Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hedonskating in Berlin (by Dirk Oelmann)

Hedonskating 2&3 Berlin from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

First of all I want to apologize for some shaky clips, I had two surgery on my knees, so I was on crutches while filming the second Hedonskating session in the indoor park' 'Skatehalle Berlin. During that session there was one very outstanding character blading the hole night, Dominik Wagner. He just came back from his internship in New York and he was obviously progressing his blading skills in USA.
Dominik is this kind of guy who pushes park skating to a different level. He is always coming up with new creative and powerful lines you don´t expect or didn´t even thought about. Honestly it was a pleasure to watch him blading! Beside that the guys from Hedonskate build up a little both to sell shirts, wheels, bearings, etc. for low money. Beside working for Hedonskate as an editor, photographer and graphic designer, Madej is one of the best polish riders I know and he also showed his skills with a lot of speed and style during the session! I guess I am not wrong when I say that all of the approximately 50 people who came to the session enjoyed family atmosphere and the blading!

Barrely two month later we came up with the third session in the brand new build outdoor Mellowpark. The parks is not really ready yet, but the BMX guys who owns the park finished already two very nice, big miniramp areas, a huge dirt jump, a little indoor park and a little concrete skateboard bowl. At 13.30 I met up with Dominik, Gagi, Martin and Phillip to get the train to Mellowpark, after a little ride we arrived and there was already 15-20 bladers having a session. For me, there were three outstanding bladers showing their skills...Gagi, Bruno Jubin and Patrick Krämer. Gagi had a long break and it was is first proper session since ages. His good mood and smile on his face was speaking for itself...he was blading every obstacles doing big 540´s, wallrides and many more nice moves! Bruno Jubin moved to Berlin in the end of last year, with his nice character and motivation to blade, he is the new force in Berlin scene...good to have you here Bruno! Finally there is a new face popping up named Patrick Krämer. The kid showed his skills with solid 540, 540 flatspin over different funboxes, as well as very clean style and good technique controlling all of his moves...keep it up Paddy!

Hope to see more people from other city´s joining our next sessions!

Edit by Dirk Oelmann.




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