Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quinn Feldman: Chosen Few Profile

Quinn Feldman Chosen Few Profile from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.
I have spent 2 and a half years working on this on and off. I thought it was going to be my last standard definition video but because of serious injuries I had to mix it up a bit. I wanted to release it before the new year and start fresh for 2012.

The last 2 and a half years have been quite a ride. I didn't start Chosen Few to make money. I started it because I wanted to contribute to the sport I love. I wanted to put on events and competitions that bring skaters everywhere together and allow new skaters to have a chance at being recognized. I started it because I wanted my friends and I to have something to represent how we like to skate. I started it to acknowledge and give opportunities to the laundry list of talented bladers that exist in the world. I started Chosen Few to help skating reach out to the mainstream and get rollerblading the money it deserves. I started ACHOSEN-FEW.COM to promote and expose the sport I have dedicated my life to. I do truly love it. If I were the only blader on the planet I could still go out everyday and hit a rail with a smile on my face.

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