Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ryan Many: Skatelife Profile (by Cesar Macay)

Ryan Many Profile from skatelife.TV on Vimeo.
Filmed and Edited By Cesar Macay

Additional Filmer- Sam Williams

I met Ryan about 2 years ago one day hanging with Jon Ortiz during the time Jason Staine was filming for his video "Signature". We went out shot some photos and b-roll for the video and kept linking up together afterwards to shoot some more photos of the cool weird stuff Ryan enjoys skating. One day he handed me his camera and told me to help film him. I was down to try filming being that all I've done with cameras is take photos. So from then on it was "I film, you skate." I Want to say thank you to my friend for being the one to let me use a real camera to give me a chance to learn what filming is. Its F&*$#3N great. For this edit we both went out for the past few months and gathered up all this footage looking and finding spots even making them in the most random places of New York City. Here it is folks, enjoy the creativity from both ends whether you like it or not.

Thanks for showing me not to ever give up in BLADING and in LIFE amigo.
-Cesar Macay




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