Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Louie Zamora about K2 and Rollerblading

A lot of skaters noticed that Louis Zamora wasn’t skating K2s in the latest “9TO5 Weekend with Louie Zamora & Brian Aragon” video (he was skating Valos) ; Here are more informations on the subject.
What’s up dudes
There was no “falling out” between K2 and I. The simple fact of the matter is they aren’t ready to invest in our sport. I was the only one doing everything for the Varsity skate, and my input would be taken and used sometimes, and sometimes it wouldn’t.
I would never know until I got the sample, which was very unpredictable at best. A long time ago, I told K2 that I would like to spend my career with them and improve their products along the way. My passion is obviously on wheels, but it also lies in the design and function of the products we use everyday as bladers.
I was told that we have no budget for a team, no budget for travel, and no money to help me stay as productive as possible. I was fine with that, believing we could really start something great by just blading and staying positive, and hopefully all of those things would fall inline eventually.
The main reason I had to leave was because a person told me that I would not get design credit for aything, and that an option for a “pro skate” wasn’t an option.

In my head I figured if they can’t pay me to design, communicate, skate, and progress the brand, then if I got a pro skate it would give me an opportunity to make some royalties the good old fashioned way……by skating for it. Not to mention that it would have been after the new varsity release, and I could have probably made final corrections fixing whatever they left out in the black Varsity (which is a lot).
I was denied, and offered 4k for the whole year, with no pro skate, no advertisements, and only one event to travel to. It isn’t the money for me, and it never has been. It’s about the support I can get to Blade, improve rollerbladers experience, and hopefully progress our sport.
I’m happier now riding one of my best friends skates for nothing but the opportunity to make the pro team.
With that being said, I have only positive feelings from the experience because I know in my heart that K2 is better Now than it was before I got there, again. Even back in the day I tried, putting Dominic and Troy white on the team and helping them change color ways. I even asked for a pro skate back then. I appreciate the opportunity, and I met some really nice/talented people there while I was working on the skate.
I wish nothing but the best for them and their families. I just wish they thought about it a little more, or at least thought about it as a group, meaning not just one person trying to get work and everything from me for as little as possible, and not giving me any credit for it if I did. The decision on whoevers part, to offer me little for a whole lot of work without credit was premature and short sighted. Not as a whole company but as one individual that probably thought he was doing something good for his employer.
Guys, I’ve been in the trenches trying to establish a solid situation for a while now. Its time I put my head down and just focus on what we all started off doing and loving, BLADING. I appreciate all of your love and support as I make my comeback to the sport I never should have taken a break from. I always watched and thought about it when I thought I had to work a normal Job the rest of my life. I never truly felt at home working a 9-5, no matter how well I did.
So my friends, This is the year of THE COMEBACK.
I plan on releasing several online edits this year with our sports best videographers, leading up to my full comeback section later in the year. As much as I hate the idea of it, I’m gonna make a Facebook fan page so I have a platform to show and tell you all what I’ve done and what is on deck. My fans and friends (same thing), have really been an inspirational and motivating part of my life. Especially now, just when I thought I was done. You have all helped me realize that its JUST THE BEGINNING……
Peace and Love to all Bladers, I hope to inspire you!
- Louie Zamora.




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