Monday, July 18, 2011

Epic Fail = Dislocated/Fractured Elbow

Friday started off like any other day. I woke up, went to work, and then headed out to the park.

I decided to go to Beverly and mess around with topsides on the long bench. Things were going good until another roller showed up. I was pumped to finally have someone to skate with, so the pace of the session started to pick up.

After a few solid gaps over the box/stairs I went for a simple Mizou across and down the flat rail on the funbox… here is where things went horribly wrong.

As I made the transition to the down-rail, my feet came off and I started to split the rail. To save my junk from being crushed, I leaned forward and braced to hit the pavement (something I have done many times). I must have locked my arm up before I hit the ground though, because on contact with the cement I heard a loud *POP*.

Rolling over on my side, I brought my left hand to my right elbow and could feel the bone sticking out of place, but luckily not through the skin.

An ambulance was called, and I had to talk the EMT out of cutting off my MIndgame tee by telling him it was a collector’s item. After a painful, bumpy ride to Beverly Hospital, I sat in an ER bed for an hour before they found the time to pump me full of pain-killers. They were nice enough to send in the X-ray tech to move my arm around first though, which I thought was nice of them…

After another hour had passed, and another round of x-rays had been taken, the doctor came in to tell me that I had a dislocated elbow, as well as a fracture to the head of my Radius. They then let me wait for another hour before they came back to set my arm.

Luckily they gave me some super-drugs for the setting and I didn’t feel a thing. Another hour and another set of x-rays later they finally discharged me, but not before I had to go back into Triage to clean up the blood that was dripping down my arm from the IV site.

In the 15 years I have been skating, this is by far the worst injury I’ve had. It will keep me out of the game for a few weeks for sure.




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