Sunday, February 9, 2014

Skate Video Sunday: The Final Chapter by Paul Bates (Essex, UK)

The Final Chapter - (1/7) Introduction from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
The Final Chapter is a free online rollerblading film by Paul Bates showcasing the local scene in Essex in the UK. Made with my best friends for a bit of fun and to document the good times we've had over the past few years.

Full profiles on Seamus Rafferty, Joey Yeomans, Adam Galwas & Sam Cooper. This section features clips from these guys as well as Paul Bates.

The Final Chapter - (2/7) Joey Yeomans from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
Joey Yeomans is the happy go lucky kid with balls of steel. I've never seen someone so happy with skates on their feet.

The Final Chapter - (3/7) Adam Galwas from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
With Adam's diet almost solely consisting of cornflakes we often wonder if the several bowls he consumes each day give him the technical ability he possesses on his skates.

The Final Chapter - (4/7) Montage from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
Featuring clips from all the homies who came down to Southend to skate with us, as well as the guys we clipped on our travels. Clips from Matt Alway, Louis Packham, James Pearce, Zak Buys, Richard 'Reg' Pickering, James Little, Jack Caryl, Dan Ives & many more.

The Final Chapter - (5/7) Sam Cooper from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
Sam Cooper is known more for his ability behind the lens shooting incredible photos than he is for his skating. He picked up last years UK Rolling Awards Photographer of the Year award and has had his work featured in all the main blade publications such as One, Be-mag, Wheel Scene & Kingdom. The dark horse is an incredibly talented skater himself and powered through to get his finest tricks nailed for this section.

The Final Chapter - (6/7) Seamus Rafferty from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
Seamus is one of my oldest skating friends. Over the past twelve years I've seen him develop his skating into a smooth, stylish & controlled art form. It was fitting for me to end with his section as he was there at the start pushing me to make a skate film when I first had the idea for the project.

The Final Chapter - (7/7) Credits from The Final Chapter on Vimeo.
Shot on Super 8mm film around Southend-on-sea.

A huge thank you to all the guys - Joey, Adam, Seamus, Sam, Reg, Baron, Brooke and the rest of the local rollerblading gang.




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