Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video Review: Vine Street (by Dom West)

Vine Street might be one of the best rolling videos ever made, at least one of the top 10 all time. Filmed and edited by Dom West, the video is a chronicle of the lives of the skaters who live (and rolled through) the 58 Vine Street apartment in Sydney, Australia.

CJ Wellsmore, Richie Eisler, and Rian Arnold all have amazing profiles. Also featured are Mass Alhatlawi, Craig Brocklehurst, Simon Dorabialski, Tien Nguyen, and West himself… along with dozens more very talented skaters.

The things that sets Vine Street apart, is the artistry with which it was shot. Unlike most rolling films, this one is beautiful to watch, even when there aren’t mind-blowing tricks being thrown (but no worries, there are plenty of those too…).

Check out this Be-Mag (http://www.be-mag.com/article/1622-Vine-St-video-release--Interview-with-producer-Dom-West) interview with Dom. And here’s a crap load of extras that he has been kind enough to share since the video’s release.

Vine Street Trailer

Vine St Trailer from Dom West on Vimeo.

Vine St is a rollerblading video from Sydney, Australia, based upon the residence of 58 Vine St.
The video features full sections from: Richie Eisler, Rian Arnold, CJ Wellsmore, Tien Nguyen, and Mass Alhattawi. With split sections from: Simon Dorabialski, Charlie Ruckly, Craig Brocklehurst, Dom West, Jamie Knapp, and James Bower.

Vine St - Richie Eisler

Vine St - Richie Eisler from Dom West on Vimeo.

I met Richie in Sydney in 2009, and although we only hung out for the best part of a year, I can safely say that he has had a positive impact on my life. Richie is one of those people that you want to be around whether it be skating or just chilling. In celebration of his 30th Birthday, here is his full section from Vine St. Happy Birthday cunt!

Vine St Leftovers - CJ Wellsmore

Vine St Leftovers - CJ Wellsmore from Dom West on Vimeo.
Here's an edit of CJ with the footage we had left after his Vine St section.

Vine St Leftovers Pt.1

Vine St Leftovers Pt.1 from Dom West on Vimeo.

Vine St Leftovers Pt.2

Vine St Leftovers Pt.2 from Dom West on Vimeo.

Vine St Leftovers Pt.3

Vine St Leftovers Pt.3 from Dom West on Vimeo.




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