Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skate Sessions: San Diego Sunday

San Diego Sunday from Nate Snow on Vimeo.

Sunday Session in San Diego with the Circolo crew

Friday, April 11, 2014

Diego Guilloud - USD Down Under from TheConferenceTV

Diego Guilloud - USD Down Under from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.
Diego Guilloud - USD Down Under

Another continent, another edit by swiss traveller Diego.
Filmed & edited by Thomas Dalbis.


BG.WORLDWIDE - New York City Trailer from 9TO5DigiMedia

BG.WORLDWIDE - New York City Trailer from 9TO5DigiMedia on Vimeo.

Available April 20th, 2014


Roman Abrate FISE 2013 (Remix)

Everything from Roman's at the Word FISE 2013. Clips from FISE Tv, remixed by Koud'Folie, Thx guys !

Carlos Campillo New York // ONE LOVE // RAZORS (Diamond Eggs Crew // Guerreros)

Video realizado para One Love 'Razors España'

Carlos Campillo estuvo el pasado mes de marzo en la ciudad de los sueños 'Nueva York'!!! Aquí nos deja un video resumen, en el cual podremos disfrutar de unos cuantos trucos por esta increíble ciudad! Carlos convina a la perfección en ese entorno tan EUA!!! esperemos que lo disfruteis!! 

Edición: Rafael López Maldonado.
Cámara: Oliver.

Remy Cadier 37 Today


Filmed by Brad Oz and park clips by Brian Weis
Chopped by Brad Oz

Get the new Mikey Blair 59mm, 89a, black urethane, premium wheels here:


Sami Angsthelm 2013 Edit. (Baptiste Urbain)

Old clips from 2013 and 2-3 clips from 2014.
Rider from montpellier, Sami skate for Roll'school association and the shop Moana.

Rider de Montpellier, Sami roule pour l'association Roll'school et pour le shop Moana.


Night Parks from mykel fatali

Night Parks from mykel fatali on Vimeo.
Four nights in Colorado bladin with the boys

Skaters: Howie Bennett, Dennis Illingworth, Greg Schlosser, Cody Lampman, Mykel Fatali, Josh Hayes, Ian Walker, Smiley, Jeremy Spira, Justin Barr, Greg Freeman and Chris Burlingame.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two Cereal from Don Bambrick

Two Cereal from Don Bambrick on Vimeo.
Brian Weis and Myself skating Modern and Landslide skate park over the course of a winter. 13/14.

Filmed By Brian Weis, Don Bambrick and Ryan Grau.

Edited by DGB

Brasil inline 7 anos - Ninguem tá de brincadeira

__AZ_PARK_S (booter321)

Film Assist: Andrew Scherf, Al Dixon, Nate Brown, & Jayson Goldman.

Jay Gorman - XM Footage. KaltikEdits

SD Clips from Kaltik Green grows plus extras that wore never used.

Joe Atkinson & Dom Bruce - Winterclash mini box clips (MyBurston)

While the unders competition was going on at the Winterclash 2014, Joe and Dom were smashing this little box a new one! So I decided to film some tricks and make a short edit.

Dave Mutschall `13 - USD Germany (USD Skates)

Dave Mutschall `13 - USD Germany

Berlins Dave Mutschall making the most out of his carbon free time.
Shot & cut by Patrick Piesik.


Hedonskate Quick Clips #3: Kuba Olejarz - Gliwice

Kuba Olejarz (Hedonskate, Xsjado)

THURO - Loaded Shop Challenge - Week #5 - Boston Longboarding

Coming from Boston, home of narrow roads, potholes, and harsh winters, are the THuRO longboarding crew and Boston LB. They brave the narrow and cracked roads, Massholes, snowstorms, and have found a hidden gem in east coast skating. This video highlights Boston from the perspective of longboarders.
Shop Challenge Week 5 - Show us your shop
#loadedshopchallenge #orangatangshopchallenge #fluffyunicornnuts

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Skatepark Tours: Arlington, MA

Skatepark Tours: Blair Skatepark (San Bernardino, CA)

Skate History: Salomon

Winter Sessions from Mike Lufholm

Winter Sessions from Mike Lufholm on Vimeo.
A few Minnesota winter sessions featuring Brad Magnuson.

Filmed and Edited by Mike Lufholm

Music by Alt+J: Tessellate

Kowal kopol from Surf City South

Kowal kopol from Surf City South on Vimeo.
Dead Ghosts - Roky Said

DP (Dan Davidson Pilon.) Shop-Task, Razors Promo from RPT

DP ( Dan Davidson Pilon. ) Shop-Task, Razors Promo from RPT on Vimeo.
Dp has been a killer for years. With putting out hammer monthly edits for a whole year, Being a professional in-line skate instructor for 6 years, and being a huge part of this rising Canadian blade scene. Dp is always something to be juiced about when he puts out something new. These are a few sessions of Dp doin' his thing.



