. We have just received the latest versions of the metal and urethane spacers. These are upgraded as the metal spacer is stronger and the urethane is a more durable formula. We'll be testing them out with the final frames samples, we received previously, to assure they are good to go. We have noticed some QC(quality control) issues that we have to address with these latest samples. That being the finish of the metal spacers not being as smooth as we'd like. This may or may not effect the long term wear of the metal spacers and corresponding frame spacer slot.

    As you can see in these new images the metal spacers and urethane spacers are now separate from each other. The main reason for this change is that it dramatically decreases the replacement costs for the user when deciding to upgrade their spacers. Which, as all parts we use when blading, will need to be replaced from time to time. Most importantly the user wont have to pay for additional metal when they simply want to try a different hardness urethane. It facilitates the ability to try out different CRS setups and allows us to economically produce more options that much more readily. This cost savings is applied to the metal spacer parts also, as we plan to introduce color plated versions in the future.
    We are finalizing the attachment methods for the urethane to the metal spacer so that the replacement/upgrading process is as simple as possible. We are unfortunately still waiting for the final axle samples to arrive. This setback along with the metal spacer QC issue will now postpone our new approximate delivery date of the end of this year. It is not what we were hoping for and we understand that it is disappointing. Our new estimation will be for February 2014. This will be just under 1 year since our project started. We sincerely apologize for not meeting our time frame, we expected these  samples to be the last before production. We are undoubtably thankful and lucky that our backers truly want this project to succeed. We plan on adding some extra goodies in the packages to make sure those who pledged will have something for their wait.

    On another note we have recently setup some forum discussions where people where asked to come up with some questions for us about the progress of the frames. You can check one out via this rollerblading only Reddit page where Create Originals CEO Brian Lewis takes a live Q&A about the CRS project. You can view that here:

    Once we get what should be the final sample round of metal parts we'll be able to push the button and get your frames produced. That process will take 30 days. We will then expedite the shipping to us so we can get them to you as soon as possible. Those who selected clothing rewards will still receive them before the Holidays. Anyone who has not submitted their backer surveys, please do so. If you have changed your address or the reward options you'd like please email us the info so we can update our files. Thank you for your support.

    The Create Development Team (from Kickstarter)

    LE FESTIVAL CALAMITY JAM - NOV 2013 from Skatepark de Grenoble

    LE FESTIVAL CALAMITY JAM - NOV 2013 from Skatepark de Grenoble on Vimeo.
    un WE de glisse dédié uniquement aux filles : BMX, ROLLER, SKATEBOARD

    Les garçons n'ont qu'à bien se tenir!

    Dre Powell & Korey Waikiki in Mexico: Trips Beyond (Daniel Harry Ruiz Arteaga)

    Un vídeo mas de los trips que esta realizando Beyond Pro Shop
    Podrán ver a patinadores Nacionales e internacionales como : Diego Nava, Dre Powel, Carlos Felix (KB), Daniel Ruiz (Harry), Xavo Montiel, Korey Waikiki
    Patrocinado por Beyond Pro Shop

    Dream Park from Brett Austin Walters

    Dream Park from Brett Austin Walters on Vimeo.
    Tony Rivituso's blading dreams come true at Craig Ranch skatepark in Las Vegas.

    USD LB Park Sessions (USD Skates)

    Featuring : Richie Eisler, Franky Morales, and Michael Collins.
    Filmed By : Erick Rodriguez
    Additional Camera : Sam D.
    Edited by : Erick Rodriguez

    Rollerblade Edit - GoPro Hero 3 (Dan Jacobs)

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    Lots of fun rollerblading action down the skate park! Shot over a sunny two day period on the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition in Gloucestershire, UK.

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    Skate History: Xsjado

    Alex Burston, rainy day session under ASDA carpark. (MyBurston)

    A quick hour session on a rainy day at the underground ASDA car park in Stockport. 1 min 1 spot thing. thanks for filming Sam Garland and Karl Garland.

    BORN & RAISED - A New Jersey Blade Film from

    BORN & RAISED - A New Jersey Blade Film from on Vimeo.
    BMC5 turned Blade Film..
    This is New Jersey Blading.

