Friday, January 31, 2014

ONE Mag: Top 5 Blader Haters Written by JE

Oh, you know… we’re four weeks into 2014 and someone’s already cracked open the haterade on us bladers.
Big. Freakin’. Surprise.
Steady blade hate has been raining down our way in intermittent fits since as long as there’s been a blader trying to tell someone they’re “aggressive.” It goes with the turf. And come on, if someone told you with a straight face that they were “aggressive” (about anything) you’d probably laugh in their face. So maybe we even had it coming.
And these days that’s not necessarily just speculation. There’s this story about how much skateboarding was collapsing at the same time blading was ascending — going so far as to reference blading as a possible cause! There’s also this story on about how snowboarding is crashing and burning, and in it you can see some areas of clear overlap between blading and boarding in regards to how things were done that might not end up being that savvy after all. See for yourselves.
So we did some talking with the ONE crew and some research on the interwebs and came up with a list that some of you may find interesting.

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