Monday, April 8, 2013

Recon Mission: Burleson TX (by Drew McCoy)

We're proud to bring you a submission from down in Texas, written by Drew McCoy (SkatesInDenim on AMall and YouTube).

The spot is Chisenhall Park
It's located at 500 Chisen Park Place: Burleson, TX 76078

No security, no signs, no cops, no old people yelling at you, nothing. It's clean, well lit 24/7 and the gates are open 95% of the time. It's a totally safe place to skate, I've never been kicked out. Lucky for me, it's 10 minutes from my house.

First off, it's got a nice shady pavilion with 8 plastic picnic tables. They slide great with or without wax.

Handrails with a slight decline. They're about 16 feet long.

7 set with a nearly perfect run up and landing.

Right by the stairs, there are 2 working water fountains!

More rails. A 10 footer and a 20 footer
There are a couple of flaws to these rails, however.
The first rail's run up has a crack. You can easily roll over it but it gives you a little jolt. The second rail's run up is perfect but there's only about 3-4 feet of concrete in the landing before you hit grass. The grass actually rolls very well, though.

There's this long ledge that most of the skateboarders around here really like. It's fun to goof off on but bladers can't grind it because the side is jagged. Finally, there are huge blocks laying everywhere. They're not grindable but the tops are smooth enough to cess slide with some wax.

Now for some skate pics
Rocket 180

Top porn cess


Attempting to get artsy

Neg mak

Quick fish cess

That's all, folks!
Thanks Drew!




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