Saturday, August 31, 2013

James Short Memorial Session 2013 from Hawke Trackler

James Short Memorial Session 2013 from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

The 5th James Short Memorial Session this year was an awesome time as always. A lot of really great people showed up and skated, ate food, listened to live music and hung out with new and old friends from all over. Everyone was enjoying the vibe and seemed to have a great time as usual. There were skate and clothing booths with their product for sale and even had a booth doing hair cuts. Rod Short and a lot of others involved always do a good job at making the JSMS a success and a good time. I speak for everyone who goes to the event when I say that we appreciate their hard work and dedication to remembering our friend James and that he was a great guy and will be missed by many.

I used the song Coast To Coast by Elliot Smith this time because James was a fan of him and his music so I wanted to remember James in more ways then one and use it because we both liked the song. Thanks to everyone who made JSMS possible and brought all of us together for this special day.

featuring- Jimmy Spetz, Charlie Sparks, Reed Huston, Jay Snow, Aaron Pyle, Stefan Brandow, Matt Oz, Rj Campbell, Aaron Orozco, Brian Lackey, Mike McAllis, Craig Mirsola, Zack Waszkiewicz & Alex Papalios

2013 NYC STREET INVITATIONAL PROMO from NYC Street Invitational

2013 NYC STREET INVITATIONAL PROMO from NYC Street Invitational on Vimeo.

The 3rd Annual NYC Street Invitational contest will be held on Saturday September 21st, 2013. We are bringing it back to the location of the first years event, Williamsburg Brooklyn.

You can expect bigger obstacles, all the big names, and of course the same $10,000 in cash prize money. This years event is brought to you once again by Bernal Heights Collective and Create.

Stay tuned for updates, via our website: to learn more about the event as it gets closer. For all inquiries please email

Lui from David Sizemore

Lui from David Sizemore on Vimeo.

Alex Broskow.
Carson Starnes.
Antonio Alvarez.
David Sizemore.
Chris Farmer.

Catching Up With Scottish Rolling

Friday, August 30, 2013

KTG TNS Arroyo Park (South Pasadena, CA)

Another successful Thursday Night Skate in the books; even though I got there a little late, there was still plenty of light left to snap these clips.

First Sunday Session's Compton from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM

First Sunday Session's Compton from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

This month's first Sunday session took place deep in Los Angeles in the infamous town of Compton. For whatever odd reason the gates were locked but it didn't matter, almost everyone just hopped the fence and had a great session. Everyone busted out in the "city of Compton!!"
Skating by Tyler Hester, Anthony Williams, Jeremy Soderburg, Victor Arias, Franky Murcia and more.

Join us in September for the Chosen Few finals followed by our annual first Sunday session at Stoner skate plaza.

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The Backyard Kaltik Camp from Shoyu Prod X Whitebalance Studio

The Backyard Kaltik Camp from Shoyu Prod X Whitebalance Studio on Vimeo.

featuring Joey Egan (IR), Nicolas Schopfer (CH), Gino Dangers (GER) and Baschno Rose (GER).
also featuring the Kaltik Camper Shredders.

It was a rough week for most of us but we manage to get a few clips to settle this in 3 days.

sound by Skeleton Hands

Editing by Whitebalance Studio

Sam Crofts - Welcome to USD from TheConferenceTV

Sam Crofts - Welcome to USD from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Sam Crofts has been killing the UK scene for the last few years, Skating in any weather the UK will throw at him! USD have taken note of his dedication to skating and rewarded him with a place on their UK team.
Filmed and Edited by Thomas Sharman
Additional Angles, Blake Bird and Alex Brightwell

5 Summer days with Elliot Stevens from TheConferenceTV

5 Summer days with Elliot Stevens from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

All over the UK for the Rubicon Inline Camp in Xsjados
Filmed and Edited by Nick Lomax

Summer 2013 (Robert Araujo)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Simple Sunday at Venice Beach

