Saturday, September 11, 2010

Park Profiles: Burlington MA (with Skatepark Tours video)

I don’t get to skate outside of Essex County, so when I had to pick up my wonderful wife at work in Haverhill I decided to take this opportunity to go back to the Burlington mini-ramp. I had only been here twice before, but the ramp under the trees at Simonds park was one of a kind in this area, and worth the drive. If you noticed, I said was.
When Steph and I got to the park in Burlington I was quite disappointed to see that the mini-ramp was gone. Upon further inspection of the area we noticed that a whole skate park had been built in the back right corner of Simonds park (between the hockey court and tennis courts, behind the playground and bathrooms).

The park, which contains Woodward ramps made from some type of Skatelite material, is small but has great flow. All the elements in the park are linked extremely well and are in good condition.

To the right of the entrance is a 5-5 ½’ roll-in which leads onto the small two-tier box. The box has a metal edge on the high tier to grind and a low flat rail along the middle of the low tier.

To the left of the box is a two section banked quarter pipe that is about 3’ high with round metal coping. On the right side of this pipe is a one section banked quarter pipe that leads to another two sided quarter pipe in the far left corner of the park. The side of this ramp has a similar banked ramp, while the front side is a flat roll-in. This roll-in makes up the left side of a spine run. 

The spine is small, maybe 2- 2 ½’ high. On the right side of the spine-hip is a larger flat roll-in.

In the middle of the park is a metal picnic table, that is grindable, and two rails; one rail is a low-short flat one while the other is round with a small kink from about 1’ high down to about 3” off the ground.

On the far right side of the park is a new 6-6 ½’ concrete mini-ramp with round coping. This is a much better ramp than the decrepit one that I planned on riding.

Overall this is a good park with lots of options for skaters. It is one I recommend you check out.

Taking Videos of Myself

Like I had mentioned in the Taking Pictures of Myself post, I usually skate alone. But using my camera’s timer I have learned to get photos of myself skating. I also recently had another epiphany, my camera takes videos as well.

Using this option I have begun filming short clips of my sessions, mostly at the Gloucester MA park during my daily lunch sessions. The major downfall to this practice is the extra time that is on the clips. Since I have to start and stop the recording process myself there is always 5-6 seconds of empty video at the beginning and end of each of my shots.

At my recent session at the Burlington park, though, I was lucky enough to have my wonderful wife Stephanie shooting for me, so there is no extra time on these clips. Follow this link to see all of my videos at




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