Monday, August 27, 2012

Park Profile: Tiverton, R.I.

An above average park, by Northeast standards, Tiverton contains a pool along the backside of the lot, which opens into the main section of the park. This pool has nice coping, a 1-foot tombstone extension on the right side, a rainbow hip around the left corner, and a ‘natural pool’ section along the back wall. Overall, it is a great combination of objects in one pool. A small cement wall and roll-in stands behind the front pool section. This roll-in leads down onto a large flat pyramid, which contains a kinked cement bench with metal coping on both sides on the right side and a small round rail down a 4 set on the middle-left side of the box. At the bottom of the kinked bench are side-by-side vert walls that sit about a foot apart from each other at a slight angle. These are perfect for airs or can be gapped to grinds. In the right front of the park is the last object, another flat pyramid. On this is a small stall wall and a 4’ stone box will metal coping on all sides. Overall this was an awesome park and I’d love to go down there again when I can skate more.




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