Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Park Profiles: Beverly MA (with Skatepark Tours video)

The Beverly skate park, at the McPherson YMCA youth center, is a nice little concrete park. It is a skateboard/scooter dominated park, but a booter can have a decent session here.

Entering from the parking lot, the first object you encounter is the 6-6 ½’ mini ramp. This is well built and under used so it is in great condition; it has round metal copings.

In the back right corner of the park is a long-banked wall mainly used by boarders for stalls, but it does have a waxed lop edge that could be used for grinds.

Next to this is a metal picnic table. This is an interesting object because it is meant to be grinded not just turned into a grinding object. The benches are different heights, about 1’ and 2’, and the table top is about 3’ high. Perpendicular to the table, and parallel to the mini, is a long metal bench that is about 1- 1 ½’ high. This is great for long grinds and switch-ups.

In the center of the lot is the park’s main attractions; a small box line with bookend-ramps. The box is low, about 2’ high, with a flat rail running two-thirds of the ramp, splitting it into two sections. There are walls on either side, running the down-third, which have metal edges for grinds. The ramps are all flat; while one of the sides has a small 3-set for gaps instead of a ramp.

On the back side of the park is a 4’ flat roll-in which leads onto the box. This box rolls into a 3-piece quarter pipe. This pipe is made up of two banked ramps and a flat roll-in in the middle, making a nice small channel gap. The ramps are small, about 2- 3’ high, and the banked ones have round metal coping.

Overall this is a nice park, even though it is built quite small with mostly boarder friendly objects. I usually have short sessions here, but they are still a good time.




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