Thursday, August 4, 2011

Company Profile: Live Like Kings

Now I have been doing a lot of deal with people on the message boards for skates and parts, and sometimes they tend to throw in a few extras like stickers and what-not that they may have gotten at their local shop or with an online order.

The extras that I got in an order with sic (Michael Carbajal) were much better than anything I had gotten before. He sent me two shirts and a decal from his comapny Live Like Kings, which is "a clothing company that does screen printing, vinyl decals, graphic designing, graphic arts, endorsements, and promoting. We use our past 6 years of experience to take off with this brand new project."

The company, founded in 2008, makes products like shirts, stickers/decals, hats, bandanas, hoodies, and custom projects. Their mission statement is that they are "An upcoming clothing company that wants to break the mold of traditional clothing companies and move towards one simple thing. To have us and our customers Live Like Kings."

Here are a few images of the shirts that he sent me:




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