Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skatepark Tours: Hyde Park (Leeds, Yorkshire, UK) by Mat Jukes

Hyde Park is a concrete skate park located on Woodhouse moor in Leeds. See Map or ask local skaters. The park is a focal point for the local scene and a meeting point too. Although there are many other meeting points throughout Leeds.

The park can get very busy at weekends with a lot of kids and people just hanging out. If youre wanting to skate at weekends, bring your skills as outsiders tend to get shunned and snaked if they are beginners during the busy periods. If youre looking to just chill then a trip during the week through working hours means the park is more than likely all yours until around lunch time when the locals will start to appear. If you are old enough to drink then the Brudenell social club is just down the road too. 

Hyde has it all, if youre looking to drink chill skate smoke or buy anything. Just keep your head and don’t get lairy and try to understand the dry dark and pisstaking northern humour and you will be fine.

Submitted by: Mat Jukes




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