Thursday, June 2, 2011

Set-Up of the Month: Ryan Nestrick

Submissions for our 'Set-Up of the Month' section have been coming in and this is the first one we would like to share with you.

Here are Ryan Nestrick's (MightyDuck on AMall) Razors Genesys G7.2.

He used a purple dye from Michaels, which he boiled in water and then submerged his boots for 8 minutes. For a lighter shade dye for less time, for a darker dye for longer (obviously...).

He then used a sharpie pen to outline the stripes and used a dark brown to color them in which gives it a little more of a darker edge to it while the center has a lighter one.

He finished off the set-up with black on black Ground Control Formula 1 frames, Eulogy Cammoya wheels, GC anti's, and Jug Araglyes 1 Highs.

The final product is this one-of-a-kind skate that looks pretty slick. Good job Ryan and thanks for your submission.

If you want to see your boots here on Skate Sessions, shoot us an email and make your submission!




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