Edit/Filming: RPT crew, Dallas Kurtz

Song: Heiner Stadler - Out-Rock

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kaltik St. Patrick's Day Street Comp 2014 (mossiensw)

Featuring Albert Hooi,,Adam szymanski,Conor Manweiler,Donovan Delaney,Donal Glackin,Dano Gorman,Dylan Higgins,Jason Gorman,,Mark McDougal,Peter Martin,Zima Balazs
The competition was held in Dublin city centre,started off at the convention centre and ended up finishing off at Baggot Street,was a great day,I would highly recommend it to anyone who was thinking of going,The decision was a tie for the win between Albert Hooi and Peter Martin,Unfortunately I missed Peters Amazing sweatstance through that long kink,was sick,hope you enjoyed Watching.
Shot on A nikon D610 with a 28-80 f3.5/5.6
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and a Hague Mini Motion Cam

Eugen Enin - quick shred (ultimateemagdnim)

Cleiton da Rosa - Some Tricks

Cenas tiradas dos videos da Setenta e Sete Produções

Editado por Luana Gonçalves

Musica: Eminem - Survival

HANGAREN SPRING-BLADEJAM 2014 BY ZCK from Zebastian Cassel

HANGAREN SPRING-BLADEJAM 2014 BY ZCK from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.
3 days of blading, partying, making memories, hanging out with old/new friends & sessioning for some sweet prices sponsored by Razors, Grindhouse, Shaped By The Cold, Cloetta POWERBREAK & Hangaren Hot Sport Center. Supported by Hedonskate.
Senior: 1st Mikael Karlsson (1500SEK), 2nd Patrik Johansson, 3rd Fredrik Andersson, 4rd Joakim Lundberg, 5th Connaire Skerritt.
Junior: 1st Johannes Karlsson (1500SEK), 2nd Gustav Dahlström, 3rd Martin Danning, 4th Ismail Shelbyson, 5th Carl-Johan Wellander
We would like to thank all the sponsors, the staff, our professional speaker Julius Norrbom, all the bladers & everyone who contributed to the event in any way.

Valo Maneuver Mondays with Craig Brocklehurst in Sydney Australia from Themgoods

Valo Maneuver Mondays with Craig Brocklehurst in Sydney Australia from Themgoods on Vimeo.
Valo Maneuver Mondays with Craig Brocklehurst

Sydney, Australia shot by Dom West

Thank God it's Monday!
Check out all the Maneuver Mondays here..


Grown Man Rollerblading (Joey Mcgarry)

Shaking off the winter slop this morning with some aggressive inline big wheel figure skating.


Saturday, April 5, 2014


I chat with AJ about the future of Vibralux/Dead/KFC/StreetArtist/VideoWorld, taking responsibility for our industry/culture and how heavy the bond becomes when you walk the line of life and death with your friends.

Check it out here...

Sebastian Michalski I Roll NY Online Profile from I ROLL NY

Sebastian Michalski I Roll NY Online Profile from I ROLL NY on Vimeo.
"Sebastian is always on time. He always has wax. He never complains about a spot and never snakes. He never boasts or asks for his clips, but thanks you for filming. He always buys from skate shops and always orders a t-shirt / video. He skates hard regardless of there being a camera present or not. He just blades. He wears blade shirts when he's not skating. He has 100 pairs of AMall socks. Sebastian is always hyped to blade. He never looks for sponsors or expects free shit. He doesn't care who you are or how good you can blade, he's just glad to be with good company. Born and raised in Brooklyn, currently living in Staten Island, I Roll NY is pleased to present Sebastian Michalski's first ever profile. Thanks for watching" - Dave Ngo.


Filmed / Edited by: Craig Benabu

Follow I Roll NY

Raw Clips Ep. 36 Kruise Sapstein (Daniel Scarano)

Random stuff I've shot of Kruise.

Trippin' in Seattle with Josiah Blee from Carter LeBlanc

Trippin' in Seattle with Josiah Blee from Carter LeBlanc on Vimeo.
A few clips from Josiah's recent trips up to Seattle. Full part in the works. enjoy.

filmed/edited by Carter LeBlanc


First Days of Summer from Benjamin Buettner

First Days of Summer from Benjamin Buettner on Vimeo.
short recap clip of this year's first session in Prague

Timm Kittlitz
Marian Sorge
Sven Schirrmeister
Denis Wolf
Georg Rokita
Sven Hausmann

Camera, Cut & Color: Benjamin Buettner
Sound: André Klar


"Border Line"
by King Krule
From the album
6 Feet Beneath the Moon

Friday, April 4, 2014

Kruise Threading the Needle

Little raw clip that didn't make it into the edit from last weekend.

