Thursday, November 21, 2013

Create Originals, CRS Frames: Project Update (from Kickstarter)

Hello all our loyal backers and friends alike. We have just received the latest versions of the metal and urethane spacers. These are upgraded as the metal spacer is stronger and the urethane is a more durable formula. We'll be testing them out with the final frames samples, we received previously, to assure they are good to go. We have noticed some QC(quality control) issues that we have to address with these latest samples. That being the finish of the metal spacers not being as smooth as we'd like. This may or may not effect the long term wear of the metal spacers and corresponding frame spacer slot.

As you can see in these new images the metal spacers and urethane spacers are now separate from each other. The main reason for this change is that it dramatically decreases the replacement costs for the user when deciding to upgrade their spacers. Which, as all parts we use when blading, will need to be replaced from time to time. Most importantly the user wont have to pay for additional metal when they simply want to try a different hardness urethane. It facilitates the ability to try out different CRS setups and allows us to economically produce more options that much more readily. This cost savings is applied to the metal spacer parts also, as we plan to introduce color plated versions in the future.
We are finalizing the attachment methods for the urethane to the metal spacer so that the replacement/upgrading process is as simple as possible. We are unfortunately still waiting for the final axle samples to arrive. This setback along with the metal spacer QC issue will now postpone our new approximate delivery date of the end of this year. It is not what we were hoping for and we understand that it is disappointing. Our new estimation will be for February 2014. This will be just under 1 year since our project started. We sincerely apologize for not meeting our time frame, we expected these  samples to be the last before production. We are undoubtably thankful and lucky that our backers truly want this project to succeed. We plan on adding some extra goodies in the packages to make sure those who pledged will have something for their wait.

On another note we have recently setup some forum discussions where people where asked to come up with some questions for us about the progress of the frames. You can check one out via this rollerblading only Reddit page where Create Originals CEO Brian Lewis takes a live Q&A about the CRS project. You can view that here:

Once we get what should be the final sample round of metal parts we'll be able to push the button and get your frames produced. That process will take 30 days. We will then expedite the shipping to us so we can get them to you as soon as possible. Those who selected clothing rewards will still receive them before the Holidays. Anyone who has not submitted their backer surveys, please do so. If you have changed your address or the reward options you'd like please email us the info so we can update our files. Thank you for your support.

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