    Filmed by Samuel DeAngelis & Osbel Velez
    Edited by SLDean Studios
    Graphic Art by Stefan Brandow

    On DVD Early 2014.. Followed by an Online Release

    Slamm Jamm 15 (mark worner)

    This year's Slamm Jamm Liverpool, England. Extra angles filmed by Guy Millership.
    Music by - Tsoi - Day by night.

    3 weeks in China from cj wellsmore

    3 weeks in China from cj wellsmore on Vimeo.
    My latest trip to China was definitely one to remember. Not only was i able to travel around the country for 3 weeks with some amazing friends from all over the globe, I was also Surprised with a Celebration party to launch my new pro model Seba skate.

    Unfortunately i accidentally deleted 2 of 3 SD cards full of Footage so i was unable to put any of it in the edit. However i still had all the Gopro clips in which I've managed to put this together.


    Kaili Randmäe | Few days with on Jenna Downing PRO Skates (Rene Lutterus)

    Kaili : Getting Razors touch with my new Jenna Downing pro skates in Helsinki, Finland but also by doing trips to my hometown Tallinn, Estonia and to catch up with my good mates.

    Edited by Rene Lutterus Meedia.

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    One day with Greg Mirzoyan (AuthenticRollerblade)

    This is :'A day with Greg Mirzoyan'

    The reality, nothing more, nothing less.

    Follow Greg on Facebook:
    Follow Rollerblade international:

    Skate smart: know your skill level and skating conditions. You are always safer wearing a helmet and full protective gear.

    Levi van Rijn - 2013 Summer Profile (RazorsNews)

    Levi spent his summer on skating, and the result speaks for itself. Tricks on spots all over the Netherlands, from his hometown Katwijk to Groningen in the north. Enjoy this 2013 summer profile!

    Main Camera: Thijs Tel
    Editing: Thijs Tel & Levi van Rijn
    Music: Love - A House Is Not A Motel

    Thanks to all the support from the sponsors!
    Razors -
    Provoke -
    Thisissoul -

    Friends 2013 (Chynna Weierstall)

    friends 2013

    the wonderful world of filming rollerblading (caseybladesyo)

    Jared Cahill 2013 Skate Footage. (deceptionrolla)

    Clips from 2013.

    Undercover Wheels - 2013 Line Edition II (hedonskate)

    Undercover 2013 Line Edition II, including the Dual Density wheel.

    Song : The Audible Doctor "Could Never Die"

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    Western Mass Meet and Greet 3 (MrTalbatron)

    Raw street competition at Umass Amherst. Sponsored by Thuro Skate and Snow and hosted by New England Inline. Filmed by Andre Michalowski, Gabe Holm, and Matt Talbot. Edit Matt Talbot. First place Dylan Hopp

    Blading Cup 2013 Santa Ana from dorothy cinema company

    Blading Cup 2013 Santa Ana from dorothy cinema company on Vimeo.

    Warsaw Halla - a short rollerblading film from Maciej Tomków

    Warsaw Halla - a short rollerblading film from Maciej Tomków on Vimeo.
    Warsaw Halla - a short rollerblading film.

    The film tells one day story about group of rollerbladers. They share a common passion - a sport that allows them to maintain a right level of adrenaline. We will see not only the spectacular tricks, but also emotions, mutual support and a bit of cool life, and also - with timelapse cinematography - vibrant city of Warsaw and it's urban charm.


    Piotrek Combrzyński, Przemysław Górczyk, Radek Kojtych, Krystian Zarzeczny, Michał Żankowski and Maciej Tomków.

    Filmed in Warsaw, capital of Poland, July 2013
    Shot on RED Digital Cinema.

    Producer - Maciej Tomków
    Associate Producer - LookyCreative

    Director of Photography / Steadicam Operator - Maciej Tomków
    Camera Operator - Maciej Tomków, Michał Żankowski
    Camera Assistant - Jacek Górnicki
    Assistant & Runners - Michał Żankowski, Mateusz Kacprowicz, Łukasz Jamróz, Alan Wieczorek

    Editor - Maciej Tomków
    Color Grading - Tomasz Frąszczak
    Sound Design - Mateusz Zdziebko

    Mr. Little Jeans
    "The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)"

    Please support the musician represented by buying their music on iTunes:

    Motion Control Equipment

    Red Epic Camera Rental

    Special thanks
    Patryk Kizny


    Making of Warsaw Halla

    This is a Non-Commercial, indenpendtly produced project.
    Enjoy, have fun.

