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My Review of Xsjado Farmer 09 SKELETON Boot Only

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This Xsjado Farmer 09 Skeleton Boot Only for those of you that want to use your own Xsjado footwraps or shoes and attach your own frames, wheels and bearings to create the set up that is just right for you.Xsjado is the only true step in rollerblade/binding design that allows you to use a unique sh...

Custom Xsjado Farmer 09's

By Nate from Skate Sessions from Salem, MA on 3/21/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Slide Well, Durable, Look good, Good soul/backslide, Good Flex, Solid feel

Cons: Uncomfortable

Best Uses: Ledges, Negatives, Street, Rails, Souls/Topsouls, Skate Park, Torques/Backslides

Describe Yourself: Intermediate

When I got these I was pumped!

I had asked a lot of the guys doing customs, and they got everything I wanted right! I ordered the Farm09's with a black v-cut cuff, black/white souls, and black/white low-cut cuff pads.

Not only did the skates look as good as I thought they would, they skated amazing. The flex of the v-cut, the slickness and size of the souls, and the control of the Xsjado buckles was great... for a while.

After about an hour of skating in these my toes started to go numb though, a problem that made me choose another skate after only two months of skating these.

I know this problem doesn't happen with everyone who skates Xsjado, so I would recommend at least trying them to any skater out there.

It is a completely different feel than any other skate on the market. And being able to play around with the footwrap/shoe that you skate in them is a solid feature.

Xsjado AMall Farmer 09 Customs


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