Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bring The Ruckus 2014 from southernscum

Bring The Ruckus 2014 from southernscum on Vimeo.
southernscum is prepared and ready to enter the new year with plenty of power. Not only in the blade game, but in the fashion mix as well, with all new classy, cozy clothing for this brutally cold weather. We also plan to include some new faces in the mix, and even more proud to still push the talented names we have for so long. When you finish replaying the edit, please feel free to make your way on over to WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM and click on the SHOP SS link. There you will be able to get your hands on all the rad garments featured in the edit above. Do your part and support the rise, and as always please share.

Expect to see plenty of big moves being made with southernscum this year. We are still here, We are still rising, We are SS. #BringTheRuckus

Featuring :
Mason Richards
Anthony Medina
Andrew Broom
Jarrod Banning
Steven Tat
Chad Anthony
Julian Mire
Jon Cooley
Chris Smith

**new goods available online and select shops starting 01-24-2014




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