Thursday, June 23, 2011

More on the Remz OS4 Skates

As a follow up to the Remz OS4 product review that we got from Brendan Kelly last month, we'd like to bring you some more info from the AMall message boards.

The guys over there are getting into the pro's and con's they have run into with this skate, so if you were thinking about getting a pair check out the conversation here.

Shima Skate Manufacturing Team Montage and New Website

SSM has finally made some much needed updated to its skeleton of a company site, and the new product looks very nice.

Shima has also released the first taste of how serious his new team is. You have to check out the SSM Montage.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC Street Invitational 2011

The NYC Street Invitational is a Pro/Am invite-only event founded by Pro blader and long time resident of New York City, Billy O’Neill. The event will be a completely legitimate, real “street” contest taking place underneath a highway in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Permits and insurance are already secured for the location and all obstacles will be available within the space provided. Unlike other street contests there will be no issue with the police breaking up the event and there will be no traveling from spot-to-spot. This is going to be one of the first, fully legitimate, real “street” contests since IMYTA. Many of the world’s top Pro’s have already confirmed that they will be here to battle for the $10,000 that will be distributed among the top 3. Make your plans now, because this will be a rollerblading event to remember!

Check out the site...

ACF update #3 With Beat Schillmeier and the Death Ledge

Sick video clip from the guys at

You have to check this one out.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Park Profiles: Schloß Neuhaus Bowl. Paderborn, Germany (by Mat Jukes)

Skate Sessions is proud to bring you its first international skatepark profile. This was submitted by Mat Jukes on

From Paderborn, head out of town going north. It is pretty easy to get to Schloß Neuhaus as it is sign posted. Basically once you hit the main strip you should see a castle manor house, yep it is in the centre of the town! Looks like this


Go into the grounds of this place (it is free) and go left past the left side of the building. Keep going left and you should see a big black iron bridge. Now you need to follow the dirt tracks still left quite far into the park. Just when you want to give up you ll see the white cover for the bowl. Then your there!

I would say the bowl is 3-4 ft deep and width length you can see from the picture. Also it has some nice raised up blocks around it. The only people who skate those are bladers. Also it should be noted that people have tried to bowl to blocks and got it but never seen any get back into the bowl…. If your a ninja it is probably possible.

It is a really quiet spot when you want to learn new stuff. You can wax it. Pretty easy to skate. When your bored of the bowl theres blocks! Has a roof which although wont hold off mega rain will protect you in summer or spring showers.
Could be hard to find. Need wax. No lights.
All in all it's a nice spot to while away an afternoon being old school.

Skate Pinball: Ride the Machine

As I was checking the AMall message boards, as I tend to do, I came across a post that was just marked "no fucking way!"

With my interest peaked, I had to click through on the links it contained. These are those videos and it is pretty amazing.

MOUNTAIN DEW SKATE PINBALL from Jae Morrison on Vimeo.

This is an actual skatepark, built in New Zealand, made to look and act like a functioning pinball machine. It is amazing!

THE MAKING OF SKATE PINBALL from Jae Morrison on Vimeo.


I would love to get to have a session at this place. To learn more about it, check out

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Franco Cammayo 2011 AM Team Spring Edit

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Franco Cammayo 2011 AM Team Spring Edit from Create Originals on Vimeo.

"After 18 years of blading, looking at things in retrospect, the past year alone has been an enormous upward spike for me in the game of life. With the help of amazing friends, and colleagues, I have this compilation of deals chopped together and ultimately created by the wonder team behind OG. The filming experience graced me the pleasure of getting closer with amazing people such as Sam DeAngelis, Cesar Macay, Hector "Tato" Ganzalas, & Dan Fabiano in particular who kept me motivated and were always ready to work around my wild schedule between being a therapist and a blader. The most important ingredient in the outcome of this short would have to be the work ethic and faith in the companies growth and direction. It is about embracing evolution to me. As far as the products go, I personally had minimal problems from the beginning. With constant renovations of the frame mold & compound; I've had more or less no complaints. They have survived my blading through the past year and it's been a fun and fresh ride the whole way through. Always solid and always sliding. Thank you incredibly much to those I've mentioned and the dear friends that were around throughout those random sessions. Ya'll know who you are. Thank you east coast, thank you west coast, thank you all coasts. Shred life." - Franco Cammayo ...100% Skater Owned...

Recon Missions: Marshfield, WI

Here is a Recon Missions submission from Scizyr on

This is a bridge on East Veterans Parkway that travels over South Peach Avenue with a bike trail on the side. A cement barrier about 3 feet tall and a hundred feet long great for practicing long grinds and switch ups.

View Larger Map

In the middle of this bridge it would also be possible to gap over the barrier to the street below using the incline seen here.

View Larger Map

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Video Mix #1 has begun posting compilation edits of its members. Here is the first video mix. Video Mix #1 from Brent Volk on Vimeo.

JBWonton05 Review: Trust Catalyst Liner

Here is the second video review from our friend on the West Coast, Justin Winton. Here he is taking a look at the Trust Catalyst Liner.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Downloads of the Month: June

So we're back with a fresh new batch of downloads for you all. This months poll came up with votes for the following old school Medium Video, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Medium - Children of the Night (AVI)(M4V)(TPB), was released in 1996 and features skating from OGs like Pat Lennon, Champion Baumstimler, Jake Elliot and Dustin Latimer.

