Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Park Profiles: Haverhill MA (with Skatepark Tours video)

The ‘skatepark’ at Cashmen Park in Haverhill MA can hardly be called that. First, to reach the park you have to park on Hilldale Ave. and walk across the baseball fields to the lot in the back left corner of Cashmen Park.

The first object you encounter is a two sided banked-quarterpipe. The right bank leads onto a tall-pyramid in the center of the park and the left bank rolls towards a small kicker down the left side.

Next to the kicker is a bench that has been waxed. On the back edge of the park is a small cement grind-wall.

The far right side of the park holds everything that is worth coming to Cashmen for. Along the right edge is a long-round rail that starts at about 1-1½’ high and runs for about 10’ before kinking down to 3-4” off the ground and finishing up after another 4-5’.

On the left of that rail is the park’s best feature, another long-round rail; this one is about 3” off the ground and runs for 15-20’. This is by far the best rail I have ever seen at any skatepark I have been to. It is perfect for bladers and it allows for some serious switch-ups.

To the left of that rail is another round rail. This one is better for beginners and practice, as it is lower (about 1” high) and shorter (about 10’ long), but it is just as solid as the longer one.

This is the second worst park that I have ever seen, but it holds the two best objects. The trio of rails makes this a spot worth checking out if you happen to be in the area. Other than that, there is nothing there worth spending any time on.




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