Sunday, March 16, 2014

Skate Video Sunday: Still Here Mixtape from Jason Hampden

Still Here Mixtape from Jason Hampden on Vimeo.
The best thing to me about blading is always the friends. Being able to shred along side of friends is one of the reasons why I still do it today. I wanted to compile enough footage over a year and half's worth to make something for them. I believe some have forgotten how dope NC really is, especially growing up and being able to learn from the very best like Will Gordon, Dre Powell, Jim Robertson, & Alex Cheek... And even behind the lenses with James Reetzke, Kenny Owens, Mikey Petrack and Micheal Garske. Having fun is the true key to progression and fueling the passion for this lifestyle and that is what I wanted to showcase through the talents of everyone who took part in it. As always, Thank you Oak City, First and Lexington and ONE for your support in everything that we do.

Features : Jon Cooley, Jason Hampden, Joe Matty, Avery Ungaro, Stefan Brandow, Jim Robertson, Kyle Kusche', Alex Figueroa, Adam Widmer, Long Tonthat, Mikey Petrack, George Nolasco, Tim Lappa, Ryan Spainhour & many more.




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