Thursday, August 28, 2014

'New' Razors SL2

New or just more of the same?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Leon Basin & PELDs - BIG WHEELS (Joey Mcgarry)

Leon's first section in BIG WHEELS along with the buddy tricks. BIG WHEELS 2 filming in progress now! Watch the full video at:

Franky Morales - USD Carbon Free+ DIY (USD Skates)

Franky Morales - USD Carbon Free+ DIY Filmed and edited by : Erick Rodriguez Additional filming by : Kenrick Chiocca Location : North Long Beach andWoodward West

Monday, August 11, 2014

Skatepark Tours: Luther Hill Skatepark (Spencer, MA) by Joshua Corvinus

Have you ever wondered what people in other parts of the country (or even the world) are skating? Do you really have the worst skateparks, or does it just feel like that? Is that huge quarterpipe really as big as you think it is? Well Skate Sessions is bringing you a first person view of parks from around the world. And if you want to submit your local park to be profiled, just send me a message and we will make it happen Check out the Tours that are already posted, there are more parks coming soon:


Thuro Rollerblading x Valo at Malden Skatepark - Malden, Massachusetts (das gut)

Thuro Rollerblading Valo Session at the Malden Skatepark. Skating by Victor Arias, Brandon Smith, Eric Carmical, Andrew Nemiroski and Air Dolphin.

Alex Broskow in London (The Booted)

In May 2014 we invited Alex Broskow to the UK to film and shoot for The Booted. Alex is a blader with an undeniable hard earned talent. The control he possesses on a pair of rollerblades is unlike anyone else paired with a mature eye on how he believes blading should be portrayed to the masses make him a very unique individual in this scene of ours. Hit with a dreadful spell of weather for his whole visit on unfamiliar ground we are extremely proud to present, Alex Broskow in London. Buy Alex's new signature Valo V13 boot at Music by The Snow - The Joy of Life Filmed and edited by Ryan Gillett ( Additional filming by Adam Kola. Alex Broskow in London photo gallery by Adam Kola - For more original blading videos subscribe to our channel - Follow us... SITE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: TUMBLR:

Hi-5 skate park clip. (Takeshi Yasutoko)

Hi-5 Skate park (Ama city,Aichi,Japan) Takeshi Yasutoko Film by kom crew Music : The BONEZ / Move

Shane Conn- Haunting Yinz Nightmarez (Hawke412614)

A double section of Shane Conn I made for Haunted Wheels

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Becci Sotelo Instagram and Leftovers edit from beccisotelo

Becci Sotelo Instagram and Leftovers edit from beccisotelo on Vimeo.

Been having trouble getting the last few clips for my latest edit, so I through this together with some Instagram clips and some I had on my iphone. Thanks /Razors Blades and Fitness 19 for the support!

valoXstrange SF from THEE STRANGE

valoXstrange SF from THEE STRANGE on Vimeo.

four days in san francisco with adam brierley, amir amadi, alex broskow, dean coward, keith brierley & matt langel.
35mm shots by amir amadi, matt langel and alex broskow.
filmed/edited by amir amadi
song: the spyrals(sf)-"trying to please"
vXs available now worldwide!!

Unit23Open2014 (Love2Roll !?)

2nd August caught a few clips from the Razors and USD team in Dumbarton/Glasgow at Unit 23. Montre Livingston Alex Burston Carson Starnes Josh Glowicki John Fromm

VXfresh - LBC MNS from 9TO5DigiMedia

VXfresh - LBC MNS from 9TO5DigiMedia on Vimeo.

Monday night skate - Long Beach, CA.

Visiting San Diego 2014 (ChemiSimiyu)

2 weeks, editor fell through, got drunk and made this in 30 minutes. like it or don't.

1 hour with Bruce Varache - Istres (Nicolas Cortell)

1 hour edit at Istres bowl with the french pro rider Bruce Varache

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Unit 23 Open | 2014 from Anthony Medina

The Unit 23 Open | 2014 from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.

Even though I've previously told myself I would never film a competition again, when Quinny asked me to do the official Unit 23 Open edit, I didn't hesitate. This was one of the best but also least competitive comps I've ever been to. Everybody was skating really hard but at the same time they were cheering each other on and smiling and laughing the entire time. Props to all the sponsors, Unit 23 and all the homies there that busted their asses all day to make it happen, and of course...the man....Scott Quinn for putting it all together and working his ass off non-stop to make sure it was the best comp it could be. The 2014 Unit 23 Open was a ridiculous amount of fun. Cheers!

1 - Montre Livingston
2 - Carson Starnes
3 - Conor Harkin/Josh Glowicki

SONG: El Ten Eleven - Yellow Bridges (Slow Magic Remix)

Swedish Championships 2014 @ Zero One Six Skatepark (Gaabi71685)

Some badass skating!

Andrew Nemiroski - Intermission, 2014 from Adapt Brand

Andrew Nemiroski - Intermission, 2014 from Adapt Brand on Vimeo.

Adapt rider Andrew Nemiroski.

a summer day from Richard Karlsson

a summer day from Richard Karlsson on Vimeo.

one day session.
a day trip to jönköping on our way home we stopped by in Linköping.

skater: Kenth Ulvedal
Joachim Wall
Oscar Larsson
Zebastian Cassel

filmed / edit By: Richard Karlsson

f33t teaser #2 (Black Fabric)

Feeturing Chris Farmer, Robert Guerrero, David Sizemore, Victor Galicia and many more! Shot and cut by Lonnie Francisco Gallegos

Thursday Night Skate 8/7/2014: Rain, Hail, or Shine (Yung Juice)

Rain, hail, or shine dudes still came out and shredded. Thanks to everyone that made it out here! Skating by: Jack Frost, Justin Riley, Matt Hellyer, John O' Donnell, Craig Carbz, Brandon Cummings, Henry O'Connor, Bryan Pina, Andrew Smolak, Air Dolphin, & Josh Brennan. Best Trick: Josh Brennan - AO Top soul/ Tru KG Filmed/Edited by: Young Juice Filmed with Nikon d5100 See yall next week!!!!




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