Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Willimantic Salem by Andrew Nemiroski

Willimantic Salem from Andrew Nemiroski on Vimeo.

Remz 2012 Am Team: Josiah Blee, Mason Richard, Nils Jansons & Ryan Sibbio

Remedyz 2012 Am Team introducing the HR1.2 Team Skate. Available Now. Filmed by Mike Gagliardi (Ryan), Anthony Medina (Mason), Bander Saleh (Josiah), Konstantins Makarovs/ Edgars Krasnovs/ Reinis Petersons (Nils). Edit by Fred Castro.

Auburn Skatepark Edit [07.17.12] by Bander Saleh

Auburn Skatepark Edit [07.17.12] from Bander Saleh on Vimeo.

Shot in Auburn, WA

Edited by Bander Saleh

Featuring: Sam Asken, Justin Tilman, Josiah Blee, Bander Saleh

Song: MF Doom - "Raid" Instrumental


USD - RUN USD UFS-Throne from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

USD - RUN USD 2012 UFS-Throne limited edition out now!

Orion Live & Fester Present: Santee Down Rail Jam

Orion Live & Fester Present: Santee Down Rail Jam from Max Manning on Vimeo.

A quick insight to the typical weekend with Orion Live Skate Contests. This month Orion Live has teamed up with non other than Santee's finest. Damien and the rest of the Fester household provided us with a hell of an obstacle and a kick ass time. We started the day off with a couple games of shoes and beers and before you know it the place was packed and the show had begun. Andrew Dipaolo actually ended up taking the throne on this one though you would never know from watching this edit.

Footage was takin in more of a fun Broll like manner rather than actually focusing on the skating itself. Wanted to kinda portray the good times we've been having over here at Orion while provided you all with a free online HD streamed competition.

Couple Focus Pulls were definitely a bit off as I was having some serious issues with my Zoom's Aperture Diaphragm (It wouldn't come out of 3.5 or 2.8) I literally had to drop my native iso back to 100 and then give it extra shutter to maintain a solid dynamic range..

Filmed & Edited By: Max Manning

Skaters Included:

Andrew Dipaolo
Chris Calkins
Gene Galang
Russell Day
Winston Wardwell

Orion Staff:

Loiuie Zamora
Jason Kasid
Gus Mendoza
Ryan Nafsu

Sponsors: Razors Skate, Dyenasty, Fester Wheels, Orion Live Group, Celerity Media

Maxime Genoud 2012

Maxime is the Amateur winner of the Winterclash in 2012. Maxime lives in the skating mecca Lausanne Switzerland and is proud organizer of the Lausanne Street Bowl Contest that started 2008. This year he turns 19 and he is realizing life has much to offer. He is still improving his level of skating. A couple of months ago he landed the first flat-spin 900 over the Mind the Gap set-up. In the future we hop to see more of his crazy flat-spin 540's. Maxime did a flat-spin 540 in Lausanne over a distance of more than 15 meters. Maxime is on a level beyond the rest when it comes to launching. Sponsors Rollerblade, Urban Kreation, Mood, Fenfanix, Rolling Rock, HS36 skatepark

Chad Anthony: Southern Scum, July 2012 Edit

Chad SS profile from southernscum on Vimeo.

Please be sure to visit the new and improved

Nass 2012: A Collection of Edits

Nass 2012: Slaptap Edit by Guy Millership

NASS 2012 from Guy Millership on Vimeo.

Last weekend was all about NASS 2012! Skating, partying and all round good times were had by all despite the typically rainy British weather!

The NASS Experience 2012 by Sim Warren

The NASS Experience 2012 from Sim Warren on Vimeo.

Its fair to say my NASS experience this year was different to last years. From thursday night through to sunday morning we had non stop rain. The campsite had turned into loch NASS, with only bin bags to keep us dry the mood was pretty glum. However as always, it's the people that make NASS. So despite the nassty weather and a blend of roller-disco's, beerpong, skatepark sessions, good company and the sun coming out for our last day, NASS 2012 soon became one to remember.