This months bonus download is another Boston based musical act, one of my all-time favorites, The Dropkick Murphy's. This torrent includes almost everything that DKM has ever done, including two St. Patrick's Day live shows (one includes the AVI of the show as well) and five Split-EPs with some other hardcore acts from around the world.

Hope you guys enjoy all of this free content and please continue to seed if you download the torrents, so that everyone out there can get in on the action.

Thuro Skate & Snow Opens in RI

So just days after we here found out about the closing of Ignition Skateshop, it was followed by news of the opening of a new shop here on the East Coast: Thuro Skate & Snow.

The RI based shop is owned and run by Boston skating legend Gabe Holm, so support this roller run business. Here's more from their website:

"THURO was founded to improve the local scene & supply the finest products with the best customer service possible. Whether you skate, ride or surf. We live to shred!
Our brick and mortar shop is located @ 1837 Post Road in Warwick, Rhode Island.

We welcome you to visit Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM and Saturday between 10AM-3PM
The shop is walking distance from T.F. Green International Airport. Boston MBTA will take you there from Back Bay or South Station for $8.25. From Providence the train is $2.25 or take the bus:

RIPTA Route 20 / "Post Rd - Near Side" stop. Call us 401-737-2900 "

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jeff Dalnas, Decide for Yourself...

So about a month ago, somone on the AMall boards started a thread calling out Dalnas (and mostly all the Ams out there), saying that he is "lame as well as every other AM" and "is against him being pro for USD or even USD promoting him in general".

This obviously started a war between the pro JD and anti JD rollers who troll the forum [see the whole e-fight here], to the point where Jeff (Jeff Dalnas on AMall) himself stepped in and tried to calm the whole thing down.

As back up for the pro-JD side of the e-fight, this video was introduced as evidence and I was converted imediately. This rail is massive and I get light-headed just watching him hit it.

If that rail wasn't enough to convert you to a Jeff Dalnas fan, check out his Vimeo channel. But in the end you just have to decide for yourself.

Valo Meets Marvel

The Marvel Life: Jon Julio and the Valo Team

So I was over on RollerNews the other day, as I mentioned yesterday, and I also came across this post that caught my eye for many reasons; The Marvel Life: Jon Julio and the Valo Team.

Now I am a fan of JJ and everything he has done for the sport over the years, and we all know that the Valo guys rip it up, so I clicked through to check it out. To my surprise, and utter joy, I saw that "The Marvel Life" actually meant Marvel Comics!

I guess the guys at interviewed the Valo crew at the Marvel offices and got into comic book influence on their lives, its relation to skating, and much more.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How-to Build a Skate Box (by Aaron Clute)

Skate Sessions is proud to have this detailed description from Aaron Clute (thebaldblader on AMall) on how-to build an amazing skate box. This isn't your average P-rail... this is the real deal.

Here is a picture of Aaron ripping up his box, and here is an edit of a session on it as well. Enjoy!

Ignition Skateshop Offering Closeout Deals!

So while I was on watching a video the other day (which I will share with you all soon), I noticed an interesting banner running on the right side of the page.

Ignition Skateshop is going out of business and is offering closeout deals on lots of their products.

Check out the site and grab up whatever you can before they are gone.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Set-Up of the Month: Ryan Nestrick

Submissions for our 'Set-Up of the Month' section have been coming in and this is the first one we would like to share with you.

Here are Ryan Nestrick's (MightyDuck on AMall) Razors Genesys G7.2.

He used a purple dye from Michaels, which he boiled in water and then submerged his boots for 8 minutes. For a lighter shade dye for less time, for a darker dye for longer (obviously...).

He then used a sharpie pen to outline the stripes and used a dark brown to color them in which gives it a little more of a darker edge to it while the center has a lighter one.

He finished off the set-up with black on black Ground Control Formula 1 frames, Eulogy Cammoya wheels, GC anti's, and Jug Araglyes 1 Highs.

The final product is this one-of-a-kind skate that looks pretty slick. Good job Ryan and thanks for your submission.

If you want to see your boots here on Skate Sessions, shoot us an email and make your submission!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Park Profiles: Danvers MA (with Skatepark Tours video)

The Danvers skate park, at Plains Park, is another park with potential if it had been designed better. Its downfall is that it’s a concrete park with small-misplaced objects.

On the left, when first entering the park, there is a grinding wall, which is concrete with no copings, and a long-round metal rail with a small kink. It goes from about 1 foot high down to about 3 inches off the ground.

In the back left corner is a square flat top pyramid with 2-flat and 2-banked sides. This object has promise but it is virtually useless in the corner that it sits.

Along the back left fence is the parks best feature, a flat roll-in leading up to a 6-set of stairs which has a low round rail running down its middle. This is a great object and more parks should add one like it.

On either side of the parks back fence is a flat kicker, about 1-½ feet high, but neither has a good line to approach it. The right kicker does have a small flat-top spine hip but this isn’t great.

In between the stair-rail and the spine hip is a very high, four foot tall, 4-sided pyramid, which I have yet to find a use for (except for setting my camera on it).

The parks last object, which is directly right of the main gate, is a small 3-section mini-ramp. The ramp is not easy to ride though, due to its steep banks and long flat bottom.

This is not a very good park but the stair and kink rails make it one worth visiting for some short sessions.




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