Thursday, June 9, 2011

Park Profiles: Schloß Neuhaus Bowl. Paderborn, Germany (by Mat Jukes)

Skate Sessions is proud to bring you its first international skatepark profile. This was submitted by Mat Jukes on

From Paderborn, head out of town going north. It is pretty easy to get to Schloß Neuhaus as it is sign posted. Basically once you hit the main strip you should see a castle manor house, yep it is in the centre of the town! Looks like this


Go into the grounds of this place (it is free) and go left past the left side of the building. Keep going left and you should see a big black iron bridge. Now you need to follow the dirt tracks still left quite far into the park. Just when you want to give up you ll see the white cover for the bowl. Then your there!

I would say the bowl is 3-4 ft deep and width length you can see from the picture. Also it has some nice raised up blocks around it. The only people who skate those are bladers. Also it should be noted that people have tried to bowl to blocks and got it but never seen any get back into the bowl…. If your a ninja it is probably possible.

It is a really quiet spot when you want to learn new stuff. You can wax it. Pretty easy to skate. When your bored of the bowl theres blocks! Has a roof which although wont hold off mega rain will protect you in summer or spring showers.
Could be hard to find. Need wax. No lights.
All in all it's a nice spot to while away an afternoon being old school.




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