To be honest I didn't see this coming...

Trip to Washington from Brian Sorg

Trip to Washington from Brian Sorg on Vimeo.
Cam and I made a lil journey out to Spokane so I whipped out my fisheye and we skated a few parks along the way.





Dominic woke up early and wanted to get some streetclips friday morning.
09.00 - 13.00 we sessioned some spots and enjoyed the good weather before the event.

Chris Couture Spring 2014

3 Months of Blading in Sunny San Diego... 

Edited By Brad Oz
Shot By Russel Day, Garret Mitschelen, Justin Blade... 

Thanks to my Sponsors, SDSF blade shop, Razors, and Circolo wheels for all the support...

Fritz Peitzner | Razors AM (RazorsNews)

Razors is proud to introduce long time Texas badass, Fritz Peitzner to the Razors AM team. Fritz has been a major part of the Dallas blading scene for as long as I can remember. Now traveling the globe, most recently spending a good amount of time in Peru teaching young-ins the basics of blading, Fritz has grown into a role model of sorts, showing that you can do whatever you want with this. Hopefully inspiring more bladers to reach beyond their means and seek out new adventures. Keep doing your thing Fritz! 

Check out his profile at www.razorskate.com

pre from Justin Diuhz

pre from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.
2013 Leftover clips of Juice, Ercaderk, Lex, Brandon Cummings, Tahm Leong, Zach Burlingame, Brian Pina, Howie Bennett, & Greg Freeman.

Millz-n-Up Presents: "Grindhoven" (lilmilton21)

"Grindhoven" is a short film documenting the annual event, Winterclash from rollerblader/recording artist, D-Millz's perspective. D-Millz along with pro rollerblader Julian Bah filmed over a span of 4 days to bring you raw footage from behind the scenes of Winterclash. You will see exclusive footage from the trade show, behind the scenes with some of your favorite pros like Dave Lang, Montre Livingston, Alex Burston, CJ Wellsmore, Nils Jansons, Richie Eisler and many more. 

Huge thanks to:
J Bah, Montre, Alex Burston, Dominik Wagner, Nils, Dave, Rudi and Nicky, The Park Plaza Eindhoven, Area 51 Skatepark, USD Skates, Razor Skate Company, Adapt Brand, Xsjado, Remedyz, SSM, Valo, Gawd Wheels, Bake Frames, Hedonskate

Music Credits:

Soulja Boy & Drake: "We Made It"
D-Millz: "Dancin"
A$ap Ferg: Shabba
D-Millz: "Sippin"
J Bah: "Bash"
Tyler the Creator: "Pigs"
Schoolboy Q: "Hoover Street"
Ric and Thadeus Productions
D-Millz: "Fade"
Juicy J: "Stop It"
Chance the Rapper: "Pusha Man"
Bang Musik Productions

Filmed by: D-Millz, Julian Bah
Edited/Driected by: D-Millz

XSA season opening 2014 from Polter

XSA season opening 2014 from Polter on Vimeo.
В честь открытия сезона катания, в Краснодаре прошел контест по агрессивным роликам. Соревнования собрали гостей с разных уголков страны, а так же Краснодар посетила команда Razors: Scott Quinn, Korey Waikiki, Dre Powell.

Краснодар в очередной раз подтверждает свои амбиции на экстримальную столицу России!

Стрит XSA Backyard: Кирилл Галушко
Парк XSA Training: Гриша Лобко

Общий зачет:
1. Scott Quinn
2. Grisha Lobko
3. Кирилл Галушко

How to be Unpopular #176 - Dustin Werbeski, James Kopetski, Todd McInerney

Dustin, James, and Todd talk about blading on Vicodin, Xsjados, being Pro, the Fun Stuff gap and so much more!

Thisissoul Presents: Randy Zoller (12)

Thisissoul is proud to introduce Randy Zoller the newest member of the Thisissoul junior team! Randy is 12 years old and has been in the top 3 of almost every competition he goes to. Expect to see a lot more of Randy in the following years!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trailer Ste Maxime Contest 2014 (ronger06)

Ste Maxime Contest 6ème édition
17&18 mai 2014
https://www.facebook.com/events/22888... for more infos about the event!

