Friday, February 11, 2011

5 Things To Always Bring On Your Sessions

The worst thing that can happen to you while you’re out rolling is that you are missing something important and it ruins your session. Here are 5 essential items that you should always have with you before you head out to roll.

1. Camera: This could be a photo camera or a video camera, my digital Kodak happens to do both, but you should always document your sessions with something. This is the only way to share your art with the rolling community; it is also the only way your crew will believe you landed that sick trick on that monster rail. As we always said in my crew, “If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen.”

2. Water: It is a fact that your body needs water when you are exerting yourself physically. This is most important during those hot summer sessions on concrete parks that have absolutely no shade. One thing that can really kill a session is having to run to the store for something to drink.

3. Wax: You should always keep a stash of wax with you. There is no worse feeling than finding an awesome rail or ledge and not being able to skate it because it isn’t waxed yet and you don’t have any. Toss a block of wax into a sandwich bag and keep it in your skates so you will always have it with you whenever you go out rolling.

4. Broom: I know this is probably the one thing on this list that you have never even thought of as a skate tool, but it is. The only thing worse than that unwaxed rail/ledge is the perfect rail/ledge with a debris filled approach. Having a broom on hand will allow you to clean away any rocks, dirt or glass that may make your spot almost unskateable. Simple windshield brushes will do the trick, but work-site push brooms are obviously faster and much more effective.

5. Your Gear: The most important thing to have when you go out to session is your gear. I know you are thinking that this is obvious, but it’s about more than just your skates. You should also always have a set of skate tools and spare parts with you at a session. The quickest way to end a session, other than busting your ass, is breaking your skates with no way to repair them. I also recommend keeping a helmet and pads as well. Some stunts should be attempted with safety in mind; you want to be sure you can roll another day.

I hope this list helps your sessions stay long, safe, and full of sick tricks that you will be able to share with Booters just like yourself.




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