Monday, August 27, 2012

James Short Memorial Session 2012 by Hawke Trackler

James Short Memorial Session 2012 from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

The 4th Annual James Short Memorial Session was held Saturday August 25th 2012 in New Philadelphia OH. The skating, music and event is held in honor of James Short. This year Rod and others involved were able to raise 100 dollars to best toe roll, 100 dollars to best cess slide and 500 dollars to the winner of best trick. There was live music, good food, 5 dollar hair cuts, good friends, great skating & Louie Zamora being the MC of the comp so basically you couldnt go wrong coming to this years event. It was a great time just like last year and every year before. Thanks to everyone involved who helped make it as fun as it was. The last song in the edit was by James Short off his CD Tread Water. Its called "Love In Disguise"

Kyle Wood
Shane Conn
Travis Rhodes
Louie Zamora
Jimmy Spetz
LJ Fanti
Tim Taylor
Ryan Sibbio
Luke Naylor
Alex Papalios
Danny Gantchev
Chynna Weierstall
Craig Parsons
Stefan Brandow
Reed Huston
Austin Loomis
Josh Jones
Matt Oz
Aaron Orozco

By Hawke Trackler
additional filming- Bruce Bales




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