Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taig Khris: Mega Jump 2011 (by Paris Tv)

This has been taken from and translated into English... so I appologize for the grammar. If you would like to read the original article you can find it here.

"A new record for Taig Khris?

On July 2, live from the Sacred Heart, Taig Khris attempt a new record, the long jump in roller from the top of Montmartre. Objective: To beat the record held by Danny Way, a jump of 24 meters in skateboarding, crossing the threshold of 29 meters. More than a record, a leap panorama over the rooftops of Paris.

With a ramp extended throughout the Butte Montmartre, it will start to offer the public a new record high in excitement. He will fly from the top of the hill, before performing a jump in the air over 29 meters and landed on a second ramp and finish his jump safely.

Taïg Khris : le saut de l'ange à Montmartre! by mairiedeparis
Taig Khris: the swan dive in Montmartre! by mairiedeparis

To attend the jump:
The surge of Taig Khris takes place July 2 at 18:30, from the Sacre Coeur (18th)
Throughout the day, the public can also attend many sporting performance.
The event can be followed at home live on channel W9.

Last year was the Eiffel Tower ...

It was Saturday, May 29, 2010: before hundreds of fans packed into the Champ de Mars, Taig Khris broke the world record jump with a drop of 12.5 m. From a platform located at the first floor of the Tower, 40 m above the ground, he ran shortly after 18H. The first attempt failed. The second was greeted by large crowds who come to admire this athlete of the extreme age of 34."

12,5 mètres en chute libre depuis la Tour Eiffel by mairiedeparis




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