Monday, August 1, 2011

Carbon 2 Review (by Max Pilet)

Review done by MaXx on the AMall forums

Okay this is for all the people who want to buy carbons but are not sure about dropping 350$ for boots only…

I have been skating these babies for almost 4 months now and I got a good idea of the skates overall.

First Day

After 1 Session

They came in the mail, looked fresh as fuck. Size 10.5 looked a bit fatter than the 10.5 Deshi Carbons. Still looked smaller and felt lighter than most skates out there.

Started trying them in the house and the little USD logo on the back of the cuff fell down. Even worse quality than on thrones, no biggie but still…

Started skating them. Felt awesome. When they are laced tight, you have such solid control of what your feet are doing, it's awesome and you'll never have this feeling in any other skates. Like most Deshi Carbons skaters, I had the issue with the overwhelming flex. After awhile, you could break your ankle on nothing due to the skates getting super floppy.

On the Carbon II, they fixed this with the cuffs. Pretty much same stuff as a USD throne cuff with a small v-cut. Anyhow, the flex is really good thanks to these cuffs. You can still really bend without having too much of that flex.

2-3 sessions in, metal buckle fucks up from falling on it a couple times. Metal part between the actual buckle and the cuff bends but I managed to bend it back normal. Phew.

Honestly, I really love these skates but for the price, I'm kinda disappointed. Deshi Carbons material was way better in my opinion. On the IIs, part of the stitching near the toe started going off and I feel it's going to be pretty easy for the rest to fall apart next.

Also, like LUD mentioned on here, the gap between the cuffs and the carbon part on the back is pretty strange not being symmetric from one boot to another and the strap receptor are garbage… You miss a couple soul tricks and it's goodbye. They'll be fucked up open and you barely can't take off the strap after that because it's stuck in.

Also, honestly, the straps are pure shit. Started falling part, took them off, then put them back on and the Velcro came right off...

After About 2 Months

After About 3.5 Months


I had a pressure point on my left foot at first after skating for more than 30 minutes but heat molding them was a miracle. They felt perfect afterwards and snugger on my feet (in a good way).

The new tongue is also super nice. Doesn't shift AT ALL compared to the USD Carbon 1 and is super soft so it'll never dig up in your shins.

Soulplates are the same, still super good and slides nice.

I said up here that the material was cheaper than the Deshis in my opinion but they are still super good materials. They hold up pretty good. I just felt like my Deshi held up better. Anyway, I think that after four months of skating and falling on them alot, they still look super fresh.

So if you want a nice skate which feels lighter than an average boot, feels really like a sneaker. That will hold up good even if you're shredding hard... cop some Carbon 2s, set them up with some nice Creates or Kizers and Voilà!
If you have any question on these skates, feel free to ask :-)




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