Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nass 2012: A Collection of Edits

Nass 2012: Slaptap Edit by Guy Millership

NASS 2012 from Guy Millership on Vimeo.

Last weekend was all about NASS 2012! Skating, partying and all round good times were had by all despite the typically rainy British weather!

The NASS Experience 2012 by Sim Warren

The NASS Experience 2012 from Sim Warren on Vimeo.

Its fair to say my NASS experience this year was different to last years. From thursday night through to sunday morning we had non stop rain. The campsite had turned into loch NASS, with only bin bags to keep us dry the mood was pretty glum. However as always, it's the people that make NASS. So despite the nassty weather and a blend of roller-disco's, beerpong, skatepark sessions, good company and the sun coming out for our last day, NASS 2012 soon became one to remember.

Filmed / Edited - Sim Warren
Additional clip by Graham Bewley
Music - Woodkid - Run boy Run

Nass 2012: Cidy Life Edit by Ryan Gillett

NASS part 1 from Ryan Gillett on Vimeo.

Thank to
Dom West
Kingdom mag

Kingdom Magazine at Nass 2012 by Jordan Maders

Kingdom Magazine at Nass 2012 from Kingdom Magazine on Vimeo.

Filmed & Edited by Jordan Maders
Nass 2012..........
A great event with lots of rain and high spirits, everyone who attended the festival knows it was an eventful weekend full of injurys, hammers and old faces. Gathering for the enjoyment of Blading, partying, wetness, drinking and mud followed by some of the best Athletes shredding the skatepark at 9am after all night partys. In the edit you will see the bladers skating the skate park over the 3 days. We where really lucky on the final day with the weather opening up and drying the street spots, Oli Jones showed how he can 360 everything on to a stair rail while Swain was spinning the biggest of gaps. Joe Atkinson and Blake Bird where launching from a quarter to grind a flat bar rail above 9ft drop to another quarter. Jeff Stockwell and Nick lomax where putting lines together with a good level of consistency,speed and hammers.
Sun Rain or Hangovers Nass was another great weekend skating & partying and making new friends inside and outside the blading culture.

Nass 2012 Edit by Ned Espeut-Nickless

Nass 2012 - Inline from Ned Espeut-Nickless on Vimeo.

Nass 2012 was crazy 4 days of skating, music, partying, mud and loads of fun. Was my seventh year and every time just gets better and better. The pro course was so sick, the street course looked like it would be out of action but luckily the sun was shining on sunday and the course got ripped to shreds. Such an amazing atmosphere, everyone was so hyped at Nass, the music was sick. The Drum and Bass arena on saturday was insane DJ Friction's Set was crazy so I decided to use a track he played that got the crowd fired up. This is 4 days of carnage summed up into 4 minutes.....Hope you Enjoy!!

Filmed and edited by Ned Espeut-Nickless.

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