9 meters Grindbox contest
Skatepark contest
Miniramp contest

Be there...

Stephen Swain - 3 tricks in Vendee 2014

3 tricks in Vendee at the Freestyle session that i managed to collect 2014

BG.WORLDWIDE - Mexico Trailer from 9TO5DigiMedia

BG.WORLDWIDE - Mexico Trailer from 9TO5DigiMedia on Vimeo.

Available April 20th, 2014


RVB Episode I -the secret spot 1ntroduction from RVB-pictures

RVB Episode I -the secret spot 1ntroduction from RVB-pictures on Vimeo.
That's the story of friends talking during new years's evening, late at night partying :
" what do we do this year? " > the answer came back twice faster:

One of the RVB guys wanted his own spot in the backyard.
After one year of saturdays spent there, we're proud to show you the handmade spot of some really motivated guys. 1 year ... we're been throught the 4 seasons with our tools.
Bryan wanted a skate park ... it's done now!
Thanks to every one who came to highlight our work, by tricks not expected while we were building the spot...
That's a pleasure to showcase you my friend's skills at working but mostly on blading.

Extra thanks to : Anto Finochiarro & Anto Pottier for bringing the whole SEBA team for a shred-visit !
Blading.Be with the Antwerp crew for help to capture the tricks.
Yohann Ayllon from PixL for 2nd angles, timelapses and aaaaaall the tips.
Johan Dumez ,Christophe Matuzak, Clement Matuzak, Mathieu Allart , Rémy Allart a.k.a "Kiki" for their dedication.
We Rvb.

Tony M.

Skaters : Fredje Vanovertveldt / Antony Pottier / Guillaume Debuf / Ganesh Rios / Jérémy Kesler / Mathieu Allart / Johan Dumez / Michael Froemling / Manon Derrien / Fred Bukowski / Clement Matuzak / Mathieu Hennebert / Stefane Mosselmans / Freddy White / Quentin Lagache / Maxime Waryn / Igniacio Laurenty / Brian Vanovertveldt / C.J Wellsmore / Amir Zemmour / David Lowick / Kevin Franq /Francis Ali / Wouter Legrand / Zoltan / Raf Wandewalle / Alexandre Sanchez / Raphael Sanchez / Rémy Meister.

Film : Tony Martins. / Johan Dumez. / Yohan Ayllon. / Francis Ali / Antony Pottier
Music: John Frusciante / Hellical - Dbz / Theatre Scenes - Oasis / Hello - ACDC / Are you ready?
Enjoy ... and if you're a "bearing & wheel producer" ... let us know ;)

Hedonskate introduces Marcin Kopiec

The newest addition to Hedonskate Team - Marcin Kopiec!

Raw Clips. Ep 35 Chris Haffey (Daniel Scarano)

All the random footage I've ever shot of Haffey. Enjoy.

Taylor Ritchie / Tuesdays with Taylor Montage (RazorsNews)

For the past 7 weeks, every Tuesday, Taylor has been dropping a new mini vid on the Razors Instagram. His buddy and famed filmer, Danny Beer is taking off for a bit, so we thought it would be a good idea to wrap up the bulk of the tricks they filmed together. Chopped and screwed by Taylor, himself, enjoy. 

Filmed by Danny Beer @dannybeer
Edited by Taylor Ritchie @kidthunder

Follow us on Instagram @razorsblades for more randomly awesome company content

Edwin Wieringh, 60 Seconds olympia plaza (RazorsNews)

Edwin Wieringh doing some quick moves before going to work.
Shot & edited by : Joery van de Pol
Music : Da Grassroots - eternal

Gladiator Contest - 22 & 23 mars 2014 - Skatepark Le Hangar

Edit de la 9ème édition du Gladiator Contest des 22 et 23 mars au Skatepark Le Hangar, à Nantes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gary Murphy Blading Twin Towers in Greenville, SC from Mike Torres

Gary Murphy Blading Twin Towers in Greenville, SC from Mike Torres on Vimeo.
One drunken night during a weekend of worshipping The Blade Gods, I convinced Gary Murphy to abandon his itinerary back to cold ass Michigan, and come live with me for a couple weeks in Greenville, SC. Unfortunately I had to work my ass off for the entirety of his stay, but we managed to sneak a few blade sessions in here and there. This was one of those sessions.

Rotterdam Invitational 2014

On Saturday the 15th of February, Skateland Rotterdam was the scene of the biggest blading competition of Rotterdam: the Rotterdam Invitational. All the big riders were there: Montre Livingston, Nick Lomax, Richie Eisler, Rik van Huik, Julian Bah and many more. Enjoy this edit featuring the best tricks of the day!