    Siavash Sohrabi Profile 2013 from Scherwin Kangarlu

    Siavash Sohrabi Profile 2013 from Scherwin Kangarlu on Vimeo.
    Siavash Sohrabi a Rollerblader from Iran.

    Xsjado - Autumn 2.0 in Spain (Xsjado Skates)

    Xsjado - Autumn 2.0 in Spain

    Xsjado Believers blading the Spanish streets with their Xsjado 2.0s
    Jordi Mestre
    Juanan Herrera
    Martin Benza
    Emilio Subira.

    Edited by Jordi Mestre.

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

    Rollerblade® team weekend Prague 2013 (AuthenticRollerblade)

    If blocked check RB account on vimeo:

    This was the rainiest team weekend we've ever organized. The only dry day was Friday morning, so we decided to visit some indoor skateparks in Prague. Due to the rain we where unable to see Prague as tourists. The things we saw in Prague where really beautiful though. The people where really nice and helpful.

    Take a few minutes and enjoy the footage from our last team weekend of 2013. The following riders where included in this edit: Adam Olejniczak, Marcin Kopieo, Lukasz Kazmierczak, Warren Digne, Maxime
    Genoud, Adrian Deck, Timmy v. Rixtel, Sven Boekhorst, Jan Ebbert and Jeremy Suarez

    Video by: Adam Olejniczak //

    Hedonskate Berlin Sessions

    Filmed by Dirk Oelmann, Fredrik Andersson and more.

    Edited by Przemek Madej (

    Bladers: Nils Jansons, Montre Livignston, Dominik Wagner, Chris Obermaier, Fredrik Anderssons, Bartek Laubsch, Dave Mutschall, Casper Cordua, Benny Harmanus, Andreas Wagenblast, Toms Krasovskis, Miro Koolb, Lino Adriano.

    Music: Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)

    Visual Basic (Hedonskate Video 2005)

    1st Hedonskate Video from 2005 by Adam Żurawiecki.

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    #YOUCALLIT (RazorsNews)

    The Razors UK team set up an interactive game called #youcallit, getting people to go to the Razors UK facebook page and requesting tricks they would like members of the UK team to attempt during their time at the all so famous Slamm Jamm 15 event hosted at Rampworx in Liverpool England

    Check out the edit here featuring Scott Quinn, Chaz Sands, Jamie Stenner, Alex Burston, Rosie O'Donoghue and Jenna Downing

    Filmed and edited by Chaz Sands

    Richie Eisler in CANADA (USD Skates)

    Watch Richie ride his new blades in Vancouver, Canada!

    The new USD Richie Eisler Carbon Free is now available, worldwide! This is a limited edition skate - get yours while supplies last...

    Camera: Danny Beer
    Music: Andre 3000

    Dom West x The Booted - Australia Skateparks 2013 (The Booted)

    Dom West has rooted himself back into Sydney and regrouped with his family formerly known as Vine Street. It's been a while since we have seen anything from these guys so we feel honoured to be able to put this video out, especially as it features Aussie legend Matt Salerno.

    Shot all over Australia starring Rian Arnold, Gav Drumm, Matt Salerno, Josh Nielsen, Jamie Knapp, Craig Brocklehurst, CJ Wellsmore, Josh Butler, Szymon Dorabialski, Luciano De Lima Silva, Tien Nguyen and Van Santana.

    Music taken from Alias: Website Relaunch Celebration Podcast -

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    Blading Cup 2013: Perfect Day from ONE magazine

    Blading Cup 2013: Perfect Day from ONE magazine on Vimeo.
    What's your perfect day? Does it include blades, buds, and good times? Maybe seeing some of the best bladers in the world shred a custon-made course, and watching progression take place right before your eyes? Then if you missed Blading Cup 2013 you missed out on a good one. But we're here with another chop featuring extra clips from Jonathan Labez and others we couldn't jam into our Quick Cut edit. So sit back and take a walk on the wild side in this off-beat look at a quality day in Santa Ana.