Filmed / Edited - Sim Warren
Additional clip by Graham Bewley
Music - Woodkid - Run boy Run

Nass 2012: Cidy Life Edit by Ryan Gillett

NASS part 1 from Ryan Gillett on Vimeo.

Thank to
Dom West
Kingdom mag

Kingdom Magazine at Nass 2012 by Jordan Maders

Kingdom Magazine at Nass 2012 from Kingdom Magazine on Vimeo.

Filmed & Edited by Jordan Maders
Nass 2012..........
A great event with lots of rain and high spirits, everyone who attended the festival knows it was an eventful weekend full of injurys, hammers and old faces. Gathering for the enjoyment of Blading, partying, wetness, drinking and mud followed by some of the best Athletes shredding the skatepark at 9am after all night partys. In the edit you will see the bladers skating the skate park over the 3 days. We where really lucky on the final day with the weather opening up and drying the street spots, Oli Jones showed how he can 360 everything on to a stair rail while Swain was spinning the biggest of gaps. Joe Atkinson and Blake Bird where launching from a quarter to grind a flat bar rail above 9ft drop to another quarter. Jeff Stockwell and Nick lomax where putting lines together with a good level of consistency,speed and hammers.
Sun Rain or Hangovers Nass was another great weekend skating & partying and making new friends inside and outside the blading culture.

Nass 2012 Edit by Ned Espeut-Nickless

Nass 2012 - Inline from Ned Espeut-Nickless on Vimeo.

Nass 2012 was crazy 4 days of skating, music, partying, mud and loads of fun. Was my seventh year and every time just gets better and better. The pro course was so sick, the street course looked like it would be out of action but luckily the sun was shining on sunday and the course got ripped to shreds. Such an amazing atmosphere, everyone was so hyped at Nass, the music was sick. The Drum and Bass arena on saturday was insane DJ Friction's Set was crazy so I decided to use a track he played that got the crowd fired up. This is 4 days of carnage summed up into 4 minutes.....Hope you Enjoy!!

Filmed and edited by Ned Espeut-Nickless.

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Alex Burston: Razors Film, Teaser

ALEX BURSTON RAZORS SL PRO BOOT (Official Video) Here is a little taster on what to expect from Alex's section in the new razors film. Burston has been injured recently due to excessive rollerblading, but he still managed to gather some clips together for the enjoyment of you guys. Hope everyone enjoys it. Filmed by: Nick Lomax Loz Badger Sam Cooper Scott Hallows Cut by: Scott Hallows Alex Burston

Friday 13th : Richie and Jeff by Dom West

Friday 13th : Richie and Jeff from Dom West on Vimeo.

Chris Bazon, Cody Lampman: Leftovers by Mykel Fatali

chris bazon cody lampman leftovers from mykel fatali on Vimeo.

2 of the dumbest dudes i know

Hedonskate Summer Tour 2012 (Eskilstuna, Sweden) (by Zebastian Cassel)

Bladermods at Hedonskate Summer Tour / Eskilstuna / Zero One Six / SSM from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

Some clips i got from yesterdays sesh in Eskisltuna's skatepark Zero One SIx.
Featuring: Montre Livingston, John Bolino, Fredrik Andersson, Zebastian Cassel, Richard Karlsson, Igor Jovanovic, Przemek Madej, Michal Zawadski & Nils Jansons.

Thanks to Hedonskate for making it to Sweden and helping our scene grow even more.
Montre was skating with broken ribs and still managed to throw down some cool shit & John Bolino powered through obstacles like a madman. Big thanks to everyone involved and a special thanks to John Bolino & Josh Glowicki for being the coolest guys and helping out repping our Swägg tee's & Fredrik Andersson for being the best friend you could possibly have.

