Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recon Missions: Willington Rest Area, I-84 CT

Located about 20 miles off of I-90 (the Mass Pike), the Willington Rest Area on I-84 in Connecticut offers a hidden jewel for those of you making trips between Mass. and Conn. or New York.

I happen to make the trip to New York a couple times a year, to visit my wife’s grandmother in Westchester County, and we always make a stop at this rest area, to use the facilities and stretch. Since the first time we stopped here, I couldn’t help but notice a sweet kinked rail tucked nicely on the right side of the rest area’s main building.

The right-sided thin-brown rail is metal with little to no rusting. It travels down three six-sets, kinking twice, before letting off on a little grassy patch behind the building. The launch is smooth cement, devoid of cracks; the landing is the only thing that isn’t top-notch about this spot, but it’s nothing that a nice piece of plywood couldn’t fix.

This rail makes this rest stop a lot more than a bathroom break for all of you rollers who like to do travelling. I recommend you check this out the next time you are out on I-84, and I assure you will find it as solid as I do.




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