Friday, January 24, 2014

Girlfriends Guide to Dating a Rollerblader by Kelly Tucker

So if y'all haven't heard about this blog, it is easily the best thing to happen to Rollerblading since Skate Sessions...

Kelly gives the best accounts of what it's like to be the significant other of a rollerblader.

Here is just one example:

What happens in a skate day

I have gone with them skating on many occasions.  First, it started by me being really curious about what the hell they do all day long. Then it became somewhat of a necessity when we would go out of town.  So, here it is.  Wake up, watch skate video, go get something to eat, you might have to go pick up someone ~ its pretty much guaranteed they have a video they have never seen or haven’t seen in a while, go to skate spot, get kicked out, go to next skate spot, by this time they have been skating for 2 hours… and you have to pee… to damned bad, you are somewhere in the middle of the ghetto and have no idea where the hell a gas station is… more skating, yes! Gas station to get something to drink and you can pee, skating, someone breaks something so if you are near someone’s house go there to fix it, watch a video, go skate, get something to eat, go to someone’s house to recreate tricks, drink a beer, and watch 2-3 skate video’s. It’s now between 2-3am. So, when it’s a new girlfriend of a rollerblader they get excited about spending the day with them while they are skating, they often ask me if I am going to go with them, my response is after 13 years, I have already done my time. 
Read all of the post here... this is one of my favorite blogs. I'm sure y'all will agree....




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