Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Park Profiles: Doncaster Avenue, England (by Richard Odams)

This is the second contribution to Skate Sessions from our friend across the pond, Richard Odams. This time he shared some specs and images of the Doncaster Avenue Skate Park (Sandiacre Parish Council), located at Doncaster Avenue, Sandiacre, Derbyshire, England.

This is a two-level concrete park; which also contains a BMX dirt track at the same location.
On the top level is a 4ft high spine and a 4ft long metal bench.

On both ends of the top level there are flat ramps leading down to the lower section. One of these ramps has a three-set of stairs next to it; this ramp also has a 6ft long round metal rail running down the center of it.
On the lower section, there is a 4ft long two-level box, which has round coping on the high section and a waxed ledge on the lower one. 

There is also an 8ft long round rail, which has a slight C-curve to it. 

In the middle of the park, making up part of the wall between the two sections, is a 10ft long wall that is fitted with round coping on both sides so it can be hit from both the bottom and top sections.

This is another decent looking park that I wouldn’t mind getting a little session on. Thanks for the submissions Rich!




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