    BMC 5 "Los Cucarachas" from Osbel Velez

    BMC 5 "Los Cucarachas" from Osbel Velez on Vimeo.
    Filmed during a fun two month period in the summer of 2012 for Battle My Crew 5. Wanted to drop it a while ago but wanted to wait and see what would come about but figured since one crew edit already dropped we should follow up. Featuring Tommy Leong, Jimmy Kobryn, Osbel Velez, Harold Vivas, Ray Gerena, Mike Hazard, Taylor Kobryn, Mikey Roman, Scotty Jedrusiak, Steve Nichols & Chris Kolodziej.

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Skate Sessions LA Street Saturday

    It was a beautiful 'fall' day here in LA, so a bunch of the guys got together and took the Metro into downtown for a solid street session. Like all good street sessions, our group kept picking up guys along the way, making it better and better with every new stop. Here's a little bit of what went down, with clips at the Wilshire ledges, and the MacArthur park rails. Song: James Short "On the Prowl" Skaters: Matt Jota, Danny Ruelas, Damian Ghiassi, Paul Austin, Pat Thomas, Jose Arce, Connah Hill, Frankie Murcia All video filmed, edited, and shared via iPad. Nate the Great - Skate Sessions Blog Blogger - Wordpress - Facebook - Twitter - @SkateSessions

    Skate Sessions Sunday at Avocado Skatepark

    KTG made a trip out to Avocado skatepark on Sunday, and we were all pumped with what we found. This park has one of the most unique layouts I have ever skated. It was another dope session with the crew. But stay tuned, because we shot all the bangers on Pats camera for a different edit in the making... All video filmed, edited, and shared via iPad. Nate the Great - Skate Sessions Blog Blogger - Wordpress - Facebook - Twitter - @SkateSessions

    Go 4th 2013 Official Trailer DVD Out Now from Just Live Productions

    Go 4th 2013 Official Trailer DVD Out Now from Just Live Productions on Vimeo.

    Just Live Productions Presents The Fourth Installment to the Rollerblading Film Collection...Go 4th is a Film Based out of New York City & South Florida Starring Full Length Profiles on Alex Nunez,Chris Burns,Max Rensen & Thomas LiPani...Also including a montage & NYC Section Featuring Mini Views on...Blake Taylor,Franco Cammayo,Joe Lee,Raven Guerra,Austin Paz,Yasmany Castro Martin,Jon Fromm,Jesus Medina,Sal Zaso,Sean Grossman,Cassandra Condon,Chauncy Jenkins,Anthony Soto,Bobby Reichel,Frank D'Angelo,Chris Murphy,Viktor Correlli,Jeremy Arkin,Steve Cortez,James Perez,Danny Figgz,Trevor Johnson & Many More.

    Alex Nunez's legacy lives on in this film...Go 4th is a film Dedicated to Alex Nunez RIP 11/20/84 - 7/16/13

    Buy the DVD here

    XSJADO - CF5 - Chris Farmer Pro Skate

    XSJADO - CF5 - Chris Farmer Pro Skate The Xsjado Skate Company Presents Chris Farmer Pro Skate #5 Commercial. Directed by Paul John. Filmed by Paul John, Johnny Two Times, Jc Rowe, Sean Kelso. Edited by Paul John and Malcom Heard. Camera and lighting assistance by Carlo Serran and Laura Serran. Art direction by Christopher Pesh and Vannesa Royale. Graphics by Jc Rowe. Special thanks to Michelle and Monk. Music by Clique Talk.

    Skatepark Tours: 4th Avenue Skatepark (Avocado Heights, CA)

    Have you ever wondered what people in other parts of the country (or even the world) are skating? Do you really have the worst skateparks, or does it just feel like that? Is that huge quarterpipe really as big as you think it is? Well Skate Sessions is bringing you a first person view of parks from around the world. And if you want to submit your local park to be profiled, just send me a message and we will make it happen Check out the Tours that are already posted, there are more parks coming soon: All video filmed, edited, and shared via iPad.




    Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

    ONE Blade Mag

    ONE rollerblading magazine


    R A Z O R S

    Street Artist Urethane

    TheConference News