Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Rollerblading Project (by Michelle Gerard)

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A quote from Michelle Gerard:

"I’ve been working on a personal photography project over the last 18 months called The Rollerblading Project. I’ve been mostly documenting the Detroit rollerblading scene but have also covered a 13 day rollerblading road trip to Toronto, Rochester, NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh and have covered a few trips to Ohio as well.

The idea was to photograph rollerblading in a way that was different from the cliches and to show more of the lifestyle and fine art aspect of rollerblading.

I did give myself 3 rules: no flash, no wide angle or fisheye lenses and nothing is staged or set up. I never asked someone to do a trick again, or tell them what to skate. I wanted this to be from a purely documentary viewpoint and I focused more on chill street sessions and the environment rather than the biggest / best tricks.

Anyway, I’m nearing the end of my project and would like to hold a gallery show in Detroit this winter to expose the general public to rollerblading as a lifestyle and as art, and to thank all the people who participated in the project.

The goal is to hold the show during Bittercold Showdown this year (on the Friday before, so no one misses any of the competition). I think it would be amazing to see rollerblading showcased in the art world and open to the general public and I want you everyone to have a chance to see it in person if they’ll be in town for the comp.

I’m using a website called Kickstarter to help raise at least $7,000 for a show that will cost close to $15,000. In exchange for pledges, I get to offer rewards such as prints, stickers, a limited edition book, digital copies of the book, advance private screenings and more."




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