The crew decided to take a Sunday and spend it over in Venice. This was my first time there and it was as crazy as I thought. The park was packed, and so were the streets, but we ended up making a really fun day out of it. Be sure to subscribe, like and favorite this video, and keep supporting Skate Sessions. Song: Rustic Overtones 'Simple Song'

KTG Backyard Session (Lights Remix)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Skate The Hate 2013

Filmed/Edited By: Cole Gregoire

proVoke Winston Wardwell 1 Week In Michigan

These events took place during Winston Wardwell's one week visit to Michigan. Song by local Michigan band: "Tombstone" by the Erers

Friday, August 23, 2013

USD Skate History from TheConferenceTV

USD Skate History from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

USD Skate History

1997 - 2013.
Almost 200 different skate releases.

get a deeper insight into the history of USD skates at

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

THuRO presents Skate The Hate 7 x Valo V Premier

THuRO presents Skate The Hate 7 x Valo V Premier from ift on Vimeo.

1st Dylan Hopp
2nd Mark Wojda
3rd Dave Hartnett

Last place AirDolphin

Thanks Gabe Holm and Valo for a nice event.

Warm Season from Stefan Brandow

Warm Season from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Two summers of friends, traveling, and blading.

Skaters in order of appearance:
Stefan Brandow
Brandon Cooklin
Jordan Baez
Kenny Owens
Mark Licata
Bobby Reichel
Jimmy Spetz
Shane Conn

Song: Craft Spells - "After The Moment"

Why not? (from Julian Hinsch)

feat. Kyle McGarrity, Chris Esposito, Craig Dinwoodie, Taylor Kobryn, Matt Aldridge, Joe Torres, Eric Miller, Julian Hinsch

Bart Box Blade Bash. (ATXrollerblader)

Part of the ATX crew sessioning Frank's awesome box at Bartholomew park while dodging soccer players on a Sunday evening

proVoke - Macon Deals Crew Edit v1

What happens when you send proVoke wheels and bearings to a house full of bladers? This happens. I noticed how well this crew works together and hooked them up. Hopefully this edit is the first of many. Keep your eyes open for more - enjoy. Bladers: Daniel Henderson, Adam Ehalt, Philip Deal, Seth Lloyd, and Brad Hughes. A Macon Deals Production Filmed and edited by: Seth Lloyd Additional Filmers: Brad Hughes Michael Braud Daniel Henderson

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Downhill in New Hampshire, USA with Greg Mirzoyan (Authentic Rollerblade)

A little Downhill session in New Hampshire, USA with Greg Mirzoyan. USA 2013. Skate smart: know your skill level and skating conditions. You are always safer wearing a helmet and full protective gear.­AL­e Music: "THROUGH THE WINDOWS" -DJ TONY BROCK

Roll Deep: KTG TNS Santa Clarita

Thursday Night Skate has been growing week after week, and last Thursday more than 30 guys (and guests) showed up to take over Santa Clarita skatepark. Everyone kept pushing each other, and tricks were dropping left and right. So much so that I wasn't even sure where to point the camera. Huge props to the crew, can't wait to see what happens at the next session.

Skatepark Tours: Santa Clarita, CA

Razors Brazil | Kaia Malaghini

Razors Brazil | Kaia Malaghini Filmed and edited by Felipe Zambardino

Monday, August 19, 2013


FENFANIX TEAM 2013 from gianluca asunis on Vimeo.






Scribe Industries - Eric Miller Summer Blading

Scribe Industries - Eric Miller Summer Blading from Scribe Industries on Vimeo.

Eric Miller has been a valuable staple to Scribe Industries since he was asked to join back 3 years ago. He has proven to consistently produce and progress while serving for the Army Reserves. He is easily one of the best tour guides and spot builders in the industry and joining him in a blade session is an absolute pleasure, so try to schedule a session with him as soon as possible!

