Thursday, April 3, 2014

RVB Episode I -the secret spot 1ntroduction from RVB-pictures

RVB Episode I -the secret spot 1ntroduction from RVB-pictures on Vimeo.
That's the story of friends talking during new years's evening, late at night partying :
" what do we do this year? " > the answer came back twice faster:

One of the RVB guys wanted his own spot in the backyard.
After one year of saturdays spent there, we're proud to show you the handmade spot of some really motivated guys. 1 year ... we're been throught the 4 seasons with our tools.
Bryan wanted a skate park ... it's done now!
Thanks to every one who came to highlight our work, by tricks not expected while we were building the spot...
That's a pleasure to showcase you my friend's skills at working but mostly on blading.

Extra thanks to : Anto Finochiarro & Anto Pottier for bringing the whole SEBA team for a shred-visit !
Blading.Be with the Antwerp crew for help to capture the tricks.
Yohann Ayllon from PixL for 2nd angles, timelapses and aaaaaall the tips.
Johan Dumez ,Christophe Matuzak, Clement Matuzak, Mathieu Allart , Rémy Allart a.k.a "Kiki" for their dedication.
We Rvb.

Tony M.

Skaters : Fredje Vanovertveldt / Antony Pottier / Guillaume Debuf / Ganesh Rios / Jérémy Kesler / Mathieu Allart / Johan Dumez / Michael Froemling / Manon Derrien / Fred Bukowski / Clement Matuzak / Mathieu Hennebert / Stefane Mosselmans / Freddy White / Quentin Lagache / Maxime Waryn / Igniacio Laurenty / Brian Vanovertveldt / C.J Wellsmore / Amir Zemmour / David Lowick / Kevin Franq /Francis Ali / Wouter Legrand / Zoltan / Raf Wandewalle / Alexandre Sanchez / Raphael Sanchez / Rémy Meister.

Film : Tony Martins. / Johan Dumez. / Yohan Ayllon. / Francis Ali / Antony Pottier
Music: John Frusciante / Hellical - Dbz / Theatre Scenes - Oasis / Hello - ACDC / Are you ready?
Enjoy ... and if you're a "bearing & wheel producer" ... let us know ;)




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