Friday, April 10, 2015

Rollerblade @ Pow wow 2K15 (AuthenticRollerblade)

The Pow-Wow event is held annually in Jacksonville, FL. This event kicks off the season and is a favorite of Team Rollerblade. The Pow-Wow is 3 days of skating, camping and partying. There is an event for everyone: Inline-X, street course, best trick and more! Nothing captures the spirit of skating better than skating all day and hanging out with your best buddies at night. This edit features the talents of Sean Kene, Ariel Surun, Coco Sanchez, Greg Mirzoyan, Kyle Sola, Mery Munoz and Kevin Lapierre. Film by Greg Mirzoyan

10 CLIP FRIDAY (scottish rolling)

Scott and Chris headed up to The Factory for a friday session as the weather was pretty poor, both decided to smash and grab 5 tricks each. filmed by goldie and riddles edited by riddles

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

XSJADO - Anthony Gallegos - The Border Inline Contest - Mexicali

Filmed by Joshua Caleb Tolle & Michael Obedoza Edited by Kenneth Jajalla

MASTER SPLINTER from jeremy soderburg

MASTER SPLINTER from jeremy soderburg on Vimeo.

a blade flick by Gregory Preston and Jeremy Soderburg. another one of the homies for the homies representing our day to day sessions and the antics that go along with it. everyone worked hard on this video but had an absolute blast doing it. hope everyone enjoys.





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