Shot By: Various Philadelphia & New Jersey Filmers (contact me for credits)
Music: AA Warm Breeze by Thee Oh Sees


Colorad Road Trip 2013 Highlights

I have been on this trip the past three years and it continues to be one of the main highlights of my year. Good people, good scenery, good vibes and just and overall unique experience. I filmed a ton last year but lost all my footage due to a faulty hard drive but this year I was determined to capture a glimpse into what this event has to offer. Colorado has some amazing talent which is only amplified by the many people who come from out of town. Some of the skaters in in this include: Jeremy Spira, David Sizemore, Howie Bennett, Cody Lampman, Marc Clune, Geoff Phillip and Nolan Wojciechowski. Filmed and edited by Mike Donovan

Westside Wednesdays at The Dirty from Daniel Scarano

Westside Wednesdays at The Dirty from Daniel Scarano on Vimeo.

Westside Wednesdays at The Dirty.

Song is "Future Karate Chop Bootleg" by Caleb Stone. You can find the song here

Featuring: Carson Starnes, Tim Franken, Daniel Rosado, Dre Powell, Alex Miranda, Joe Jimenez, Mike Obedoza, Oscar Sosa, Tyrone Fitz, Frankie Murcia, Chris Calkins, Cydney Griffin, Jonathan Labez, Joey Jaime, Jeremy Soderburg, Eric Pieper, Cody Sanders, Victor Galicia and Ben Schwab.

Shot by Chris Calkins & Daniel Scarano. Edited by Daniel Scarano.

Monday, August 12, 2013

KTG TNS Belvedere (and bonus clip...)

It's just another Thursday Night Skate... that means #KTG rolling through your park and doing things you wish you had thought of. This week's stop was Belvedere skatepark in east LA, and the following keeps growing every week. Make sure you come through for the next TNS, and you could find yourself in our next edit. Nate the Great - Skate Sessions Blog Blogger - Wordpress - Facebook - Twitter - @SkateSessions BONUS Oscar Sosa at Hawthorne park

Skaters Edge Bladers 2013 (Dave Hartnett)

BCSD 2013 - The Final Bittercold Showdown

Video by @DirectorBrazil - The final Bittercold Showdown

Mathias Silhan / Jon Matter - Heatwave 2013

Sunny afternoon in the small park of Kehl in Germany, gettin back on the Cult boots under 40 degres celsius...! Filming: Andy Horat, Jon Matter, Mathias Silhan Editing: Mathias Silhan Music: Francoise Hardy - Le Temps de l'Amour Special Thanks to Max Merkel, Juliette and Vincent.

Raven 2-for-1 (ATXrollerblader)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Roman Daricek from E Z GOEAZY

Roman Daricek from E Z GOEAZY on Vimeo.

Roman Daricek is a Rollerblader from South Florida who's been blading since he was 8, he has been around for a long time, use to have sponsors such as DESHI, SECOND REGIME, ESOTERIC, REMZ and a few more back in the day.
Here is a small section of Roman that I've been working on, I saved the best clips for my battle my crew section.

Tri Tri-Rudolf 2013 Section from Ryan Benner

Tri Tri-Rudolf 2013 Section from Ryan benner on Vimeo.

Savor the Flavor presents: Tri Tri-Rudolf Summer 2013
Filmed and Edited by: Ryan Benner

HARD IN THE PAINT from Brian Shima

HARD IN THE PAINT from Brian Shima on Vimeo.






Saturday, August 10, 2013

Julian Bah - Cali2ATL Parks from 9TO5DigiMedia

Julian Bah - Cali2ATL Parks from 9TO5DigiMedia on Vimeo.

Filmed by Erick Rodriguez and Chris Smith
Edited by Erick Rodriguez

A Day in the Life with Steven Tat

Edit and Filmed By. Jimbo and Tat Song-Flow-Cage The Elephant

Chris Calkins - Parks and Plazas 2013

Chris Calkins - Parks and Plazas 2013 from Daniel Scarano on Vimeo.

Shot and edited by Daniel Scarano.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Robert Guerrero summer 2013 from Rollerblade

Robert Guerrero summer 2013 from Rollerblade® on Vimeo.