PRO top 3:
1st place: Rik van Huik
2nd place: Nick Lomax
3rd place: Montre Livingston 

AM top 3:
1st place: Sem Croft 
2nd place: Luca Gobo
3rd place: Julien Lemoine

Girls top 3:
1st place: Jacky Schrooten
2nd place: Janna Scheerlinck
3rd place: Olga Bouwhuis

Junior top 3:
1st place: Levi van Rijn
2nd place: Randy Zoller
3rd place: August van der Velden

The Chicago Mix Tape 2013 By Doug Sharley ($5 on Sellfy)

The chicago mixtape is a collection of the finest blading north of the mason-dixon line. Filmed during 2013 featuring some of your local favorites as well as some new faces. profiling Eddie Dombrowski, Egon Naab, Steve Lerner and Adam Bazydlo. Also features Matt Strobot, Gabe Talamantes, Derrick Ross, Jared Reddrick, Luke Belding, and more. $5 on Sellfy

James Bower from dirt box

James Bower from dirt box on Vimeo.

The 666 Series from Brian Shima

The 666 Series - Trailer from Brian Shima on Vimeo.

6 Edits 6 Minutes 6 Bucks SSM is proud to present a new way to view skate videos. Rather than wait a year or two to gather all the footage for a full-length video, we will be releasing a full six-minute section every other month for a year. Starting with the First-Blood team, you will get to see Brian Shima, Joey Chase, John Bolino, Marc Moreno, Gabriel Hyden, and a to-be-announced sixth member of the team you will be able to expect a new release on the 6th of April, June, August, October, December and next February. Everything we do, we keep in mind the skating community at large. We are happy to present what we feel is our best work yet. All of the proceeds from this project go directly to the skater (50%) and to a production budget to keep this project going (50%). We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed (most of the time) making The 666 Series. ***If you buy the entire series email your paypal receipt to 666series@shimamanufacturing.com for a little surprise package*** Song List: Trailer: "Weep" by Alaric alaric.bandcamp.com/album/alaric-atriarch-split

SHOTGUN BLADING - Episode One from SLDeanStudios.com

SHOTGUN BLADING - Episode One from SLDeanStudios.com on Vimeo.

SHOTGUN BLADING EP.1- Welcome to Shotgun Blading!

We are a couple East Coast rollerbladers that love to travel, drink beers, have laughs, and make some day edits.. Join us as we tour up and down the East Coast of the USA exposing some of the best skate parks and street spots throughout!

In this episode we head out to Connecticut to visit Willimantic Skate Park, Rockwell Skate Park, and Fairfield Skate Park. We spent the Sunday planning for our MAIN TOUR in May 2014. Stay tuned..

If you dig.. Come join us. We're all about turning up and partying down.

Thomas Lieurey (Remz) - One week in Barcelona - 2014 from ARTSN Video (Arsène Jurman)

Thomas Lieurey (Remz) - One week in Barcelona - 2014 from ARTSN Video (Arsène Jurman) on Vimeo.

Thomas Lieurey from the REMZ team is gone one week in Barcelona with friends.

Filmed by : Jon Matter & Kévin Péchuzal
Edited by : Arsène Jurman / ARTSN Video
Music : Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton - Freedom (BO Django Unchained)

Thanks to :


Rollerblading in London from The Contrast Collective

Rollerblading in London from The Contrast Collective on Vimeo.
A perspective of Rollerblading in London. Alongside our film How Many? https://vimeo.com/85430120 we wanted to heighten the experience and share what we captured.

Shot on the Phantom Miro & Sony FS700.
Director / Phantom Operator - Sim Warren
Producer - Mia Xerri
FS700 - Ed Inglis
Timelapse - Diogo Atadini
Camera Assistants - Diogo Atadini, Tom Sharman

Music: Boards of Canada - White Cyclosa

To find out more about The Contrast Collective http://www.thecontrastcollective.com

Phantom Camera Hire: http://www.LoveHighSpeed.com
A huge thank you to all the rollerbladers involved.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheCCFilmMake
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thecontrastcollective
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thecontrastcollective

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Valo Maneuver Mondays with Hayden Ball from Themgoods

Valo Maneuver Mondays with Hayden Ball from Themgoods on Vimeo.
Valo Maneuver Mondays with Hayden Ball
Thank God it's Monday!

Check out all the Maneuver Mondays here..


Skatepark Tours: Belvedere (East LA, CA)




Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

ONE Blade Mag

ONE rollerblading magazine



Street Artist Urethane

TheConference News