Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Video Review: Nature Skate 'The Traveler' (2002)

Since I've been hurt, the only connections I can keep with rolling are through tinkering with my skates, posting here and on the message boards, or watching videos.

That being said, here is the first what should be a string of video reviews dropping here at Skate Sessions.

The Traveler is a classic East Coast skate film from Nature Skate Videos, which was the video company started by Hakeem Jimoh and Brian Lewis (now co-owners of Create Originals frames with Billy O'Neil).

Put out in 2002, the video followed Jimoh, Lewis and a crew of rollers up and down the East Coast, hitting some serious skate spots and getting sick footage along the way.

The video includes footage from Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York (NSS Comp), New York City, White Plains NY, Pennsylvania, Baltimore MD, Greensboro NC, and Washington DC.

Aiden Charles, Jeremey Pennacchini, Billy O'Neil, Mike Canoles, and Dustin Halleran all have profile sections in the 1 hour 11 minute video that also includes clips from Boschi Pope,  Jeff Dalnas, Mike Johnson, Chris Cheshire, Gabe Holm, Sean Kelso, and Alex Broskow.

The star of the video is definately Halleran, who tears up ever spot that the crew rolls into. Here is his section from the video, in case you can't get your hands on a hard copy (since I have mine on VHS I don't think there are many of them out there).

Brian Lewis spoke with Be-Mag back in '02 when the video first came out, and he told them:
This video was really fun to make not only because it was the video that we wanted to make from the start back in '99 but also because we went on the road with our boys for 3 weeks. We had so much fun on tour that we're doing it again this year except there are 2 more people going on the tour at present and it's going to be for an entire month. We have also added a few more cities and states to the list. But, our next video is Maintain. Maintain is going to be done in a different style then you've seen us do yet. We just started shooting for Maintain because of the weather and allready we have footage that is so ill; for example: Alex Nunez does 360 to makio on a 15 stair rail with a drop off and two skaters from Knoxville then grinding off an ill roof. But for now I hope you guys all enjoy The Traveler cause we deff had a great time making it. To everybody that was in it or helped to make it happen in any way, thank you all, I'll never forget the time I had.




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