Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Firsts: Tyler Hester by Wheelscene

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California’s resident handrail wizard offers an insight into some key moments from his life on blades so far. Don’t act like you don’t know who the hell Tyler Hester is; he is that skinny kid that looks a little bit like a young Eminem and he’s pretty good on blades. Is this starting to ring any bells? OK, let’s try again. He was that young blader from California that entered the M1 Urethane online video contest and won a flow sponsorship thanks to his street skills. Sound familiar? All right, here is all you need to know. For the past few years, Hester has been putting out exceptional online edits that have had people scrambling to their P-rails to learn the stupidly difficult switch-ups and variations he throws down handrails. There’s just one problem; by the time everyone has learned the tricks he can do them switch. He has also been showing up at real street events and holding his own against blading icons such as Iain McLeod




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