Monday, May 2, 2011

Create Originals owner Hakeem Jimoh Appreciation Post (by Brian Lewis)

Hakeem Jimoh - Switch Backside Backslide

Ok so here is the deal. We went skating the other day and I was trying out some new flash rig that I made. I got this cool shot of Hakeem doing a switch backside backslide and I wanted to share it with you all. Then I started thinking about how lucky I am to have such great partners as Billy and Hakeem. Obviously, you all know lots about Billy. I am not so sure you guys are to up on the deal with Hakeem. So I thought I would create this thread and fill you in a bit on some interesting facts about Hakeem. He has done so much it is a little hard to start so I'm gonna just dive in....

I think a great place to start is with Chris Edwards and Arlo. Hakeem skated for both Chris Edwards Birth Clothing and Arlo's Super Computer Robot (short lived as it may have been). That means that he is possibly the only guy to ever skate for both of them. Any one know if anyone else did?

He toured with Edwards for the Birth and D-Tour for about 2 years. Don Bambrick once told me that he actually got to see Hakeem skate on tour when Don was 11 years old and he still remembers watching him shred.

He instructed at Woodward for a few summers having many students go on to be industry people like Adam Kilgore and Dre Powell to name a few.

He put out 5 videos through Nature Skate Video.

He and I bought a skatepark and lived under one of the ramps for 8 months. Best time ever.

He toured for 5 years doing vert and box jump demos with Maximum Velocity stunt team.

Now he has put everything he has both time and money wise into Create Originals.

So yeah he is a pretty crazy dude super devoted. 33 Years old and still killing it. There is so much more but I'm not gonna go on for ever. Enjoy the photo and I am posting an edit of him from the Maximum Velocity video. Enjoy!

MVST Hakeem Jimoh Inline from Penqua on Vimeo.

-Brian Lewis




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