Tuesday, January 14, 2014

West Coast Trippin' with Geoff Phillip from jbarr

West Coast Trippin' with Geoff Phillip from jbarr on Vimeo.
“The Quit Your Life Tour." An idea to make an edit in each city with a different camera/filmer/editor. After the Denver edit, my good friend Mykel went out and got himself a new car. Naturally, we decided to go drive it around for a while. A 10 day trip driving up the west coast, starting from Denver, stopping in Las Vegas, San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, ending with me staying in Boise for a little bit to start on my wheel scene edit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wku6I2bTVk). We would drive a day and then skate a day, with a round trip total of somewhere around 50 hours in the car. We braved 106 degree temperatures in Vegas and even stopped by Rollerwarehouse so Myk could pick up some new V13s. Big thanks to Tony Rivituso, Megan Peterson, all the RW boys, Dast and the PDX crew, and Carter LeBlanc for putting us up. Super special thanks to Mykel for taking me on this adventure and filming me every single day. Next up: Salt Lake City

Edited by Justin Barr
Filmed by Mykel Fatali on a sony nex 7.
Additional ender angle provided by Jonny Xmas.

Top secret alternate version here: https://vimeo.com/74877433
Password hint: One of Idaho's finest exports tossed down a hill... GPs OG crew.

In case you missed the first six stops on tour:
vimeo.com/82691869 12 Days in Denver by Mykel Fatali
vimeo.com/78776478 War on Wichita by James Merrills
vimeo.com/69864025 Two Weeks in Portland by Geoff Phillip
vimeo.com/67486741 16 Days in Seattle by Carter LeBlanc
vimeo.com/64452741 The In Between by Greg Freeman
vimeo.com/59851908 A Month in Boise by Erik Bill




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