Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Our year in review...

Hey y'all, I just did something like this for my personal year and I thought it would be cool to go through the year Skate Sessions has had and see what we've been through...

Turned 30; moved to California; met our first "high-profile" pro skaters; made a ton of friends to skate with in the Valley, and beyond; went to the Rip n' Roast BBQ, the OG Reunion, AIL at Woodward West, and Blading Cup; Skated a couple new parks (Avocado Heights, Santa Clarita, Hansen Dam, South Pasadena, Highland, Verdugo-Glendale, SkateLab, Bonita, Belvedere, Hawthorne, Pedlow, Woodward West, Paramount, Venice, Taft, Truckee, Compton, Rialto, Poway, Ocean Beach... and probably more); we started DVDecember, which we plan to make a year end tradition; the blog had it's first 500 hit day, then it had it's first 1000 hit day; then there was 5000, 8000, and 10,000 hit months!; in December 2012 the blog had 55,259 views, this month it is at 114,668 and climbing... to put this into perspective, in one year we saw as much traffic as the first 6 YEARS of running this site! THANK YOU!

I can't say it enough, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! To be honest, I would probably still be doing this if only 30 people were coming (like those first few years...), because I do it to stay in touch with rollerblading. I want to see the new edits and new gear as much as you guys, so I'm glad we can all get together here and share it!

Going forward, we want to include you all much more in out content! So here are 3 easy ways to get involved :::

1. Send us a picture (set-up, trick, blade life... whatever you are feeling. We already have a set-up album on FB [https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.149011728516037.39536.146867102063833&type=3])

2. Write a post (how-to [like this one, our second most hit post all-time: http://nsskatesessions.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-to-build-skate-box-by-aaron-clute.html], product review, park profile, street spot profile... we are always looking for insightful reviews on new skates, wheels, and the such. We can only try so many things, so we need your first hand accounts! Same goes for park profiles. I have been making my way around SoCal since I got here, but we want to see your parks! Snap some pics, take a quick tour video, and share them with us!) [PS, don't worry if you think you're not a good enough writer... just write your thing and I'll take it from there, editing is my profession]

3. Like, Subscribe, favorite, share, and comment... (these are the life-blood of social/online media; not sure if y'all have noticed but I try to NOT spam groups and message boards with my own stuff.... but we'd appreciate it if you guys shared our page with your own groups. Like us on FB [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skate-Sessions/146867102063833], subscribe to our YouTube channel [https://www.youtube.com/user/snowsquirrel311], and leave comments on all of our platforms! Get involved, start discussions... we want to hear from you!)

Hope you all have had a great 2013, and that 2014 will be equally as successful.
Thanks again,




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