Filmed by Zebastian Cassel & Fredrik Andersson
Edited by Zebastian Cassel
Song: The 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me

Thursday, July 12, 2012

James Short Memorial Session 2012 in New Philadelphia, OH

I really want to get out to this session! You should too. Full article on BE_MAG FACEBOOK event page

James Short - Online Profile from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Rest In Peace James.
I'm honored that you wanted me to be the one to help you show everyone how amazing you really were on skates. I will never let anyone forget.
JJHB For Life <3

Something short and sweet for the kids.
James is the master of the toe roll. His trick vocabulary and style make him one of a kind.
I'm proud to call this dude my best friend.

Song: Eagles Of Death Metal - "Wanna Be In LA"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SSM - Look Mom! No Fisheye - Volume 1

SSM - Look Mom! No Fisheye - Volume 1 from Brian Shima on Vimeo.

A day at Ambler Skate Park with Colin Kelso and Steve Iacono
Directed and Edited by Dustin Raysik
Cinematography by Kyle Pahlow

Able - Out of the Dark - King Dirty

Able - Out of the Dark - King Dirty from Mark Catelotti on Vimeo.

Makio drags bitch!

Soichiro Kanashima vs Brian Aragon: Goldstyle Finals (Ebina, Japan)

Recorded on 12/07/08 - Captured Live on Ustream at

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Andrew Nemirowski: Revolution Clips by Jon Jenkins

ANDREW NEMIROSKI/RAW CLIPS from Revolution Skate Shop on Vimeo.

Revolution Raw Clips - Andrew Nemiroski - Phoenix, AZ

Each year Nemo makes his annual trip to escape the cold East Coast winters to skate Arizona, he's been doing this for 3-4 years now. Since day one, Nemo has always carried a high standard for both his skating, and the way it's portrayed. He's a talented photographer/videographer as well, he has a strong vision for blading. This footage is a little dated, still really good none the less, but to be honest - Nemo's last trip out to AZ, he was on a whole new level.

Filmed/Edited by:
Jon Jenkins

Valo and Vibralux proudly present the ABVX.1

Valo and Vibralux's first collaboration, the ABVX1. Shot over the course of 10 days in Alex's hometown, Kansas City, Missouri. Shot and chopped by Ivan Narez (special thanks to SK for the help)

J-ville Thrill 2012: Edit (by Seth Lloyd)

J-ville THRILL 2012 from seth on Vimeo.

street competition in Jacksonville, FL.

Put on by Central Florida Rolling

sponsored by M1, ACF, SB skate shop

Chihiro Azuma (Japan): June 2012, MFT Park Clips

MFTBRAND 2012.06.29 Chihiro Azuma from MFTBRAND on Vimeo.

MFTBRAND 2012.06.29 Chihiro Azuma


Chihiro Azuma

『MFTBRAND Channels』

Team Rollerblade: 4 days in Holland

Chimera Squadron: Gabriel Hyden, Marc Moreno, Dominik Wagner & more

ChimeraTV #11 Chimera Squadron Part I from The Chimera Conspiracy on Vimeo.

ChimeraTV #11 features the Chimera squadron 2012. Even if we are a small garage company we give our best to not only release some good price high quality gear, but also some bad ass free Chimera episodes to entertain you.

Chimera riders / filmers (thanks for your support):
Patrick Ridder by Peter Bender & Andre Lepszy
Gabriel Hyden by Roland Kluger
Rik van Huik by Thjis Tel
Marc Moreno by Beatriz Conde-Corbal Gonzalez
Dominik Wagner & Dave Mutschall by Ben Harmanus
Mike Lilly by Joey Viola
Ben Harmanus & Kare Lindberg by Dom Wagner

Get our stuff online.

Music by
The Smashing Pumpkins
From their new album OCEANIA
Please buy this album, it's GREAT!

Sean Kelso: KCMO Progress #1 featuring Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer

kcmo. update #1. from sean kelso on Vimeo.

This is the first update to my first solo blade project titled "kcmo". Follow the blog and for daily to weekly updates of us goofing around during sessions or just hanging out.

This update features Alex and Farm at red rail school.