Robert Guerrero shredding summer 2013

Amall Trick Tips: Negative Mistrial

This is a "How to" video by Aggressivemall explaining how to do a Negative Mistrial. AM Team rider Victor Arias breaks down the Negative Mistrial and gives some pointers on how to perform this trick on your aggressive skates. Watch all of the Aggressivemall trick tip videos and start adding more tricks to your arsenal today! Check out for all of your Aggressive skating needs. Check out our BLOG!!

RW Bander Saleh 2013

RW Bander Saleh 2013 from Roller Warehouse on Vimeo.

Filmers: Sam Asken, Robert Antaki, Raymar Hardy, John Vossoughi, Casey Bagozzi, Gene Steagall

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Skates: Valo TV.3 Cobalt & Camo || New Richie Eisler Carbon?

Dre Powell 2013 "WHOA" Razors Edit

I've known Dre for a long time now and have probably been filming together for the past 3 years now. While dudes been through a steady challenge of injuries and age, he still seems to never stop moving forward. Always skating always finding new things to skate.He has a keen eye for doing odd things at sick skate spots and still holds some of the most casual and smooth styles out there. He still throw's huge gaps and still does some of the illest mistrial tricks out there! - Max Manning Filmed By: Max Manning & Lonnie Francisco Edited By: Max Manning

Stefan Brandow - Oak City Skateshop

Stefan Brandow - Oak City Skateshop from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

A few months before leaving Raleigh, NC my good friend Long finally started up his skateshop that he had been working so hard for for over a year. Oak City is the definition of Southern hospitality. Long and his girlfriend Steph make sure everyone in the local scene has exactly what they need, and help everyone they can in any way possible to make sure people stay skating. If you're in the South stop by and skate the boxes in the warehouse, and if you're not give them a call for the hookup!
Song: Action Bronson - "Barry Horowitz"
Main Camers: Josh Yarmesch, Shane Conn
Thanks to everyone that filmed, Long, Steph, and Oak City for doing everything they do for rollerbladers!

Thuro New England Edit from Alex Hogan

Thuro New England Edit from Alex Hogan on Vimeo.

The Northeast's Finest.

Camera: Brandon Ford, Kyle Couture, Pat Thomas

Edit: Alex Hogan

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stephanie Richer Kaltik summer edit

Filmed in Manchester, London, and Berlin. Visit the Kaltik page !

East to West Rollerblade Edit 2013 (Cassandra Condon)

The trip to Woodward West. We stopped a few places on the way to skate :)

Loco Box Battle : CJ Wellsmore vs Roman Abrate

Alex Nuñez: The King Of Queens and Memorial Session

On July 16th, 2013, the world lost an amazing talent. Alex Nuñez was an idol and an inspiration to people all over the world. His passion for life and blading deemed him the "King of Queens", here is a closer look at Alex through the eyes of his loved ones. Made possible with contributing footage from Sam DeAngeles, Thomas LiPani, Navin Hardyal and video sections from "Maintain", "One", "Eleven Thirty One", "Checkmate", "Distinction", "Urban Royalty", "Icons", "Game Theory" & "Signature".

Alex Nunez Memorial Session from David on Vimeo.

On Sunday, July 21, 2013 Maloof skate plaza was home to a wonderful celebration of life for Alex Nunez. We Skated We Barbecued We raised some money for his family, we even played some football.... We had a great time with Friends and Family of Alex. Thank you to Christie Toledo, Joseph Lee, Sk8r4life, Beyond the Ledge Wax and Create Originals. Enjoy what we were able to put together and Check out our Face book page for pics from the event :

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thursday Night Skate: Crushing White Rails

So after a short session at Bonita Skatepark in Arcadia, Quinn said he knew about some pretty mellow rails on the way back. The rails turned out to be perfect, with matching sets on the left and right; and above all else, there was no security. So this is what went down.




Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

ONE Blade Mag

ONE rollerblading magazine



Street Artist Urethane

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