Friday, September 19, 2014

Razors News Rewind (6 Videos; Yuri Botelho, Fritz & Glow, Fredrik Andersson)

Edit By : Rafael Lopez Maldonado Edit of the last summer 2014. Camaras: carlos campillo,David Montes Aldea,Michel Prado,Sacha Lopez, Rafael Lopez maldonado,Jon Fromm the duo is back together again!! what started as a Razorsnews post that read "Fritz and Glow invade europe" ( thank you Geoff Acers) has continued into a saga filled with adventures all around the globe. This time Fritz and Glow were invited down to Concepcion, Chile for a contest. After the event, they traveled north up to Santiago and then to the beach life in Valparaiso before hitting the streets with the boys!! join them on their tour around the city, check out what they found. "Special thank you to Gustavo from Golperoller for inviting us down to Chile, it was one of the best times of my life! together with one of my best friends, meeting new best friends, making this family super global, until we meet again boys!! nos vemosssss" Glow Feeturing : Fritz Peitzner Josh Glowicki Mikey Lillo Matias Veras Gustavo Muñoz Cataldo from Golperoller William Andres Lobos Olivares Presenting Razors AM, Fredrik Andersson. The world traveler comes through with this banger filmed throughout the year in Texas (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Calgary (Canada), and Malaga (Spain). Edit: Anthony Medina Film: Anthony Medina, Josh Glowicki, Nils Jansons & Richie Eisler Our Italian team rider Json Adriani shred the streets of Milan with his new Razors SL2 #Burnside championships 16.08.14 Carson Starnes / Copenhagen, Denmark Makio for the Amall Cash Clip August 2014 Filmed by Michael Pedersen




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