Damien Wilson: Revolution On the Spot (by Jon Jenkins)

REVOLUTION "ON THE SPOT" DAMIEN WILSON from Revolution Skate Shop on Vimeo.

Revolution "On the Spot" with Damien Wilson

Damien Wilson is an individual. Damien is in his own category, never one to fit any mold, he has always stood out from the rest. His skating is influential, his creativity flows when he skates. Off the blades, he's never afraid to speak his mind, Damien will tell you how it is. I've always admired that about him, what you see is exactly what you get.

Filmed/Edited by:
Jon Jenkins

West Coast Clash 2012: Edit by Andy Mills

West Coast Clash is quickly becoming one of the largest events for inline rollerblading in the UK. With Prize money up to £4300 this year it is also now one of the highest paying competitions in the UK. This year the competition was at a whole new level with the likes of Roman Abrate, Steve Swain, Nick lomax and Alex Burston all competing in the Mens open event for that £1000 1st place. Here is nice action packed edit of some of the amazing skating that went down. Hope you enjoy the edit and as ever your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hedonskating in Berlin (by Dirk Oelmann)

Hedonskating 2&3 Berlin from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

First of all I want to apologize for some shaky clips, I had two surgery on my knees, so I was on crutches while filming the second Hedonskating session in the indoor park' 'Skatehalle Berlin. During that session there was one very outstanding character blading the hole night, Dominik Wagner. He just came back from his internship in New York and he was obviously progressing his blading skills in USA.
Dominik is this kind of guy who pushes park skating to a different level. He is always coming up with new creative and powerful lines you don´t expect or didn´t even thought about. Honestly it was a pleasure to watch him blading! Beside that the guys from Hedonskate build up a little both to sell shirts, wheels, bearings, etc. for low money. Beside working for Hedonskate as an editor, photographer and graphic designer, Madej is one of the best polish riders I know and he also showed his skills with a lot of speed and style during the session! I guess I am not wrong when I say that all of the approximately 50 people who came to the session enjoyed family atmosphere and the blading!

Barrely two month later we came up with the third session in the brand new build outdoor Mellowpark. The parks is not really ready yet, but the BMX guys who owns the park finished already two very nice, big miniramp areas, a huge dirt jump, a little indoor park and a little concrete skateboard bowl. At 13.30 I met up with Dominik, Gagi, Martin and Phillip to get the train to Mellowpark, after a little ride we arrived and there was already 15-20 bladers having a session. For me, there were three outstanding bladers showing their skills...Gagi, Bruno Jubin and Patrick Krämer. Gagi had a long break and it was is first proper session since ages. His good mood and smile on his face was speaking for itself...he was blading every obstacles doing big 540´s, wallrides and many more nice moves! Bruno Jubin moved to Berlin in the end of last year, with his nice character and motivation to blade, he is the new force in Berlin scene...good to have you here Bruno! Finally there is a new face popping up named Patrick Krämer. The kid showed his skills with solid 540, 540 flatspin over different funboxes, as well as very clean style and good technique controlling all of his moves...keep it up Paddy!

Hope to see more people from other city´s joining our next sessions!

Edit by Dirk Oelmann.

Bill Hedrick: 2012 Profile (by Stefan Brandow)

Bill Hedrick - 2012 Profile from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

A few months ago my good friend Bill Hedrick flew me out to California to work on a project he and I were involved in. We got a lot of blading done as well, and I came back with some awesome clips of him. Since then he's filmed a bit more and sent me a few more clips so I could make something of him.

Bill is loyal, brash, up front, quick witted, and business oriented. His skating is an exact match of his personality. Bill skates fast, hard, and knows exactly what he likes to skate. He hasn't been skating as long as people think he has, and is improving more every time he skates. Keep an eye out for Bill to keep killing famous Cali spots.

Main Camera: Stefan Brandow
Additional Footage: Isaac Laire, Justin Guerro, and Jeremy Soderburg
Song: Foster The People - "Houdini"




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